The Gay-in-Chief “Exposes” Himself Once Again: Excited About Knocking Down DOMA, Makes Time To Call Gay Couple. Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One has to understand some basic constructs to discern what lies beneath the transformation of America. This week’s castration of DOMA is less about the interpretation of the law, as opposed to – once again – tearing down the edifice of traditional America. As such, internal anti-American putsches are not disparate events. They are invariably linked, even if seemingly disjointed. The gutting of DOMA was deeply in play, even if it seems that the Supreme Court was merely rendering a judicial verdict. But in order to see past the surface, a few basic ingredients are necessary to recognize what’s what. Root by root.

Basically, over many decades, a disinformation campaign has been imported from communist infiltrators into America’s power centers. But its revolutionary core came to fruition under the reign of Obama, as he is a disinformation devotee. So with the media totally on board and on message, it has become easy to convince masses of people that the “puritanical” notion of the traditional family, underpinned by Judeo-Christian moorings, is no longer necessary nor viable. And whereas there is no such Constitutional underpinning (unless contorted into knots, not unlike ObamaCare’s ruling) to “gift” marriage rights to same sex couples, the Court decided, in its social engineering perspective, that to allow DOMA to stand violates the Fifth Amendment – – which is more than a far stretch in its basic interpretation, under the catch all of the Bill of Rights.

So to internalize how personally invested the Gay-in-Chief is in same sex couples and their coupling, one has to understand how viscerally connected he feels to gays as a whole. He deemed it a necessary function of his duties, as leader of the free world, to call the happy couple from aboard Air Force One! Heaven help.

MSNBC Captures President Obama’s Call To Prop 8 Winners: Video

By DOMINIC PATTEN | Wednesday June 26, 2013 – embedded video
It was a nice stroke of luck for MSNBC today during its coverage of the Supreme Court’s decisions rejecting the federal Defense of Marriage Act and essentially overturning California’s Proposition 8 that prevented same-sex couples from marrying in the state. President Obama interrupted the live interview with a phone call from Air Force One to offer congratulations:

Yet if it seems inexplicable, to those not in the know, that the Commander-in-Chief (who should be dealing with pressing world matters, even as scandal after scandal embroils his administration) took time to congratulate these folks on the gutting of DOMA, don’t fret. The obvious question is: Why would he expose himself this way? He is very cocky. He has the wind to his back. Precisely.

Well, lo and behold, this is not his first such public shout out, and who knows how many others were conducted privately. But what we do know is more than disturbing, to say the least. Do readers recall the POTUS’s congrats to Jason Collins, the NBA player who “came out”?

Bringing down America is not only Obama Inc’s mission, but the goal of every anti-American regime, red and green. In reality, the Radical-in-Chief is invested in DOMAS’s  fall on the most intimate level (being on the “down low” is not for nothing), as well as on a revolutionary one. A decidedly toxic brew. On the other hand, some radical regimes are more involved than others, but Russia’s agents stand in the forefront. So in addition to Larry Grathwohl’s book, Bringing Down America this blog highly recommends “Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism.” Within its pages, Pacepa, along with his co-author, historian and law professor Ronald Rychlak, expose some of the most consequential yet largely unknown disinformation campaigns of our lifetime –

The above books will clear through the muck, thus, explaining America’s rapid descent down the (anti-American) rabbit hole, seemingly out of nowhere.

In both words and deeds, in order to bring America to its knees, one must first rip it from its Judeo-Christian roots. This is not to suggest that individual gay couples give a damn about said outcome. Not at all. In fact, most truly believe that they are “rightfully” entitled to every protection. One has to ask: Doesn’t such thinking extend to, for example, others who may choose to run naked through America’s streets? After all, rights are rights and protection under the law is guaranteed. What about those who decide to enter into polygamous “marriages’? Is that not their right? Alas, it becomes an endless free for all, and herein lies the crux. Regardless, Obama Inc (and all the activist, social engineering leadership, despite the Court’s koshering) couldn’t care less about anything less than destroying America. Whatever it takes. Going for broke.

UPDATE: Doug Hagmann, from Northeast Intelligence, is more than in agreement with the above analysis, mirroring this blog’s evaluation, as to what really lies behind the destruction of DOMA –

18 thoughts on “The Gay-in-Chief “Exposes” Himself Once Again: Excited About Knocking Down DOMA, Makes Time To Call Gay Couple. Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

    • yes it is all part of the program.

      very little push back. the commies have run the western educational institutions for decades. yet no one is doing much to wrest control from them or even offer an alternative.

      the leftist always do it with taxpayer money. so it is a double insult to conservative minded people.

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  2. Obama has to attack the foundations of Western society, which are capitalism and Judeo-Christian ideas, in order to bring down the US superpower and begin implementing the one world government leftists desire so much. The idea that the only valid marriage is between a man and a woman is very old and was embedded in both Judaism and Christianity from the early beginning of each. Furthermore, the tearing down of this morality also helps tear down Natural Law which posits that men are given rights by their Creator. Leftists abhor this idea as it undermines their notion of government as the source of all things. Thus Christianity and its ideas and morals as well as Judaism and its ideas and morals must go in order for the State to reign supreme. That’s what this is really about.

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