City by city to Europe’s destruction: The Islamization of Belgium’s cities is underway – The Demographic Jihad in Europe: A Template for America’s Destruction Via Illegal Immigration + Foxes in the Demster Hen-House!

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR over 2 decades, this investigative journalist has been emitting a clarion call, warning, about a dual-track danger to America in specific, and to Europe in general. But before this analysis delves any further, know this, too: Israel is deep in the cross-hairs of an Islamic domestic bomb — in too many ways to count!

NOW that the above unvarnished truth is undeniably established, it is beyond imperative for freedom-loving citizens of America (and Europe in toto) to internalize what is happening right under their noses and to take immediate, effective, remedial action. This is so, first and foremost, in terms of the purposeful economic devastation being waged — after all, those who can’t afford to feed their families, well, they are hardly strong enough to fight back. Cause and effect.

AT the other end of the continuum of related wreckage, the end goal rears its head: subsuming and submitting western civilization to third-world foreigners — many of whom are followers of a pagan, moon-god, that is, Allah! Incontestably, their leaders have a global plan.

IN tandem, radical leftists ensure that the above infiltration and penetration will succeed via the oft-referred to red-green axis/alliance.

INDEED, the bullet-points can go on and on ….

EVEN so, as per the above lessons that are required for the west’s survival — the below must serve as more than an adjunct lesson. Much more.

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | Giulio Meotti, Italy | May 16, 2022

“Molenbeek would love to be forgotten, because it is the very example of the failure of the multicultural society, which remains an untouchable dogma in Belgium”.

So writes in Le Figaro Alain Destexhe, former Belgian senator and general secretary of Doctors Without Borders. He talks about the case of Conner Rousseau, president of Vooruit, the Flemish socialist party, who has just told Humo magazine: “When I drive around Molenbeek, I don’t feel in Belgium”.Scandal and deluge of criticism, the harshest of the French-speaking socialist party “brother” of Rousseau: “Intolerable, stigmatizing and xenophobic observations”.

“More comical was the reaction of the former liberal mayor, who said that ‘Molenbeek is much more diverse than imagined,'” writes Destexh in Le Figaro. “Did that mean that there were still native Belgians in the city? Currently 85 percent of the population is of foreign origin. Brussels has experienced a demographic evolution unique in Europe. In the Brussels region as a whole, there are only a quarter of Belgians of Belgian origin, 39 per cent of Belgians of foreign origin (demonstrating the ease with which nationality can be acquired) and 35 per cent of foreigners.

“Molenbeek is in fact only the tip of the iceberg of the progressive Islamization in all the major Belgian cities. Islam is increasingly visible in the public space of Molenbeek and in the month of Ramadan almost all the shops and restaurants in the city are closed during the day. In many neighborhoods, women are no longer able to dress however they want or go out at night, and homosexuals have no right of citizenship. However, there are hardly any voices to worry about this development, as if French-speaking Belgium, anesthetized in unison by the multicultural media, had resigned itself. While this great phenomenon of Islamization upsets Belgian society, vigilance is more necessary than ever in the face of the ‘threat from the far right’ “.

But it’s not just Brussels. Antwerp, the country’s second largest city, now has 25 percent Muslims, more than half of primary school children are Muslim, and the city has more than 65 mosques. As parliamentarian Herman de Croo revealed, 78 per cent of Antwerp’s children aged 1 to 6 are foreigners.

The former secretary of state, Bianca Debaets, said that in Brussels “there are too many areas where it is difficult for women and homosexuals to walk”.

The chief rabbi of Brussels, Albert Guigui, was attacked by a group of Arabs. They insulted him, spat on him and kicked him. Since then, Guigui hasn’t worn the kippah in public. No Jew lives in the Gare du Nord district anymore. “There are hardly any Jews left in this neighborhood,” says Michel Laub, founder of the Museum of deportation in Malines. “Yet this part of Schaerbeek near the Gare du Nord was once an important Jewish quarter.”

In his book “Immigration et Intégration: avant qu’il ne soit trop tard”, former Senator Destexhe reveals that from 2000 to 2010 Belgium welcomed more than one million migrants out of a population of eleven million. Eric Zemmour is right when he defines Brussels as “a concentration of immigration problems”. A microcosm of Europe. An ongoing trend laboratory.

