Did Israel Cave? Hunger Striking Islamic Jihad Terrorist To Be Released … Israel’s Delusional Leaders NEVER Reverse Course

By Adina Kutnicki

HERE we go again, round and round the capitulation tree!

LIKE night follows day, akin to the reliability of a Swiss clock, Israel’s mentally besieged leaders can be counted on to surrender to the demands of Islamic terrorists — regardless of which jihadi hydra takes the ‘credit’ or the lead. Six of one …. half a dozen of another.

AND if one exhibit, out of countless, tells the twisted tale, well, let’s just take a walk-back to July 2007, that is, to examine if anything has changed since then.

MIND you, it would take a book to list the entire compendium of terrorists who have brought Israel’s deluded leaders to outright submission. Don’t be fooled by their blustery braggadocio that they never cave to terrorists’ demands! Bull-shit.

THAT was then …. similarly, it is now!

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Dalit Halevi | September 1, 2022

Israeli officials say that Khalil Awawdeh has pledged in writing that he would not return to terrorist activity.

Terrorist Khalil Awawdeh, who has been on hunger strike for about 180 days and whom the Islamic Jihad demanded be released at the end of Operation Breaking Dawn, will end his hunger strike after reaching an agreement whereby his administrative detention will end at the beginning of October and he will be released to his home.

Israeli officials said that Awawdeh will be returned to administrative detention until October after his medical condition improves. They added that he has pledged in writing that he would not return to terrorist activity.

The Central Command recently froze Awawdeh’s administrative detention as long as he is in the hospital. Later, the judges of the Supreme Court ruled that the court has no room to intervene in the decision to keep Awawdeh under arrest despite his medical condition.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court once again rejected the petition to release Awawdeh on the grounds that there has been no substantial change in the circumstances and that there is no justification for the court to intervene.

The Islamic Jihad reacted with great satisfaction to the announcement of the terrorist’s expected release.

On the group’s websites, the public was called to celebrate “the victory of the hero Khalil Awawdeh over the occupation after a firm stand that was legendary” and which proved that “a fearless Palestinian desire will defeat the entire Zionist entity”.

Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif al-Qanoa described the Israeli decision not to extend Awawdeh’s administrative detention as a new victory for the “heroic prisoner” who managed to achieve his freedom on his own.

“This development illustrates the refusal of the security prisoners to put up with the enemy’s unjust policy towards them and their determination to win in any campaign they wage against it,” he stated.

Meanwhile, 1,200 terrorists serving prison time in Israeli prisons will go on hunger strike starting on Thursday as part of escalating protest measures.

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