Washington, D.C. Surrounded By Islamists:Boxed-In, Inside & Outside Its Corridors. How Did This Happen? What Can Be Done?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Washington, D.C., the capital of the Free World, is bordered by the states of Virginia (on its southwest side) and Maryland (on its southeast, northeast, and northwest sides). Trenchantly, what happens within one state has a direct and cascading impact upon its “sister” states. So too it is with all border states, but no matter. Besides, we dare not veer our focus away from the Capitol’s triad. It is that imperative. Dangerous.

IN this regard, an increasing amount of (patriotic) Americans are coming to grips with the fact that Washington’s power centers – with its tentacles spread throughout the nation, namely, within the media, educational institutions, legal arenas and cultural centers – are infiltrated and penetrated by Islamists. Nevertheless, few understand the implications of what is taking place within its surrounding confines; neighborhood-wise, and the colonization thereof.

BUT before we head to the thrust of today’s commentary analysis, it is mandatory to take a look-back to pre-9/11/01, and its inextricable relationship to D.C.’s Wahhabi corridor. It was – still is – embedded within Virginia, its next door neighbor!

WAMY: U.S. offices of the Saudi-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth, formerly run by Abdullah bin Laden, nephew of America’s Enemy No. 1. Tucked back in the corner of the Skyline Court Professional Park at 5134 Leesburg Pike, Alexandria, Va., WAMY was recently raided by U.S. authorities. Though the Saudi-controlled enterprise — which teaches teen-aged Muslim boys to sacrifice their lives in jihad against the infidels — is still under federal investigation, the administration has been reluctant to freeze its assets and designate it as a terrorist entity, a move that would upset the powerful and well-connected head of the Saudi Embassy. The sensitive case is under court seal.

MAS: Around the corner from WAMY in the same non-descript office park is the unmarked national headquarters of the Muslim American Society, which investigators say is the U.S. front for the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egypt-based secret Islamic society that gave rise to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaida. Its address is 3606 Forest Drive. Next door to MAS at 3602 Forest is the office for convicted terror conspirator Abdurahman Alamoudi’s American Muslim Foundation. It too has no sign out front. Also in the same Skyline office park is the office of the Grand Mufti of the greater Washington area, Mohammed al-Hanooti, who currently leads Friday prayers at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center a couple of miles north on Route 7, a large Saudi-controlled Wahhabi mosque that gave aid and comfort to some of the 9/11 hijackers. Hanooti is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and an alleged major Hamas fund-raiser … It is one big happy Islamist family at Skyline office park.

AL-JAZEERA: This restaurant, which shares the name of Osama bin Laden’s favorite TV station, is one of many Middle Eastern bistros located in the all-Muslim shopping plaza called Build America in the Baileys Crossroads area of Northern Virginia, not far from the Pentagon and the apartment where the hijackers stayed. It too is off Route 7 (Leesburg Pike), the Wahhabi corridor. The area has the second-highest concentration of people of Arab descent in America.

GOAT MEAT: Halal butchers deliver Muslim-permitted goat meat to one of several halal butcher shops and restaurants in the same Baileys Crossroads shopping plaza, which includes the Prince Cafe, an internet and hookah bar patronized by suspected Saudi confederates of the hijackers.

SKYLINE TOWERS: Luxury high-rise apartments, off Route 7 on the Alexandria-Falls Church border, is home to a large number of Saudi and Yemeni diplomats who work at their countries’ embassies in nearby Washington. Non-Muslim residents say the mostly Muslim tenants there cheered the 9/11 attacks. It is also rumored that some of the hijackers stayed there. A leasing agents confirmed only that the FBI questioned tenants after the attacks.

FAKE ADDRESS: The hijackers used the address of this apartment building — at 5913 Leesburg Pike in Falls Church — to obtain IDs. They never actually lived at the apartments, which are occupied mostly by Hispanic immigrants.

