The Fix is In for Ghislaine Maxwell Case, Details Emerge About Dem Op Judge … Mirror Image to Lead Prosecutor; Crooked Comey’s Progeny!


By Adina Kutnicki

NOT one to mix apples and oranges nor to be indiscriminately indelicate, what’s up with this judge, Allison Nathan, other than her fervent Dem bonafides? As such, inquiring minds want to know: is she a he-she, or what? Just tryin’ to get to the facts …

NOW that that query is out of the closet, it is not for nothing that the following was asserted (12/7/21) by this investigative journalist:

WHEN it comes to the tippy-top of the food chain, so to speak, be they American or from another heretofore democratic nation, the fact remains that whatever heinous crimes they commit they never feel accountable to those “beneath” them — unless and until they are scooped-up by JAG, and, sometimes, not even then! For the most part, it goes like this: freedom for me, but not for thee. 

BUT when it comes to the likes of those surrounding Epstein — a most depraved, sordid politically-connected child trafficker, who may or may not be six feet under  —  nothing should be off the table. Still yet, even though his procurer is standing trial, don’t be fooled. 

THIS is so because the lead prosecutor was not chosen by accident. A deep-state operator,  Maurene Comey — yes, the daughter of the infamous crooked Comey — is an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY). The relevance of her appointment to this top-tier position lies within what can best be described as “protectzia” for the deep-state.

BOTTOM LINEwhile she couldn’t escape jail and a trial, don’t dare mistake the salacious tidbits revealed at the trial for what is really going on. Suffice it to suggest, Comey’s task is to ensure that the top-tier from various foreign security agencies, including the CIA and the FBI, are kept at arm’s length. This is where the action is and the vault-like secrets lie. The rest is window dressing. Smoke and mirrors.

RESULTANT, not only is “the fix” in via a smoke and mirrors show, more tellingly, the shielding of the biggest criminals in the deep-state, both domestic and foreign, will remain hidden and never be held to account. Mark these words.

INEXORABLY, this is exactly where deep-state, Dem-op Judge Nathan veers into sharp relief. For if there was any lingering doubt as per whether or not a two-tiered justice system exists, that is, one for the politically powerful and one for the masses, well, this so-called trial puts paid to the fiction of “justice is blind” within America. Hogwash.

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DEEP STATE RABBIT HOLE | By Matthew Holloway | December 9, 2021

Judge Allison Nathan is currently presiding over the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the partner and alleged co-conspirator of the many atrocities and crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. New revelations about Judge Nathan are seriously disturbing legal scholars, journalists, and court-watchers alike as her political connections are shown to run deep and her bias is unmistakable.

Consider that Judge Nathan early in the trial granted a highly unusual motion for the defense, allowing “sensational and impure” information from the trial to be redacted from the public record and forbidding the press to report upon them as reported by Jack Posobiec of Human Events. Rather than trusting the American people with the facts of one of the most egregious and despicable cases of child sex trafficking in over a century that touches more of the power-elite than any scandal since Watergate, Judge Nathan has decided that she knows better and the American people are incapable of discerning that which is “sensational and impure”…

A Rising Judge On The Democrats’ Bench

But far more curiously, Judge Nathan’s star is definitely on the rise, just a week before the trial began Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer brought Biden’s nomination of Nathan to the US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals before the Senate, apparently on the basis of her sexual orientation.

As The Dallas Voice reported,

“President Biden on Wednesday, Nov. 17, nominated a second lesbian, Alison Nathan, to serve on the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. The U.S. Senate on Nov. 1 confirmed Biden’s first lesbian nominee to the Second Circuit: Beth Robinson of Vermont. The Second Circuit includes Vermont, New York, and Connecticut. That confirmation marked the first time an openly LGBTQ woman had been appointed to a federal appeals circuit seat.”

Judge Nathan’s long-term connections to the depths of the Democrat party are far more profound than many might imagine. The Gateway Pundit revealed that Nathan was appointed to the federal bench by President Barack Obama in 2011, and prior to that appointment had clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Stevens, worked as counsel to the Attorney General of New York State and served the Obama White House as Associate WH Counsel and Special Assistant to the President. In 2004, Nathan even served on the campaign of then-Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

Schumer in his 2011 recommendation cited Judge Nathan’s “experience, legal brilliance, love of the rule of law and perspective,” and called her “outstanding.”

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