By Adina Kutnicki

IT is impossible to predict what President Trump will do at any given moment. This is so because his greatest asset is his ability to play 3-D chess, meanwhile, others are busying themselves with a garden variety version. Chumps.

NOT only that, even before he burst onto the political scene, his trade-in-stock always featured an overdose of braggadocio, that is, a show-man style of delivery. Grating. Still yet, incontestably, the most pro-America and successful President in modern history. Hands-down.

WITHIN this context, don’t let the very strange conversation (between General Berger, the lead White Hat Commander, and Trump) muddy the waters. Even so. it still begs the question: Since Karri Lake is obviously linked to HUSSEIN Obama, what in the world is really going on within the aforementioned 3-D chess prism??

INDEED, this is where the focus must lie.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | July 11, 2022

Friction between White Hat commanders and President Donald J. Trump resumed Thursday afternoon after Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham learned during an interview with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson that her competitor, Karri Lake, was once a stalwart Obama supporter.

Ingraham was shocked because Trump endorsed Lake’s bid to helm the Grand Canyon State, and so too was Marine Corps General David H. Berger, who saw Ingraham’s Thursday broadcast, said a source in the general’s office.

He told Real Raw News that General Berger literally facepalmed himself upon hearing that Lake had donated sizable chunks of cash to Obama’s presidential campaigns and spearheaded a grassroots campaign that helped fund the dark lord’s candidacy. Lake had even knocked on doors in Republican precincts for Obama, encouraging lifelong conservatives to switch sides.

“General Berger was more than a bit upset at Trump’s endorsement of Kari Lake. He’s been Trump’s best ally among the White Hats, and he’s cautioned Trump about appointing, hiring, and endorsing Deep State saboteurs posing as Republicans. Gen. Berger’s been as constant as the Northern Star, solidly in Trump’s camp. But other commanders who heard the broadcast, officers who have already questioned Trump’s competency, were outraged, and they let Gen. Berger know,” our source said.

The officers in question were Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, both of whom have criticized Trump’s lack of foresight and accused Gen. Berger of blindly supporting a man who frequently embraced traitors as allies. On a conference call with Gen. Berger, they namedropped Jeff Sessions, William Barr, John Bolton, and Michael Pence as wolves in sheep’s clothing whom Trump had incorporated into his inner circle. Persons who betrayed Trump when he was most vulnerable. Gen. Angle said Trump’s feckless leadership was compromising the military’s ability to wage a successful war against the Deep State.

“With due respect, General Berger, this cannot continue. We’re crippled by our own,” Gen. Angle reportedly said.

“I’ll talk to him again,” Gen. Berger replied.

And on Saturday afternoon they spoke again by phone, with Gen. Berger asking Trump to stop supporting Kari Lake.

“We believe she’s Deep State, Mr. President, and frankly, she loves Obama,” Gen. Berger said.

The general, our source said, tried to impress upon Trump the military’s concerns, but Trump seemed more interested in boasting about renovations made to his personal Boeing 757. Trump bragged that his remodeled jumbo jet was now equipped with flares, chaff, and an extensive countermeasures suite—just like Air Force One—and could outperform any plane of its size in the sky. Trump was particularly impressed by his plane’s enhanced engines, saying his 757 could cruise at Mach .85 while other 757s could achieve only Mach .8.

When Trump paused for breath, our source added, the general steered the conversation back toward Trump’s questionable endorsements.

“I gave you authority to catch criminals, general, not get political. Yes, Pence is a very bad guy, and, no, I didn’t know then he was a pedophile in Indiana. I’ve learned a lot—more than you know. You do your job and keep your people in line, and let me do mine. I didn’t empower you to question me. I did it so you can get some very bad people out of office and off the street. Don’t question my moves; I know what I’m doing,” Trump told him.

According to our source, the conversation ended with Trump disconnecting the call.

“General Berger is still calling the White Hat shots, but the dissenting voices grow louder,” our source said.

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