Israel, Palestinian Jihad dig in for prolonged combat. Tel Aviv targeted.

By Adina Kutnicki

WHEREAS an analytic report is in the making re the latest go-around between Israel’s mighty IDF and the barbarians at the gates, this much is for sure: But for the fact that Israel’s delusional/feckless leaders, year after year, refuse to bury assorted jihadi overlords, there would be quiet on the Gazan front! Mind you, Israel’s second to none “eyes in the sky” know precisely where they are hiding (and even when they are farting), still, they live to plot ongoing terror, that is, at the time and place of their choosing! How can this be??

IPSO facto, since they always know where to find them for righteous targeted elimination, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate that it is they, not the all-mighty IDF, who  set the agenda, as per one onslaught after another!

AND another thing: Forget about the pictures of massive rubble in Gaza …. it is akin to water off a duck’s back. Incontestably, they understand that the destruction is an intrinsic visual aid. As such, the media front — the dual side of any war-fighting campaign — will come down in their favor. Hmm.

MADNESS. שִׁגָעוֹן.

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Both sides were digging in for a drawn-out conflict on Saturday, Aug. 6, Day Two of the IDF’s counter terror Operation Sunrise against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). “We have not yet used our long-range rockets,” said the jihadists after shooting 200 missiles. The Iron Dome defense system scored 95pc interceptions, conspicuously exhibiting major upgrades in its performance. Up until Saturday evening, the Palestinian rocket barrages missed their mark, except for damage to a house in Sderot, whose occupants stayed safe in their shelter.

Saturday evening saw the first rocket barrage against Tel Aviv. Although the IDF marked out a 80km radius safety zone from the Gaza Strip, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the towns in between, the PIJ mostly refrained from aiming rockets at central Israel. However, a spokesman for the terrorist group warned that its long-range rockets were still unused. While refraining from an explicit threat to wield them, he indicated that there was more fighting to come.

The same message came from Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi on Saturday morning, when he forecast that the operation would last “a week at least” after the IDF called up 25,000 reservists. A wave of detentions of their top operatives on the West Bank preceded Operation Sunrise and continued Saturday with another 19 arrests, including the high-profile Najah Habayba, a former Israeli jail inmate.

The ultimate objective of the IDF operation is not yet clear. Caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid will no doubt be taxed with this question when he briefs the opposition leader, former PM Binyamin Netanyahu, on Sunday. Will the military be satisfied with breaking the back of the PIJ’s military strength in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, thereby amputating one of Tehran’s primary terrorist arm against Israel before calling it a day? Or will the group’s core be left crippled but alive when the operation ends?

Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that the conflict would not be confined to the Gaza Strip but also reach Jihadist leaders “who sit in restaurants” in Tehran, Syria and Lebanon.

For now, Hamas has stayed outside the confrontation. Egypt’s diplomatic efforts to negotiate a ceasefire were rebuffed by Jihad, whose leader, Ziyad Nahla on Saturday sat down in Tehran with the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami. Iranian Arabic language media reported that the two discussed “Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip” and ways of “fortifying Palestinian resistance.”

Nahla told reporters: “Our resistance will go on alongside other groups. We are capable of a delivering a fitting response to any blow.” Salami was quoted by Iranian TV as saying, ‘Israel will pay a heavy price for its aggression in Gaza.”

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4 thoughts on “Israel, Palestinian Jihad dig in for prolonged combat. Tel Aviv targeted.

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  2. Never see my comments yet ill do another. The iron dome defends the terrorists not israel. With no iron dome, there would be huge death and destruction in israel and thus the terrorists would have to be totally elimated and quiet prevail.. iron dome allows terror to continue as israel losses remain low which the govt accepts.
    Decades ago israel could have put a sensitive seismological computer in beersheva. It detects even tiny quakes and can dectect tunnelling.
    Not done as israel govt is married to the western govts under control of fallen angels, demons, shadim, which they call aliens. All the military going under ai control, which is under satan. It works real good under ai until the day satan makes it fail in a big war.
    Only hope is hashem. Leadership will get worse and worse till mashiach.

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