Washington’s Faux/Sham Of Immigration ‘Reform’ Via Securing The Border: The Actual Ties That Bind The Hands Of U.S. Border Agents…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One recognizes, or at least they should, when smoke is blown in their face. The stinging eyes, the actual smoke swirling overhead, as well as the possible labored breathing are all clear signs. But just as there is actual smoke, so too is their rhetorical huffing and puffing. Such is the case with Congress’s ‘reforms/promises’ to implement stringent beefed up border security in tandem with ‘legalizing’ illegals. Not sure about others, but placing ‘lipstick on a pig’ is a generous description of said ‘grand bargain’. This is the Senate’s vow – “Washington (CNN) — The U.S. Senate gave final approval Thursday to a roughly 1,200-page bill that promises to overhaul immigration laws for the first time since 1986, creating a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented residents while ratcheting up security along the Mexican border.”

But even if one is naive enough to believe this gangster-like regime’s rhetoric – with RINO’s providing despicable cover – how precisely will this be accomplished, being that it is ILLEGAL to ‘profile’ those crossing the border? In other words, how many average Joe’s or Jane’s are busy attempting to evade border control agents? Aren’t most of them – let’s be bold and honest here – of Hispanic and Mid East persuasion, with a few of Asian descent mixed in? Come on….

So, what’s a patriot to do when their leadership is caught ‘dead to rights’?


Bars them from considering race or ethnicity ‘to any degree’



A truckload of young Hispanic men is spotted by a U.S. Border Patrol agent rumbling down a dusty road a mile north of the Mexican border toward El Paso, Texas.

How should the agent respond?

Under the immigration-reform bill currently under consideration by Congress, Border Patrol agents or any other law-enforcement officer who stops such a vehicle to demand identification might be found in violation of the law.

The legislation bars all federal law-enforcement officers, including border agents, from using race or ethnicity “to any degree” while making routine or spontaneous law-enforcement decisions, a WND review of the legislation has found.

The bill further calls for the Homeland Security Department to collect data on immigration enforcement activities to determine the existence of racial profiling.

The data would be utilized to issue future guidelines to officers regarding the use of race or ethnicity during routine enforcement.

The bill states that “in making routine or spontaneous law enforcement decisions, such as ordinary traffic stops, Federal law enforcement officers may not use race or ethnicity to any degree, except that officers may rely on race and ethnicity if a specific suspect description exists.”

The bill defines federal law-enforcement officers as any “officer, agent, or employee of the United States authorized by law or by a Government agency to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of any violation of Federal law.”

The definition includes U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

It is clear that immigration enforcement officials are singled out by the new directives.

The legislation refers specifically to border-security agents with another clause that states “in enforcing laws protecting the integrity of the Nation’s borders, Federal law enforcement officers may not consider race or ethnicity except to the extent permitted by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

If the legislation is enacted, the bill calls for the DHS secretary to begin within 180 days the collection of data regarding the “individualized immigration enforcement activities of covered Department officers.”

The data is to be utilized immediately to possibly issue new guidelines.

The act states that within 180 days of the data collection, the DHS secretary “shall complete a study analyzing the data.”

Ninety days after the study is complete, the bill dictates the secretary, in consultation with the attorney general, “shall issue regulations regarding the use of race, ethnicity, and any other suspect classifications the Secretary deems appropriate by covered Department officers.”

The bill allows for some exceptions to the racial profiling restriction.

It states federal law-enforcement officers may consider race and ethnicity “only to the extent that there is trustworthy information, relevant to the locality or time frame that links persons of a particular race or ethnicity to an identified criminal incident, scheme, or organization.”

Most ominously, when one juxtaposes said toothless provision, essentially daring authorities to ‘catch the illegals if you can’ – as lawbreakers (terrorists as well) pour across the border, but border agents are prohibited from ‘profiling’ to thwart them -the promises by Congress to secure the borders amounts to dangerous, bold-faced lies. Yet, one has to place this legislative subterfuge alongside the actual MILITARIZATION of local police forces, but in relation to American citizens! 

Caught with their pants down….

4 thoughts on “Washington’s Faux/Sham Of Immigration ‘Reform’ Via Securing The Border: The Actual Ties That Bind The Hands Of U.S. Border Agents…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Where are all of these immigrants supposed to live? Perhaps the answer to that question is veiled in HUD’s new “affirmatively furthering fair-housing” agenda. The next question that follows, as always, is who stands to make a fortune on all of this. Ties that bind are secured by the money

  2. Ahh.. the old Catch – 22… This whole thing is so ridiculous (I mean more than usual). I’m pretty sure this will pass as the Senate wants it. I believe Boehner plans to let it get through in conference (as he has probably been instructed to do). But what is the rationale for Republicans to back this? The idea that we should abandon our beliefs supposedly so we can win the next election is patently silly – the Dems know how to win any election and becoming who we are not is not the answer. What do the Dems want out of this all of a sudden? They already have the Hispanic vote… I suspect they want to make it easier for another demographic to get through (some of whom are accidentally losing their prayer rugs in the trip). O has made it easier by easing up on vetting for Saudi students to get student visas and changing quotas, but he’s thinking of everything.

    Of course I would expect this of McCain and Graham (no surprises there), but I must say that I’m disappointed in Marco “do it before Obama does it” Rubio and Paul Ryan. I really feel that we have no friends in Congress anymore. I’m not a happy camper.. but that’s nothing new.

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