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The ‘Normalization’ of Transgenderism: A Western Infection. Madness.

By Adina Kutnicki

AS repeatedly demonstrated through a series of exposés over the years – primarily, herehereherehere, and so on and so forth – the inculcation of pedophilia has become ‘normative’ within today’s power centers and public squares.
YES, the crazy train is on naked display….crotches in the mix!  ….indeed, even the esteemed MIT jumped upon the insanity bandwagon….view marker 3:39 for proof!)
SO much so, what used to be deemed radioactive and toxic, inexorably, the ‘crime of all crimes’, is currently presented as a ‘lifestyle choice.’ Nowadays, pedophile, the heretofore taboo term, has received a kosherized linguistic make-over: voilà, ‘minor attracted person!‘ No kidding. This verbal jujitsu is not an accident. It is a pre-planned assault on the traditional, nuclear family.
EFFECTIVELY, filtering down from the tippy-top of western political bodies; echoing throughout so-called mainstream media; aiming straight into the educational arena; given the professional go-ahead by the respected medical and legal fraternities, and topped off by highly approving cultural venues, the kiddies (and many horrified parents/grandparents) are boxed in. And if naysayers dare to fight back, they are summarily tossed aside, threatened with ruin, and, generally, ground into dirt.
BASICALLY, a uniform approach to pedophilia (via all of its manifestations) has become a mandatory obligation. Again, dissent is not tolerated. And rooted within this ‘see no evil, here no evil’ code of omertà, it makes ‘sense’ that transgenderism within the kiddie-set is on multi-faceted, full throttle, blast-off saturation campaigns.
STILL yet, no one tells the horrific tale better than Tucker Carlson. As such, pay heed:
AND while the U.S. is in the forefront of this madness, western nations are deep in the muck.
ADMITTEDLY, as an American-Israeli, these ears are, first and foremost, attuned to both nations. Alas, when it became known that an innocent, confused child was encouraged to transition from a girl into a boy (within the affluent central community of Givat Shmuel, one of Tel Aviv’s outer burbs), well, blood-boiling barely describes it at this end.
Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the former Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, has published his initial response to the saga of the girl masquerading as a boy in a state-religious school in Givat Shmuel, news of which was broken in the B’Sheva magazine (affiliated with the Hebrew-language version of Israel National News) two weeks ago.
In Rabbi Ariel’s letter, it is clear that, contrary to what the Education Ministry has been claiming, he is opposed to the girl remaining in the class.
“This situation of a girl dressed up as a boy, in boys’ clothes, is impossible and has no place in halachah [Jewish law],” Rabbi Ariel wrote. “A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. Since this case relates to a young girl [in third grade], the situation must be handled with great sensitivity. There is no question of continuing to allow this girl to be incorporated into a class together with other boys,” he concluded.
AND whether the Education Ministry – truth be told, known for its left-ward bent – is covering its behind due to the ensuing backlash and kerfuffle, or the Rabbi realizes that he has been caught tolerating the intolerable, likely, it will never be known, that is, at least, within the public arena.
BUT what is a certainty and of grave concern and import to the majority mainstream public in Israel, is the absolute fact that the poisonous effects of what goes down in America will, inevitably, and eventually, reach Israel’s public and private recesses.
For the above reasons (and so much more), it is incumbent upon all who claim to care for the welfare of children (and, by extension, the future of the pillars of western civilization, America and Israel) to take a stand. Now.

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