“Trump Has A Plan,” Says Mar-a-Lago Source … Timing IS Everything!

By Adina Kutnicki

IT always rang true that a bull-dog, street-smart, born and bred Queens, NYC kick-ass fighter — that is, before sexually-confused metro-sexual males and their femi-nazi counterparts took over all of the boroughs — like “The Donald” would never allow the electoral steal to stand. Never and never. As always, it is also the case that said “timing” must be ripe for a successful “take-back” to occur. Indeed, patience is a virtue. Behind the scenes, too.

IN other words, since the courts have proven that the Constitution isn’t worth a damn, by turning their backs on free and fair elections, clearly, that door has closed. Coupled with that, is the fact that most Repubs/RINOS within Congress are scared sh*t-less to dare to even mention that the 2020 election was the biggest heist in history, never mind counting on them to void the fraudulent results! For heaven’s sake, it is akin to placing lipstick on a pig.

KNOW this: the above is just the tip of the evidentiary spear.

AT the very least, it would be entirely foolish and bordering on madness, with the amount of evidence “TEAM TRUMP” has in hand, to believe that the capturing of the People’s House will be allowed to stand, as is.

AGAIN, since timing is everything, doesn’t it make strategic sense that Congress has to be the first to be taken back, then ….

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | Jan. 16, 2022

Last night the 45th President of the United States received thunderous applause at an Arizona rally that pulled in tens of thousands of MAGAs from across the nation. Speaking for 90-minutes, an indefatigable Trump hit on many familiar talking points, reiterating his irrefutable assertion that rampant voter fraud led to a stolen election. He made clear he is still in the “Save America” fight and asked supporters to keep embracing the patriotic principles he holds dear.

Notably, Trump spent little time discussing Covid-19; he correctly accused the criminal Biden administration of disproportionally rationing testing supplies to ethnicities of its choosing.

More important, Trump abandoned the pro-vaccine rhetoric he had been spewing over the last few months. Not once did he mention his vaccination status or implore supporters to get vaccinated and boosted.

Last night, RRN spoke to a Mar-a-Lago source who has frequent contact with Trump to gauge 45’s mindset and stance, and although we didn’t get the exact answers we sought, we did get a glimpse of what the future might bring.

Asked whether Trump’s newfound silence on vaccine endorsements was based, at least in part, on advice he had received from “White Hat” military commanders such as Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger, our source said, “I can’t knowledgeably speak to that. Trump’s always fought for our freedoms. Even when we don’t see or hear him, he’s working tirelessly behind the scenes. The Swamp is much deeper, murkier than he first thought. The problem is, many of his supporters have pedestalized him, given him deification, and expect him to walk on water. Trump is a man, like you and me, and men sometimes take bad advice that leads to mistakes. That doesn’t make them bad men.”

And asked whether 45 still plans to invalidate the stolen election and resume his station as President of the United States, our source gave a cryptic reply: “Donald Trump has never really left office.”

He said Donald J. Trump has “a plan” that cannot be revealed publicly.

“Even if I know details, I wouldn’t speak openly about it. We’re always asked ‘What’s the plan? What’s the plan?’ Well, disclosing it would make it available to the people he’s fighting against, and give them a chance to respond. Right now Trump’s efforts are focused on the midterms and getting rid of criminals in the House and the Senate. After that, we’ll see. Big things are going to happen,” our source said.

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3 thoughts on ““Trump Has A Plan,” Says Mar-a-Lago Source … Timing IS Everything!

  1. I voted for Trump in the 2016 primary, the 2016 general election and the 2020 general election. He did some great things but his ego and poor choices in the people around him always undermined him. And when he was undermined, we as a people suffered. If it takes this long for him to stop pushing the poison jab, then something is very wrong with him.

    Glad to hear he is still in the “Save America” fight. But he needs to do it from the sidelines ’cause frankly I don’t trust his “plan.” The idea that he has never stopped being President lives in his head, not reality. Take a look at what has happened since “Biden” (whoever “Biden” is) took office. Is Trump going to say that those things were actually Trump’s decisions?

    Having a big ego is important if you want to be a successful President. But having an ego that blinds you to reality will always cause your downfall.

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