BOSTON’s Jihadis: A Mecca & Microcosm For Foreign Terror; Students At Its Epicenter…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Every ethnic group enjoys idioms unique unto themselves, and Jews are no exception. They often use certain buzz words to get the subtext across. One such verbiage starts with “chevra.”  It is loosely translated into: Everyone in the group, pay strict attention and sit up straight and take notice. As such,  this site will take the liberty of including one and all into its “chevra”-like group, especially among those who are seeking to avoid another ! Boston-like urban jihad.

And with the fast and furious pace of scandals plaguing the Obama administration – via Benghazigate, IRSgate, DOJgate and who knows what else is coming down the pike – one can become overwhelmed with combat fatigue, not knowing when the other anti-American shoe will drop. Yes, this is extremely disconcerting to one’s equilibrium. This site understands, more than most, what bad news can do to an individual’s psyche, but don’t become so distracted and dispirited that Boston’s jihad – a little over a month ago – fades from view. THAT would be a grave error. 

Indeed, right after Boston exploded there was an immediate reaction from these pages and a common theme emerged. This is due to a vast reservoir of knowledge pertaining to Islamic-based jihad, as well as where its tentacles are hidden. Admittedly, it is a very depressing task, albeit a necessary one. There is no option but to charge ahead. Be that as it may, a special focus was placed on the foreign (but not exclusively so, as some jihadis are indeed in various stages of residency/citizens alike) element, resulting in full blown commentaries touching on a particular facet; America’s universities & mosques with emphasis placed on Boston’s “places of interest.”

Recall these revelations: The Chechen bombers attended the same jihadi mosque as many MSA (Muslim Student Association) MIT students frequent, as well as those from Harvard and surrounding schools –’t that precious, the (foreign & domestic) Ivy student jihadis share common ground with their brothers/sisters-in-arms, even those who attend “lesser” schools on the university totem pole. Makes one feel all warm and fuzzy. Tingly too. How inclusive.

But it doesn’t end there. No sirree. Boston’s Wahabbi mosques are a mirror image of those in most ever city, suburb, rural town USA, courtesy of Saudi Arabia’s largess, a baksheesh (bribery) which is spread throughout Middle East Studies departments, as well as many political campaign coffers, even after said politico leaves office with all their influence intact – Is it any wonder that America is in such grave danger, and that the report below is less than off the public radar?

‘Nothing to see here: Arrest in MA shrugged off’ – The Blaze TV – audio embedded!

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM JDTOn radio this morning, Glenn shared a strange story out of Boston that involves a group of foreign chemical engineering students trespassing at a major water supply near Boston. Even more bizarre – law enforcement’s reaction (or lack thereof) to the trespass.“Tell me the story out of Boston this morning, Pat,” Glenn said. “Here’s breaking news for you, but don’t worry. Why should anyone pay attention to what happens in Boston?”“Yeah, there are just seven chemical engineers that were, I guess, on a class outing,” Pat joked. “[They were] trespassing at a major reservoir in Boston, and these chemical engineers just happen to be from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. I’m sure there’s nothing to look at.”A local TV station had the report:REPORTER: State police issued summons for the group for trespassing but did not find any evidence of any other crimes. Still they are stepping up patrols at water supply facilities around the state. This all happened at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown. The reservoir is the main water supply for most of the state including the Boston area. Now shortly after midnight Tuesday state police discovered seven people walking from the reservoir, five men and two women. The men told police they are chemical engineers who recently graduated college and claimed they wanted to see the Quabbin because of their education and career interests. Well, state police say their backgrounds are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore but they live in various parts of Massachusetts, one in New York City.“So hold on just a second,” Glenn said. “So it’s Pakistan, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.”Something smells a little fishy when a seemingly unrelated group of foreign chemical engineering students suddenly converge on the same spot, at the same time.“It’s not like a family. It’s not like we all grew up in the same neighborhood. It’s, we live in different parts now of the Northeast and we all came together to trespass,” Glenn said. not to call and say, “What time of day was it? That they just decided to come together from different parts of New England, all of these, you know, disconnected guys from different countries.“That sounds totally fine,” Pat said. “There’s nothing to see here.”When you consider the fact that of the 75,000 foreign students who are supposed to be here on visas, 15,000 of which are unaccounted for, situations like this further justify the need for immigration reform that doesn’t just focus on the southern border.“Never made it. Came in the front door and then disappeared. 15,000,” Glenn said. “Now, I’m sure these good, hardworking chemists, chemical engineers that just have varying backgrounds and went to different schools, I guess, and they just wanted to – before they go home, they just want to see the water supply system.”“Makes perfect sense,” Pat quipped.“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Glenn concluded. “Honestly, if you’re a chemical engineer, I want you to call me now. I want you to tell me what you could possibly learn by sneaking onto a reservoir and walking around the property that would help you in your chemical engineering life. What could you possibly learn other than, ‘Well, we should secure these things a little better.’ What else could you learn?”
In no small measure, this blog paved the way to the Islamic foreign (and home-based) student connection, almost at the inception of its debut, back in August 2012. How much clearer can it get, than placing MIT’s MSA (and the MSA in toto) squarely in the cross hairs, even though a close connection exists with MIT at this forum? –, what does it mean when the Federal (and State) authorities, so soon after Boston’s jihad, fail to shout from the rooftops: yes, there is a clear and present danger emanating on US campuses from a certain category of foreign/domestic students. More to the point, how is it possible that these same students are permitted to study chemical engineering and any combination of technical programs, including nuclear engineering? Are they seeking to give them the internal tools to destroy America, even if not explicitly stated? It’s beginning to become a pattern of willful misconduct, on behalf of those sworn to protect the American people!

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