ISRAEL’S DEMENTED LEADERSHIP: Assessment: Recapturing Escaped Terrorists Will Lead to Escalation

Police arrest rioters in Jerusalem

By Adina Kutnicki

DESPITE all else, know this: every national leader, regardless of locale, has a sworn obligation to protect the citizenry. No ifs, ands, or buts. Full-stop.

ALAS, in Israel, regardless of who sits atop the helm, the genuflection to outside forces remains constant. Incontestably.


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Washington in the hands of the Left: One blow at a time, but blows they are.

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and the crazy goes on …..

IN this regard, a leadership (political or military) which operates with all of its faculties — from any side of the ideological spectrum — would never, ever, under any circumstances, arrive at the following “strategic” assessment: Recapturing escaped terrorists will lead to escalation!

W T F ??

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | September 9, 2021

‘There were warnings of an escalation before Rosh Hashanah, that’s why security was increased. The Israel Prisons Service fell asleep,’ security source says.

Israel’s defense establishment is concerned about the possibility of weakening the stability in Gaza, as well as in Judea, Samaria, and the rest of Israel, Kan Bet reported Thursday morning.

According to the report, the concern is that re-capturing the six terrorists who escaped from the Gilboa Prison, or clashes within Judea and Samaria, will lead to an additional escalation.

A security source emphasized that all of the relevant bodies warned before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) of the possibility of an escalation in tensions, and security was therefore increased. However, the source said, the Israel Prisons Service “fell asleep.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night clashes continued, with Palestinian Authority Arabs targeted IDF soldiers in several locations, including Hebron, Shechem, Qalqilya, and Bethlehem. Near Ramallah, terrorists fired live bullets at IDF soldiers, who responded with riot dispersal methods.

Israeli security forces believe that at least some of the terrorists are still within Israeli territory. As such, the search for the six terrorists – who are among the most dangerous in Israel – continues Thursday morning.

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MOST significantly, the Families of terror victims had this truth-telling to add: We’ve been warning about something like this for years!

INDEED, only demented leaders — mind you, the IDF follows the marching orders of the so-called political leadership — instructs its fighting forces to give “knocks on the roof” to an enemy population, be they civilians or terrorists hiding within! Yes, “virtue signaling” to an insane extreme. Who does this??

IT is this patently bizarre mandate (among others, too numerous to cite) which not only lends aid, comfort, and succor to one’s enemies, but gifts outright terrorists the space and time to flee and hide, thus, handing them another opportunity to kill Israelis!

ALL of this madness, שִׁגָעוֹן, if you will, is too bizarre for rational thinkers to absorb. Dear reader, it has been ongoing for years. Truth dare be told, know that it will only get worse, that is, now that PM Bennett partnered with a radical Islamic party, the UAL, via arch Islamist Mansour Abbas. Guaranteed.

IDF allows terrorists to escape – again

The Israeli Air Force struck Gaza on Rosh Hashanah, and gave an ‘evacuation warning‘ before striking. Here’s what that looks like.

‘This govt. has people who think the escapees are freedom fighters’

SACH ha’kol, at the end of it all, what used to be considered a lack of strategic calculus, has now become a clear and present danger. No doubt, PM Bennett is not only totally tied to the demands of an Islamic so-called coalition partner, but to the most anti-semitic regime in Washington, bar none; the goals of which are one and the same. If they dictate: don’t dare to pursue terrorists it may lead to an escalation, well, what else is there to say? Nothing.

MARK these words: past terror onslaughts from so-called Palestinian Islamic jihadis (external and internal) will appear as walks in the park, that is, compared to what awaits.

BASTARD leaders ….

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4 thoughts on “ISRAEL’S DEMENTED LEADERSHIP: Assessment: Recapturing Escaped Terrorists Will Lead to Escalation

  1. Adina, Since I discovered your blog not long ago, I read your posts religiously even though the information you dispense is more often than not quite sickening. I believe you. I am also Jewish and have visited Israel many times — often for long periods. I love the country but the leaders and elites have always been corrupt, arrogant and very often do their best to work against the people and their welfare. I refuse to blame it on Israel’s dependency on Washington, the EU, the UN or any other body. I was never a believer in Netanyahu but this new government is a complete capitulation to the globalist agenda and the lockdowns, mask mandates and insistence on everyone being vaccinated — what is it now — 4 times? It is difficult not to draw parallels with the you-know-what regime of the mid-20th century. My fear is that the average Israeli will go along to get along and dissenters will be arrested or punished in some other way. Who could have imagined this? It is like something out of a very scary science fiction movie and I fear for the worst.

    After reading your posts about Bill Gates’ activism in genocidal vaccines, I want to crawl under the covers and never come out. I love America and Israel but both countries I fear will not do enough to end this until it is too late. The majority of Americans are true believers in the fake science that the administration and their henchmen push. The information that you write about would be seen as conspiracy theories even in the reddest of states — and i live in one of them.

    In Israel, from what I have noticed, people are far too busy trying to eek out a living to devote much time to resist the insane government edicts and restrictions. I have a feeling they believe it to be a hopeless effort. The Israeli government and court system acts as the Judenrot did in Nazi-occupied Europe. It is sickening and makes me want to cry.

    More has to be done — and quickly — to convince people to push back against the insanity. They are doing that in Europe — we need to do that in the U.S. and Israel. Your blog is of vital importance but you need a wider audience. Have you contacted You need to be in contact with Jamie Glazov, and I know you must already be in contact with Daniel Greenfield.
    Your writings need to be on every alternative media outlet.

    Thank you for all you do. You and others like you are changing the world.

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