Special Forces Free Imprisoned Marines Who Visited the Capitol on Jan 6 + Two Marines Die in Failed Deep State Arrest

By Adina Kutnicki

Marines in dress blues in formation.

ASIDE from all else, the forces loyal to the White Hats are second to none and deserve much respect from every freedom-loving American — as opposed to forces that have pledged allegiance to the criminal Biden-Obama 3.0 regime. Never forget this.

AS always, the best of the best make sacrifices for the national good during war — and the nation is in the midst of a hot and cold shadow war on all fronts. Indeed, this is the most dangerous period since WW11.

IN this regard, first things first, that is, per some uplifting news from the battlefield within this most dangerous shadow war.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter |  March 11, 2023

United States Special Forces on Wednesday liberated six armed forces members whom the criminal Biden Regime had “detained indefinitely” for visiting the Capitol on January 6. The six were held at a “secret” federal detention center in Long Island, New York, not in D.C. jails with countless other peaceful protesters whose Constitutional rights the regime trampled when it began targeting not only citizens who entered the Capitol but also innocent bystanders, sources in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As of this writing, the feds have arrested more than 1000 innocent people in connection with the so-called insurrection; 518 have faced a litany of federal charges, and 26 have pleaded guilty to feloniously obstructing, impeding, or interfering with a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder—bogus charges. The government has convicted ten of seditious conspiracy, which carries up to a 20-year sentence.

White Hats, our source said, have no clue how many ANTIFA provocateurs were present but know with certitude that the feds singled out Trump-supporting constitutionalists due to their affiliation with entities—legal militia, for example—the government deems “domestic terrorists,” a phrase now used to vilify anyone eschewing the regime’s narrative. The criminal administration has also applied the term to the White Hat partition of the U.S. military.

Since January 6, 2021, the feds have arrested and held without bail 26 active-duty armed forces members. Three entered the Capitol but caused no damage; one put a MAGA hat on a statue. The other 23 were considered guilty by association.

When General Eric M. Smith assumed command on January 1, he vowed to do everything he could to free wrongfully imprisoned service members. He and the White Hat council, our source said, debated whether to release all January 6 protesters, but they decided against it because the feds and D.C. police have 500 agents and officers—an actual waste of manpower—guarding facilities housing Trump supporters still awaiting their day in corrupt federal court. Gen. Smith was aplomb in his decision. He felt that blood would spill into the streets.

“General Smith has asked President Trump to stand beside him in a joint speech demanding the release of all January 6ers, but Trump told him ‘now is not the right time for that’ but had some interesting intelligence,” our source said.

President Trump reportedly told General Smith that not all detained servicemembers were in D.C. jails. He had heard six Marines were being held at a clandestine federal detainment center in Uniondale, New York—at an abandoned warehouse the feds had converted into an illegal prison. General Smith quickly confirmed the facility’s existence and the Marines’ identities within. He also ascertained why the feds segregated the six: At the time of their arrest, they had ties to General David H. Berger.

Unlike the D.C. jails, only a handful of feds guarded the Uniondale location. After conferring with 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen, Gen. Smith agreed that a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha–elite teams consisting of mature, intense, highly-trained operators—would rescue his boys.

At 2:00 a.m. on March 8, Special Forces in civilian vehicles drove past the prison and saw eight sentries wearing FBI and Homeland Security windbreakers patrolling the perimeter. They parked nearby, then breached the chain-link fence encircling the jail. Special Forces ambushed the federal sentries, killing them with suppressor-equipped rifles and sidearms. The corpses conveniently had keys to the door, saving Special Forces the trouble of rigging explosives to gain entry. The door opened into a hallway lined on either side with vacant cells with electro-mechanical doors. The unit split in two; half searched for a control room while the other half sought out the imprisoned Marines, peering through a small rectangular window on each cell door.

The half looking for the Marines had to kill two boisterous feds that came clomping around a bend in the hallway. They died where they stood—two rounds, two kills. By then, the other team had found the control room in the center of the warehouse-turned-prison. In the end, only 6 of 53 cells were occupied—just Marines in terrible health, emaciated and dehydrated as if they hadn’t received food or water in days, laying listless in what could have been their tomb. A sunken-eyed Marine had been beaten to a bloody pulp; his face pockmarked with cigarette burns. “Get my Marines out of here,” he told Special Forces.

