Trump Plane, Possible Sabotage

IT hardly takes a seasoned investigative journalist, a Sherlock Holmes type, an Inspector Clouseau character, nor a qualified genius to conclude: The assassination of President Trump is a TOP priority for the deep state, never mind foreign enemies, near and far. Yes, hence, coined: “settled science!”

LET’S also conclude: But for the fact, dare it be said, that the most effective U.S. President in modern history employs a stable of the highest trained (and loyal) private security contractors (let’s place bets: Former special ops; those who truly believe in, and practice, Semper Fi), who work with active duty White Hats, both cooperatively and independently, “45” would be six feet under — literally. As to the present-day Secret Service ….

AS such, when the news hit that the jet carrying the POTUS of all POTUS’s made an emergency landing, well, aside from gratitude that a skilled landing took place, of course, other scenarios came into play.

AND, as an aside, admittedly, what this writer knows about aeronautics can fill less than a thimble. However, having a significant other whose life-long hobby is flying private planes (when not in the operating room … rock steady barely describes), naturally, picking his brain made sense — that is, until he started talking the dreaded subject of physics, UGH!, the nitty-gritty components and forces of aerodynamics, coupled with the reasoning behind endless maintenance checks in between flights. Yes, this head started spinning and actual vertigo was a near possibility! Lesson learned: Be careful what you ask.

THE point being, if the highest safety protocols are taken before any given flight (oftentimes, tragically, they are not, and with the passengers none the wiser), imagine how cautious 45’s flight crew are. And herein underlies what must be considered more than speculation, or so-called conspiracy, conspiracy-mongering.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | March 11, 2022

A private jet carrying President Donald J. Trump from New Orleans to his Mar-a-Lago home had to make an emergency landing after one of its three engines failed 25 minutes int the flight. The jet, a Dassault Falcon 900, was given to Trump by a donor for the evening to travel back from the Republican National Committee retreat in New Orleans to his home in Florida. Although capable of flying on a single engine, the pilots, whom Trump had vetted, and had a combined 19,000 hours of flight time, opted to swing back to Louisiana rather than press forward to Palm Beach.

A Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News the jet received a comprehensive inspection before departing Palm Beach and before leaving Louisiana.

“Because of Donald Trump’s station, safety inspections on any vehicle he travels on—car, plane, boat, etc.—are rigorously checked before getting airborne, and the engines had only 500 flight hours since last service,” our source said.

Most executive jets, including the Falcon 900, are rated for 3,000 to 3,500 flight hours between powerplant inspections.

Although the plane landed safely and President Trump was uninjured, the Mar-a-Lago security team has not ruled out foul play.

“Because of whom he is, Trump’s life is always at risk. The Deep State is terrified of him. They’ve tried to kill him several times in the past, and now they almost succeeded,” our source said.

He said Trump suspected sabotage as soon as the engine failed.

“He was calm of course, because that’s who he is. He let the pilots do their job, get the plane on the ground. But when the plane landed, Trump asked the pilots opinions on what went wrong. Notably, there was no black smoke consistent with an engine fire…it just stopped, inexplicably, the pilot told him.”

Trump, our source added, has begun a private investigation into the accident and will have the plane stripped and dissected to discern why he and others aboard nearly became flotsam in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This will be done at one of Trump’s private hangers. He doesn’t trust the FAA, NTSB—they’re Deep State,” our source said in closing.

RRN will update when we learn additional details.

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