Kamala Harris Calls Unvaccinated “Dirty Trump People” … What Lies Beneath The Smack-Talk ??

(Chortling Evil)

By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE with eyes to see and ears to hear recognize, by now, that America is not only in a precipitous state of decline, but purposefully being thrown off the cliff. Effectively, none of the domestic (and foreign) wildfires are accidental, knock-on effects of poor mismanagement, or happenstance. Not by a long shot.

AS such, it behooves every freedom-loving American, that is, of sound mind, to step up and participate in active [emphasis placed] push-back to save the nation. If not, rest assured, within this decade, the western world will cease to exist. Whither America goes, so too does the rest. It is the last bastion. Bulwark. Without it, freedom and liberty will truly be DOA!

ALAS, it should hardly be a shock … shock … that Cammie-the-Commie, with deep-state traitors in tow, is actively plotting the destruction of the nation — never mind her incessant cackling!

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | December 5, 2021

An NIH whistleblower privy to a telephone Thursday morning telephone call between the corrupt administration and members of the Biden-⁠Harris Administration COVID-⁠19 Health Equity Task Force told Real Raw News that an enraged Kamala Harris called unvaccinated Americans “very dirty Trump people” after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted to the difficulty of vaccinating every American citizen.

Also on the call were NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins—a vaccine pusher who Fox News’ Bret Bair has called “an American hero”—administration Communication Director Kim Bedingfield, Secretary of Health & Human Services Director Xavier Becerra, and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, a self-admitted Communist.

The 25-minute call began with Harris bemoaning “Trump supporters refusing to get vaccinated” and blaming the alleged spread the of Delta and now Omicron Covid-19 variants on Donald J. Trump and his “gang of dirty people.”

Harris launched a sprawling, breathless rant, assailing Trump with every vile name under the sun, and audaciously saying that Hillary Clinton, had she “assumed her rightful place in the White House in 2016,” would have stopped Covid-19 in its tracks before it reached American soil.

“Donald Trump soiled this country, and it’s our responsibility to correct the path. Covid is Trump’s fault; we must press that hard. We must keep him from going into the 2024 primaries. We have other people working other attack angles, but we cannot let Biden or

me take blame for even a single fatality. It all started under Trump, so it’s his fault, and it’s his filthy people who, like rats, are spreading this pestilence. That’s the narrative we’re aiming for. We have Dr. Fauci on our side, and most Americans will believe whatever he says,” Harris purportedly said.

Her spurious tirade, our source said, induced a standing ovation, with Collins, Walensky, and Mayorkas pledging to commit their resources to “obliterate” Trump’s chances of returning to the Oval Office. She spent more time blasting Trump than she did discussing ways of mitigating the alleged Omicron variant, which is purely fictional, doctors have told RRN.

No person on the call, our source said, admitted to the Omicron fraud, as they chose their words meticulously. But they indirectly confessed their maleficence by linking the imaginary sickness to supporters of Donald Trump.

“It doesn’t matter if people get sick or not—everyone needs quarterly booster shots. They benefit everyone. If people support Donald Trump, we’re not getting all the shots in the arms that we have to get,” CDC Director Walensky said on the call.

“The unvaccinated are a threat to homeland security,” Mayorkas said. “DHS will keep helping the CDC monitoring the unvaccinated.”

“Trump’s supporters are the problem; they’re dirty,” Kim Bedingfield agreed.

“I wish they’d all just go away,” Harris replied. “They’re all unvaccinated January 6thers waiting to happen.”

In closing, Harris’ plummeting popularity, even among Deep Staters, seems to have earned the Border Czar and chief official of the Covid-19 task force a new responsibility: reigniting liberal hatred of Donald Trump by inventing things for which he was never responsible.

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