Special Forces carried those too weak to move as they egressed the building, slaying three more feds who tried unsuccessfully to block the exit. They shoved aside the bullet-ridden bodies and exfiltrated the structure.

The Marines, our source said, have been sent to Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, for treatment.

Asked about the 21 armed forces members still in federal custody, our source said, “General Smith is determined to bring all our boys home. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but we’ll get them, and those responsible will pay.”

“This is a victory,” he added. “We wish we could free everyone, but Gen. Smith wants political help to make that happen.”

AS per those who have fallen fulfilling their patriotic duty,

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Two Marines Die in Failed Deep State Arrest

Two United States Marines were killed in an explosion Monday while trying to apprehend a Deep Stater White hats considered a “low risk,” “high value” target, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Late last week, U.S. Army Cyber Command forwarded to Gen. Smith’s office a conversation between Ashish Jha, the regime’s Covid-19 Task Force Coordinator, and Lisa Barclay, his deputy. Jha told Barclay he would drive solo from D.C. to Savanah, Georgia, on March 6 for a brief “working vacation” and to contact him only in case of emergency.

Upon reviewing the brief, Gen. Smith arranged for a Marine reconnaissance squad to tail Jha and, when appropriate, make an arrest, for Jha has been on the White Hat radar since mid-2020 when he advocated for a national quarantine while serving as Dean of the Brown University of Public Health. At the time, he had frequent contact with Doctors Fauci and Birx and advised them in an “unofficial capacity,” our source said. On April 5, 2022, Biden appointed him to helm the Coronavirus Task Force.

When Jha left the driveway of his lavish home in the wealthy suburb of Kalorama—he lives on the same street as the Obamas—14 Marines in three civilian SUVs prepared to shadow him along the 574-mile, 9-hour trip to Georgia. Jha took the predicted route, heading south on Interstate 95 in his silver Mercedes AMG sedan. He must have been a stickler for road rules, as he never exceeded the 70-mph speed limit.

Since Jha didn’t leave until 5:00 p.m., the Marines hoped their quarry would grow tired and spend the night at a motel—or at least stop at a gas station to urinate–rather than drive all night. They knew Jha’s Mercedes could travel only 530 miles on a full tank, meaning he would have to make at least one pitstop before reaching Savannah, unless he carried spare cans in his trunk—an improbability. The Marines, too, would have to pause for a fill up, but had numbers on their side; if necessary, one vehicle running on fumes could track Jha while the others refueled.

The Marines trailed Jha on the congested interstate, keeping his Mercedes in sight as they weaved through Virginia and North Carolina traffic, where Jha exited the interstate to top off at an Exxon station in Fayetteville. But the place was crawling with people—motorists, pedestrians, loiterers, and the homeless seeking a handout—hindering the Marines’ chance of grabbing Jha without drawing unwanted attention. He didn’t even ask the clerk for a key to the restroom to take a leak.

The Marines continued the hunt, tracking Jha as he crossed the South Carolina border and pulled into the parking lot of a Days Inn Motel in Dillon at 11:30 p.m. As the lot was vacant on the cloudy, moonless night, the Marines opted to arrest Jha before he could book a room. Two Marine SUVs cut off the front and rear driveways, while the third pinned down Jha’s Mercedes. Jha was five feet away from his vehicle when two Marines with an arrest warrant approached him, informing him that he was being placed under arrest on charges of mass murder.

Jha erupted in laughter, saying, “You don’t even know who we are.” He exploded in a crimson fireball that blew his and the Marines’ bodies to bits throughout the parking lot. The other Marines looked on in horror; Jha, a meek, diminutive Indian who had migrated to the U.S. under questionable circumstances, had taken out two intrepid Marines. Arms and legs and teeth fragments were strewn about the lot, illuminated beneath a single bulb that splashed a narrow cone of light on dismembered bodies.

The Marines sanitized the area after seizing the cell phones of two cigarette-smoking bystanders recording the incident. They were told that speaking of what they had witnessed was a taboo topic, a matter of national security, and would put them and their families in “grave jeopardy,” not from the Marines but from allies of the man who had triggered the explosion.

The Marines brought what remains they could to Fort Bragg, where medical examiners deduced that Jha was not Jha, but a clone in which someone had planted a subdermal detonator connected to HMX explosives.

“We got made,” our source said. “Obviously, the communication leak was a trap to flush us out, and it worked. Two brave Marines died. In war, battles are won and lost; we lost this one.”

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