Belgium was the first to recognize and subsidize Islam and also elected the first veiled parliamentarian, Djemila Benhabi told L’Echo this week. “Of all the European capitals, Brussels is the one through which the Islamist project intends to spread to Europe. Their lobbies are powerful there, so it is much easier for the Islamists to break into the system and transform it little by little ”.

De-Christianization rhymes with Islamization. The churches of Belgium are being investigated by the newspaper La Libre. 36 out of 110 churches in Brussels are destined to change their use in the face of the dramatic decline in faithful. This is the plan of the archbishop of Brussels. One third of the churches of the capital threatened with closure. “Homes, museums, hotels, climbing walls… What to do with our deconsecrated churches?”, An Rtbf dossier asked in January.

Jean-Pierre Martin and Christophe Lamfalussy in their book “Molenbeek-sur-djihad” say that “in Molenbeek, in an area of just six square kilometers, there are 25 mosques”. What is this, if not Islamization? In his book L’iris et le croissant, Professor Felice Dassetto writes, with more than 200 associations that explicitly refer to it, Islam is, after football, the most mobilizing organized reality in Brussels, more than the Catholic Church, more of political parties, more than trade unions.

Welcome to the “European capital … of the Muslim Brotherhood”. They know it. And so, the president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Belgium feels free to declare: “Where will we be in 50 years? All of Europe – inshallah – will be Muslim. So, have children! ”.

Giulio Meotti is an Italian journalist with Il Foglio and writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author, in English, of the book “A New Shoah”, that researched the personal stories of Israel’s terror victims, published by Encounter and of “J’Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel” published by Mantua Books, in addition to books in Italian. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Gatestone, Frontpage and Commentary.

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2 thoughts on “City by city to Europe’s destruction: The Islamization of Belgium’s cities is underway – The Demographic Jihad in Europe: A Template for America’s Destruction Via Illegal Immigration + Foxes in the Demster Hen-House!

  1. Anyone remember the mt.rushmore like buddhist heads the taliban destroyed that angered witch laura bush?
    That was last vestige of a non moslem culture in afganistan.
    In fact, look up stats on afganistan and mayaysia when britain conquered them a century earlier and malaysia & afganistan were 2/3 christian & buddhist/hindu nations. Afgans even had persian jews. The moslems of both lands were less than a third. Somehow under british rule the moslems got the majority islamic like happening in london now.
    Moslems at even 10% start to get control over nations.
    Israel is a nightmare as the jews are split into 2 opposite camps so small ammount of moslems easily get control. Some jews will partner with moslems over the other jewish camp for power.
    I know the vatican is quite wicked but if anyone looking for a false prophet, could a false prophet with 1.5 billion followers be the one?
    Iliving in israel i get odd feeling the govt is sirrendering to islam.
    What i think is really happening as trump & bibi are also nwo enablers, is trumps abraham accords are not about peace per se, but merging israeli & arab elites into one of the 10 nwo districts of world dictatorship. It in theory could bring peace but with it full enslavement of all the people.
    The key is on georgia guidestones is the 7 official nwo languages; english spanish russian chinese hindi hebrew & arabic. This means some number of these 7 will stay alive. Others like french german japanese etc will suffer full extermination.
    This playbook been running a long time. In 1931 churchill wrote that lab meat will be in the future. He knew the elite plans whether he was for or against.
    And finally, why synthetic gmo lab meat and vegetables and fruits and altered air and atmosphere? While it will kill the majority and the elites like that, the real purpose is so the jabbed can live. The jab transforms homosapiens made in Gods image into synthetic homonovus modified into satans image. The change progresses slowly but progressively. More jabs speed up the transformation. Majority will die in the process but due to biological diversity many will live. But at a certain point, these synthetic people or gmo people, will need synthetic food and enviroment to sustain life. At a certain point not far off, homosapiens and homonovus will have opposite things that sustain or end life.
    Bennett came in with a small people (7 seats) and conquered israel. It makes one weep in horror.

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