Boston’s Targeted Jihad & Iran’s WMD Race To The Finish: Where Do They Collide? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As posited in a previous commentary, Saudi Al-Qaeda jihadists and Iranian terror agents worked in tandem to direct the Chechen bombers. The commentaries also stated that the timing of the Boston jihad was not random. In fact, it was meant to warn the Islamist-in-Chief to continue his jaw-jaw and to stay PM Netanyahu’s hand, up until Iran’s Hitler crossed the finish line. IF not, U.S. cities will explode via their many “sleeper cells” throughout the entire country – A targeted analysis, directly related to Boston, was updated on April 20 –

Moreover, reference to PM Netanyahu’s “red line” has been mentioned throughout several postings. Significantly, on April 4 2013 this blog presented a detailed analysis by Professor Louis Rene Beres, unarguably a world expert on nuclear warfare strategy – His findings can be read below. But basically his thesis is that the “bewitching” hour is precipitously close, or too close to matter, after so many years of hewing to Washington’s dictates – As such, a viable pre-emption “may” no longer be available, though assets have been in place for some time to get the job done. 

And while Israel’s leaders have referenced PM Netanyahu’s (cartoonish) “red line” its essence hasn’t been spoken about in such stark and definitive terms since its UN debut – until now. In this regard, there aren’t enough alarm bells to accurately describe the following exchange. Keep in mind, Yadlin is often used as a bell weather for Jerusalem’s “thinking”.

DEBKAfile Intelligence – April 23, 2013

Former AMAN chief Yadlin: Iran has crossed Netanyahu’s last red line
DEBKAfile April 23, 2013

“Amos Yadlin, former military intelligence chief, said Tuesday that Iran has crossed the red line Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu laid down before the UN Assembly last September. None of the measures for halting Iran’s race for a nuclear bomb have worked, he said. Tehran heeded the Israeli prime minister’s warning for a short while before returning to uranium enrichment at speed.

Likud lawmaker Tzahi Hanegbi said that the Iranian nuclear bomb program is in its final lap. The moment for a decision to halt Tehran’s capacity for building a bomb will be at hand only in the next month or two. Hanegbi disclosed that Netanyahu warned US President Barack Obama when he visited Israel last month that action to stop a nuclear Iran must be taken now or never.”

In effect, even though some of the bluster often coming out of Jerusalem can essentially be ignored, this blog suggests this is not one of those times. In fact, if May & June pass without any pre-emption, the world will very soon wake up to a nuclear-armed Iran. The world’s disorder will be complete!

UPDATE: the chaos is shifting at a rapid pace and the following is an urgent update via DEBKAfile Intelligence: 

1. The Israel’s military and defense leaders were not overly impressed by the $10 billion arms package the defense secretary delivered this week. The items listed are useful but don’t top their list of priorities. This coolness was reflected in comments by Israeli military chiefs this week, which underlined the IDF’s ability to deal with Iran’s nuclear facilities on its own and even handle the fallout of this attack coming in the form of joint retaliation by Iran, Syria and Hizballah.
2.  The dissonance between Washington and Jerusalem on the issue of a nuclear Iran was present in Hagel’s talks in Israel. President Obama tried telling Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – recipients of the new US arms package – that his pledge to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear bomb means he is willing to wait until Tehran has assembled all the components for a weapon.
Israel refuses to wait for Iran to reach that threshold and insists that the moment to strike is now… the whole analysis.

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