DEBKAfile Intelligence Leads The West Here…The Pyromaniac-in-Chief Is NOT Finished Rearranging The Mid East Decks…Addendum To: Three Bombshells Re Mideast…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IF a case can be made – in the history of the free world – to coin a Commander-in-Chief a Pyromaniac-in-Chief, this IS it. And hyperventilating is allowed, for the entire west is in the death grip – for the next four years – of just such a POTUS!

People are free to view the above as hyperbole. Go right ahead. Knock yourselves out. But it is no longer a matter of electoral politics, whereby one Dem beat out any old Repub to become leader of the free world. Not at all.

And just for the record, there are still a handful of Dems who are way more patriotic than their RINO counterparts. Heretical thinking. Be that as it may, witnessing the most radical revolutionary RED forces, co-joining with their GREEN jihadist counterparts (to ruin the free world), is every freedom seeker’s foremost concern. Or it should be.

To recap said nightmare, the following blog commentary (November 3, 2012) should keep us all on the edge of our seats:

While the Islamist-in-Chief, in tandem with his Israeli yes-men, is busy touting the closer than close ties with Israeli chieftains – implying they are akin to incestuous, kissing cousins – the facts attest otherwise. 

To be fair, Congress has kept its pro Israel relationship (mostly) intact, and certain actions from the regime have been in Israel’s favor. HOWEVER, the amount of damage, via leaks and assorted anti-Israel/anti-semitic verbiage (albeit through his surrogates),has been incalculably hostile and deleterious to Israel’s well being.

Think of it this way – it is as if a wife beater’s claims are to believed, simply because he says sorry and brings her flowers, but after a savage beating! Would any rational person accept said sincerity? Of course not. But a cowed, Stockholm Syndrome afflicted wife would. Similarly, the Obama Presidency has been nothing short of a browbeating beat down to its ‘friend’, aside from the occasional kisses and hugs. Phew.

And along comes DEBKAfile Intelligence with three IMPORTANT tidbits; each explosive in its own way.

Number One: “Zawahiri Rides Back into Egypt US finds al Qaeda chief opening terror front from Sinai to Benghazi”

Number Two: “France & Israel in Accord on Iran Their intelligence ties are in closer rapport than they are with US agencies.”

Number Three: “Quiet Islamist coup in Cairo Brotherhood strongman el-Shater makes Morsi a figurehead.”

So, taken separately, as well as together, the implications are very clear. In a basic geo-political rendering, here is the upshot: Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s (purposeful) dictates to Mubarak – GO NOW – has ushered in the return of Osama Bin Laden’s right hand terror fiend.

In essence, his full throttle backing of the Brotherhood Mafia has reaped strategic rewards for the same AlQaeda he has exhorted as vanquished – due to the death of Osama!

Thus, Number One’s meaning unfolds. But it is not as if any student ( worth a damn ) of Mid East geo-politics couldn’t predict this outcome –

While French leaders leave much to be desired – at least in relation to Israel – they are beginning to understand that siding with Israel, against Iran’s Hitlerite regime, is in their national interests. In other words, they are grasping (whether it’s too little too late, this blogger will leave to others) that the rise of Islamism is a mortal threat to the French Republic, as well as to their long-standing interests in the region.

Hence, Number Two’s focus is sharpened.

To cap off the western horror, Number Three MUST be understood as the fait accompli that it is – Islamism has taken grip in the largest Arab country in the world, notwithstanding all the blatherings from Israel’s poohbahs, who surely know better, but are loathe to admit it publicly.

‘Ministry rejects Amos Gilad’s rebuke of Egypt’

11/02/2012 20:08

“Defense ministry rejects senior defense official’s characterization of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s rule as “terrible dictatorship.”

Most intrinsically, how dumb do Israel’s leadership think its Jewish citizens are? (Mind you, many of its Arab citizens are rooting for the other side!) Do they believe they are incapable of intuiting what is transpiring before their (lying) eyes? Looks like it.
Whether Israel’s leadership views a ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ approach as the preferred option, is neither here nor there. Presently, Al Qaeda is regrouping all over the Arab/Muslim world; Bin Laden’s co-conspirator is amassing strength in Egypt, the Arab world’s bell weather nation; and western interests are in their immediate cross hairs. The terror chieftains are giving everyone the finger.
Not to put a too fine point on the dangers, both to Israel and the U.S. (and the west in general), Benghazigate should be seen as Exhibit Number One; an outgrowth of the above, and the extrapolation of what is in store.
In light of the previous commentary, catching the readers up to speed is mandatory, as events are moving at warp speed. But yours truly is hardly pleased, thus adding to your misery. Mea culpa. Nevertheless, with the Islamist/Radical-in-Chief in charge for another 4 years, one must understand what the pyromaniacs are currently plotting.
So, being that Numbers One, Two and Three have been dealt with above, let us now go FORWARD march:
DEBKAfile Intelligence reveals:
Number Four:
‘Obama Will Give Syrian Rebels Arms They will go to a leader fighting in Syria who wins his nod.’
In plain English, the Islamist-in-Chief’s dirty dealings in Libya are wholly arming Syrian Rebels – AKA assorted Islamic jihadists – and the winner of the jihad-fest will get the White House’s nod. You got that?
Number Five:
‘The US to Undertake Suez Security A hi-tech security fence to be built to guard the waterway against terror.’
Americans, pay strict attention, as U.S. boots will surely be re-deployed, now that the Pyromaniac-in-Chief ousted Morsi – via GO NOW! He was the only strongman (and there were others waiting in the wings) capable of keeping the Islamists at bay, but in order to install the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia he had to be dispatched. As a direct byproduct, the Sinai is now engulfed in jihadi terror…and a fence won’t be the only protection needed to keep the oil flowing. NOT by a long shot.
Onto the wayward ‘Commander-in-Chief’s’ most ambitious plan; a nuclear armed Iran, as a ‘counterweight’ to Israel. This one requires much mental cogitation.
Number Six:
‘Obama Is Ready for Talks with Iran
Negotiations come late, after Iran has crossed the nuclear threshold’.
Yours truly called it. 

2 thoughts on “DEBKAfile Intelligence Leads The West Here…The Pyromaniac-in-Chief Is NOT Finished Rearranging The Mid East Decks…Addendum To: Three Bombshells Re Mideast…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Your thoughts are not hyperbole. Obama is the most anti-American, anti-West president ever. Let’s call him the Indonesian candidate.

    Another thought: suggestion to Israel, support a Coptic Liberation Front in Egypt. Copts are a large population in Egypt. If the Copts get militant…think of the possibilities.

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