NEPHEW’S HOUSE: Osama bin Laden’s nephew, Abdullah, lived at this contemporary, half-million-dollar home at 3411 Silver Maple Place in Falls Church, Va. He ran WAMY’s nearby offices before hightailing it back to Saudi Arabia after 9/11. Abdullah bin Laden has been the subject of FBI counterterrorism investigations. The homeowners association for his Walnut Hill subdivision filed a lien against his property for unpaid dues, property records show.

DAR AL-HIJRAH: The notorious 9/11 mosque is also located off Route 7 at 3159 Row St., hidden behind rows of tall evergreens. Its founders chiseled a rather boorish invitation to non-Muslims into the front wall of its building. Borrowed from the Quran, it reads: “IN THE NAME OF GOD: Say: O people of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not from among ourselves Lords and patrons other than Allah. If then they turn back say: Bear witness that we at least are Muslims bowing to Allah’s will.” The “people of the Book” are Jews and Christians. In other words, come to your senses, kaffirs, and convert to Islam. After 9/11, Dar al-Hijrah tried to strike up an interfaith dialogue with area churches. The neighboring Church of Christ, for one, was willing to participate — that is, until the mosque wanted its pastor and flock to accept Islam. The church, along with a neighboring church, nonetheless have agreed to allow the growing mosque to use their parking lots during Friday prayer services, which draws some 3,000 Muslims from around the Washington area. But for their generosity, the 9/11 mosque would be out of business.

DAR AL-ARQAM: This non-descript building at 360 S. Washington Street in Falls Church, Va. — just off Route 7 — houses a number of tenants on the radar screen of counterterrorism investigators. Upstairs on the third floor are the offices of the Saudi-based Muslim World League and its spin-off the International Islamic Relief Organization, two suspected al-Qaida fronts. Downstairs on the first floor are a travel agency that booked hajj trips to Saudi Arabia led by the 9/11 imam at Dar al-Hijrah, Sheikh Anwar N. Aulaqi, and the hardcore little mosque Dar al-Arqam, led by cleric Ali al-Timimi, who praised the space shuttle Columbia as a “good omen” for Islam and encouraged several local Muslim men to carry out violent jihad against Americans and Indians abroad. Timimi had been indicted for inciting terrorism. Authorities have raided the building twice, but its suspicious tenants are still in business, still attracting local Muslim visitors.

HALALCO: This Muslim supermarket and bookstore is located right across S. Washington street from the 360 building. Its proprietor is said to hold the key to the Dar al-Arqam mosque and companion think tank, the Center for Islamic Information and Education.

SAFEHOUSE: This is the Vienna, Va., house where 9/11 hijacker Waleed M. Alshehri and possibly another hijacker lived before the attacks. Located at 502 Orrin St., it’s just off Route 7 as well. Neighbors had complained to both the local police and the FBI about all the suspicious-looking Middle Eastern men staying at the flat, but authorities did nothing.

SAFA GROUP: Federal investigators say some 40 active Muslim charities and businesses operate out of this same office building at 555 Grove St. in Herndon, Va. — just off Route 7, the Wahhabi corridor. Many are suspected of being fronts for terrorist operations. All are tied to Saudi backers. The building originally served as the U.S. offices of the Muslim World League, the Saudi group that was raided in Falls Church.

IIIT: This equally non-descript office building at 500 Grove St. in Herndon is located directly across the street from the Safa group conglomerate. One of its tenants is the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a think tank which espouses Wahhabi dogma and has allegedly funneled money to terrorist groups. After 9/11, its offices were raided by federal agents along with the offices of its counterparts across the street. All have interlocking boards of directors. On the first floor of the building is a small Middle Eastern grocery serving halal goat meat. On the opposite end of the building is a Muslim thrift shop.

GSISS: A sister think tank to IIIT called the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences — which has endorsed and trained Muslim chaplains for the Pentagon and Federal Bureau of Prisons — also is still operating, despite being raided by the feds. Its offices — at 750-A Miller Dr. in Leesburg, Va. — are even more secluded. They are located in a generic-looking office park near the end of a small airport runway in the middle of horse country in neighboring Loudoun County. They too are near Route 7, which turns from Leesburg Pike into Harry Byrd Highway at the Loudoun County-Fairfax County line. And it’s the last stop on the Wahhabi corridor running along the edge of the nation’s capital, right in the president’s backyard.

