ACADEMICALLY SPEAKING: Profs Declare Correct Grammar Is Racist, No Such Thing As Standard English At Symposium … PLUS … Adina Kutnicki

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IMAGINE how many generations of students will feel, stupid, if you will, upon realizing that all of their nail biting, late-night study sessions, AP English prep, place of pride in their (grammar-driven) school newspapers (and what not), etc., had been for naught. Aggrieved. After all, who but teenage chumps and nerds would have wasted their brief, devil may care teen-time on academics — only to land at their long sought-after quads and learn, no pun intended: “Profs declare correct grammar is racist, no such thing as standard English!” Say whaaat??

ON the other hand, those of us who have been documenting/researching the decades-long march of the radical left and their Islamic counterparts  —via the red-green alliance, ala creep-by-creep poisons — throughout academia, well ….

IRREFUTABLY, the above exhibits (from 2013 to date) are merely the tip of academia’s poisonous spear. As such, doesn’t it make perfect (Orwellian) sense that the core foundation of communication, that is, the English language, necessitates whacking, in a manner of speaking? Rhetorical.

ALL of which brings us straight back to the latest bastardization/castration from the so-called learned professoriate. Mind you, it is hardly endemic at one lone institution. Not at all. It is, for lack of a better (proper) word, systemic.

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CAMPUS REFORM | By Ethan Khaldarov | June 25, 2021

Speakers at Towson University’s virtual “Antiracist Pedagogy Symposium” criticized university writing curriculum and programs for being racist and perpetuating Whiteness. 

The event occurred on June 17.

April Baker-Bell, associate Professor of Language, Literacy, and English Education at Michigan State University, argued that idea of Standard English among teachers is used to maintain racist assumptions about “Black language.”


Bell stated it is evident that “anti-Blackness that is used to diminish black language of Black students in classrooms is not separate from the rampant and deliberate anti-black racism and violence inflicted upon black people in society.”

“Teacher attitudes include assumptions that Black students are somehow linguistically, morally, and intellectually inferior because they communicate in Black language,” said Bell. 

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania English professor Cristina Sánchez-Martín stated that her efforts are designed to contribute to “undoing Whiteness” in university students’ writing. 

“The repeated references to ‘correct grammar’ and ‘standard language’ reinforce master narratives of English only as White and monolingualism and a deficit view of multilingualism,” said Sánchez-Martín. 

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