ANTIFA Reactivated In Atlanta, Georgia: Why Now? What’s To Be Done?

By Adina Kutnicki

TO internalize what the hell is going on in present-day America (the west in toto), a fact-based historical grounding must be understood. For it is these lessons learned which will shine a spotlight on the spigot-like deployment of the Dem Mafia’s storm troopers! Yes, ANTIFA is in the forefront, and BLM is their back-up, domestic terror partner. Sans any exception, every totalitarian regime utilizes said strong-arm tactics to maintain power and control. This is a historical fact. Know thy history well.

AS this investigative journalist analyzed in the aftermath of the 2020 ‘summer of total destruction’,

the above tracked-back as a main (among election-tampering, etc.) ‘insurance policy’ to ensure President Trump’s 2020 defeat — vote for our candidate….or reap the whirlwind!

MUCH of its basis can be extracted below.

FAST forward to the push towards ‘de-throning’ dementia, crooked, China Joe via the ‘sudden’ appearance of classified docs, more than a few similarities emerge — most especially, as the same goon squads are ordered by Demster thugs to upend Atlanta, Georgia, that is, to serve as a harbinger of things to come. This message is intended to ensure that cities will, once again, start to burn in the run-up to 2024! Again, vote for our candidate…or else!!

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