CAIR HQ: This red-brick building is the national headquarters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the powerful PR machine for militant Islam. The deed to the building, located practically in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol at 453 New Jersey Ave., is held by the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, one of only three nations in the world to formally recognize the Taliban, and a transit point for 9/11 funding. Two of the hijackers were Emirates.

SPEAKING of encirclement….

HMM…once absorbed, it becomes very clear that a straight-line nexus exists between Allah’s Muslim Brotherhood terror fronts in Virginia (elsewhere alike) via its close epicenter to D.C.’s power centers. No doubt, this is not accidental nor incidental.

WHICH brings us to the FINAL encirclement, that which HUSSEIN Obama is Allah-bent on “gifting” as his parting legacy. But wouldn’t you know, cockroach-like, here we go again……back to the scene of the 9/11/01 terror crimes!

If you want to predict what a certain group will do, how it will behave all you have to do is examine that group’s behavior, past and present.  History shows a clear pattern, a preset plan and a purpose that is obvious to anyone willing to see.

Every country to which Muslims have immigrated in the past is now either dominated by Muslims or under Islamic rule.  Turkey, Egypt, all of North Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia in the past.  Historical records from all sides agree on what happened.  In the present, this is happening in Kenya, Nigeria and in every country in Europe.  All the proof you need is offered in the daily news reports out of Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.  The guest consumes the host.

And yet our dear leaders insist that immigration from Muslim lands will only add to our diversity and enrich our culture and heritage that America is different so the Muslim experience in America will be different than elsewhere, that they can and will love America just like we do.  They want you to believe that, if Muslim immigrants traverse a body of water large enough on their way to America, the obvious and historical pattern of intolerant supremacism and the mandated imperial impulse of Islam will be washed away.  They want you to believe in something that has never happened and is not happening anywhere else in the world.  They want you to believe in magic.

The Europeans have been told similar lies for years and are still forced to listen to them.  That magic spell has now been broken, but it may be too late for Europe.  Many native Europeans can no longer protest the tsunami of Muslim immigration without risking criminal charges and jail time for “hate speech” violations.  Nowadays, a Facebook post will land you in prison.

And what a heavy price they pay. Violence and lawlessness on a mass scale, no-go zones where police dare not enter, the explosion of sexual violence against European women and children and the exodus of the Jews once more from Europe, etc.  Yes, any Jew with any sense and any means has already left or has exit plans in place.  They stay liquid and mobile, ready to leave at a moment’s notice.  Lesson learned.  They will not be trapped in Europe again.

LESSONS learned, anyone?? Rhetorical.

OMINOUSLY, he SURPASSED his stated goal of opening America’s doors to tens of thousands of Allah’s murderous followers.

ADDING insult to grievous (national) injury – in his unquenchable attempt to destroy America – haughtily, he wags his bony fingers and deigns that Americans must embrace the “sacred” holidays of Islam, concomitantly, absorbing more and more Islamic adherent “refugees”! 

“We are reminded of the millions of refugees around the globe who are spending this sacred holiday separated from their families, unsure of their future, but still hoping for a brighter tomorrow,” Mr. Obama said in a statement. “And as a nation, we remain committed to welcoming the stranger with empathy and an open heart — from the refugee who flees war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life.”

BTW, the authorities were – still are – fully aware of their subversive presence and apparatuses within the Virginia/D.C. Wahhabi corridor, but chose to turn their blinded eyes. Alas, its basis is best left for another discussion. 

INEXTRICABLY, whereas a more than obvious encirclement facilitated 9/11/01, it goes without saying that increasing ANY Islamist presence within these same corridors (or elsewhere) is akin to handing them the national keys and submitting to Sharia Law, their ultimate goal, and that is that.

MOST significantly, if millions of (well-armed) patriots (the rest should be considered dead weight, thus, ignored or stepped over) are unwilling to learn the underlying lessons, those which DIRECTLY led to 9/11/01, well, what else is left to say? 


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