The Continuous “Mysterious” Deaths of Clinton, Inc.: Nexus to Epstein’s Pedo-Ring. VIDEOS!

By Adina Kutnicki

TIME and again, the fingerprints/footprints of Clinton, Inc, that is, a criminal cartel ala RICO- style underpinnings, has surfaced at this site. Not for nothing. Effectively, one after another, accomplices/co-conspirators “drop like flies.” To wit, they are eliminated/disposed via “mysterious suicides” and bizarre deaths. All tie-ins/chords must be severed.

and the laundry list of criminality has yet to cease!

IN this regard, two explanatory videos demonstrate proof positive, evidentiary trails: for decades, the Deep State Mafia has been behind the scenes pulling all the crooked and deviant strings. As such, anyone who states otherwise and screams, “conspiracy theories”, well, either they are too ignorant to pay attention to, or too malign and in agreement, that is, passively or materially.

ON with the video proofs….




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{ADDENDUM: Bear uppermost in mind — To stifle the truth-telling found at this site, FB’s censors have “zeroed-out” all of my articles via their “Boom and Ban” censors ala their ubiquitous “Community Standards” — as they hunt me up and down the internet like rabid dogs to their prey! No kidding. This is just some of FB’s modus operandi, what is now deemed their “love notes” to yours truly: This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam: adinakutnicki.files.wordpress.comACTIVITY

About your post Today at 4:34 PM: No one else can see your post. And so on and so forth. In fact, just recently, each article at my “parent site”, ADINA KUTNICKI: A ZIONIST & CONSERVATIVE BLOG, had its FB registered shares go from the hundreds, with some up to the many thousands, to a big, fat ZERO. In other words, all my shares have gone down the rabbit hole. Just like that. Poof. Gone. As such, take it to the bank that each and every conservative voice which reaches a wide readership will, sooner than later, be CENSORED. MUTED.} MESSAGE FAILED: This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know. Yes, additional “proof-in-the pudding” as to why “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” had to be written!}


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