The Hidden/Untold Phenomenon of Violent Women Abusing Men & Ensuing Male Silence

By Adina Kutnicki


TWO main biases keep males silent, that is, when being abused by violent, aggressive female partners. 

ON the one hand, it is drilled into the social consciousness that women are akin to the “fairer-sex”. On the other, men are programmed to be dominant brutes. Hogwash. Bizarro.

IT is alongside said mantra that movements (by femi-nazis, with the support of metro-sexual males) have formed to gang-bang on so-called “toxic masculinity”, as if comparable to the plague! No kidding.

MOST militant are the #ME TOO banshees — shrieking to the high heavens about anything oozing masculinity, as if that’s a negative. But if one exhibit smacks of banshees gone wild,

STILL yet, what makes it easier for men to fall prey, to become ensnared by an aggressively violent woman, is the lethal cocktail of an otherwise “good-looking package” on the outside and on paper. In other words, it is no longer the so-called trailer trash which men have to be wary of. Rather, it is the high-level professional with a picture perfect shine who can be both smokin’ hot and toxic.

NOT only that, said charmers may, or may not, be afflicted with bi-polar imbalances or another personality disorder — with the smitten one none the wiser, that is, until the smacks, punches, and otherwise aggressive behavior fuels the onset of an uncontrollable rage. Indeed, it happens more often than most men are willing to ever talk about. After all, how embarrassing is it to admit that a woman is beating the crap out of you?? Indeed, said cycle of abuse can go on and on …..

REGARDLESS, a prudent place to start the long overdue conversation is to first examine the psychiatric components of aggression which can afflict males and females.

AFTERWARDS, a review of the following resources are more than on target:

ALAS, the next time a man appears cowed in the presence of his partner, well, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that physical violence is a high probability factor within the relationship.

AGAIN, don’t be fooled by the outer package of the “fairer-sex” — the batting of eyelashes and professional veneer notwithstanding. 

MEMO TO MALES SUFFERING IN SILENCE: Don’t be afraid to speak up and to press charges. Get out of the relationship ASAP, for it will only get worse. Know this: There are more and more women who would never think of covering for the aggressor just because they possess the same anatomy! 


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