Leaked Emails Reveal Executive Board of National Psychologist Organization Hatred Of ‘Narcissistic,’ ‘Delusional’ Untreatable’ Conservative Americans – THE POOP & THE SCOOP! Adina Kutnicki

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LET it be stated for the record: the following is a brief ‘diagnosis’ re what passes for ‘normalcy’ within the heretofore esteemed medical and psychology professions in America. In turn, attendant schools/ organizations/associations have gone over the edge. No exaggeration.

BUT there’s more. While it is highly likely that western Europe is similarly infected, this investigative journalist can only attest to the insanity uncovered within America and Israel.

AS an American-Israeli (living in Israel), sources within both countries are invaluable on many levels. But, in this instance, ‘the poop and the scoop’ is much closer to home. Heart.

IN other words, when one’s significant other is a graduate of Harvard Medical School (currently, practicing as a surgeon in Israel) and in close contact with alumni and staff, well, there is no better ‘pipeline’ for the so-called poop and scoop within said institution and ‘sister’ hospitals. Rock-solid.

AS such, when a colleague and co-author looked into a seemingly off the charts claim that particular Boston hospitals (affiliated with Harvard Med) are set to offer ‘preferential care based on race’, well, this antenna went up — on a professional AND a personal level! 

ALAS, who better to call upon to perform some digging  — within a closely connected ‘pipeline’ — than the aforementioned significant other? Suffice to say, what was reported at the below barely scratches the surface. Indeed, there is so much more!

NOW, as per today’s target at hand, the National Psychologist Association, this same significant other has a daughter who graduated from Yale with a Ph.D in psychology, practicing in childhood trauma, in Israel.

NATURALLY, who better to ‘consult’ with re the insane goings-on at Yale Med, than with this thoroughly qualified specialist, who happens to be a sweetheart, to boot? Even more so, the notion that this soft-spoken and thoughtful individual would trash a stranger — let alone a fellow professional and her alma mater — was unthinkable, that is, until she hopped onto the private chat reserved for Yalies! Suffice to say, her rage was palpable.

SO, it is under said truth-telling and disinfectant that the following ‘fall from grace’ must be internalized.

MOST significantly, the decades-long poisonous effects from the radical left’s march through academia — fully supported by the DemocRAT Mafia and the Mockingbird Media, yes, via deep state operatives — has taken root. Resultant, even medical and psychological ‘go-to’ associations are now fully infected and infested; in a trickle down manner from the clinical realm. Have mercy….

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ 

GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Alicia Powe | June 23, 2021

The nation’s top psychologists, entrusted with executive decisions on the treatment of mental health, are exposed in private email exchanges obtained by The Gateway Pundit pathologizing all conservatives as mentally ill and untreatable.

No amount of therapy cannot remedy “ignorant,” “paranoid,” “strange” “delusional,” “stupid,” “narcissist” conservatives who support “corruption and incompetence,” the executive board members of the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers contend.

In a June 4 email, executive director of NAPPP Dr. John Caccavale warns:”Trump supporters may share some of the narcissistic traits that were exhibited by the former president himself during his 2020 re-election campaign.”

The nationally renowned psychologists linked to an article corroborating his theory about Trump supporters’ narcissism titled, “Study pinpoints two aspects of pathological narcissism that predicted the intention to vote for Trump in 2020.”

In another email, Caccavale, who also serves on the board of the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality and the American Board of Behavioral Practice, derides white people who voted for Trump.

“What about those white people who believe Democrats are eating children in back of a pizza parlor?” he bemoaned on June 17. “What about all the white Qanon morons?”

According the NAPPP website, Caccavale is a California licensed clinical and neuropsychologist, a trained psychopharmacologist and “advocates for psychotherapy as a first line treatment for behavioral disorders.”

The source who documented the email exchange, a Gateway Pundit reader, wishes to remain anonymous, insists the hatred harbored by these doctors for at least half of their patients must be made public.

“I am doctor (psychologist) who often receives emails from a national psychologist organization’s listserv that constantly promotes abusive language targeting all who are politically right-of-center,” the source told the TGP. “I believe their overt hate speech and dehumanizing vitriol toward conservatives must finally be exposed.

“The Board has acted in any way but ‘Professional’ and has repeatedly spread emails to our colleagues with nothing short of shocking disdain for anyone, including their own patients, who voted for Trump and/or disagree with Democrat policies.”

In the disturbing exchange, NAPPP board member Dr. Morris, a clinical psychologist who has developed and owned psychiatric hospitals, expresses agreement with psychologist Howard Rubin’s argument contending a recent study which found almost half of the U.S. allegedly believes dinosaurs still exist, “accounts for Trump being elected POTUS and why a lot of people believe he still should be.”

“Guess who these people are: https://www.studyfinds.org/half-americans-think-dinosaurs-still-on-earth/,” Dr. Rubin quips.

Conservatives have a collective mental illness that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy cannot alleviate, Dr. Caccavale replied on June 5.

“I just wonder how a society can survive with so much stupidity, ignorance, and adherence to mass shared delusions,” Caccavale wrote. “No CBT for these folks.”

In an October 5, 2020 email, Morris rails amongst his colleagues against Republicans and voters in red states.

“Dear colleagues, my correspondence with my congressman on this one, a republican state, always results in them giving me a BS answer and indicating that they are all for Social Security cuts in various ways. I know this is not CMS, but these people in the red states simply support this kind of thing. Voucher Vote your interest!”

Dr. Michael Zakaras, a NAPPP clinical psychologist who offers adult, adolescent and family psychotherapy, in Nov. 9, 2019 email notes, “[I] wish to present at the next napp conference unless it is in Africa{mandatory PC check)” then touts a “national ad campaign for mental health treatment. i think even ms [Mississippi] rednecks would find this funny.”

In an April 3, 2020 email denouncing Republicans for “supporting corruption and incompetence,  Dr. John Caccavale says he’s in agreement with Dr. Jerry Morris about the GOP:

 As usual, Jerry is correct but I do not expect anything soon coming out of the trump administration or from some states. Here in CA our governor has but mental health as a top priority… NAPPP and AMP have contacted his office to see how we can help with recruiting and policy issues. Unlike in other states controlled by Republicans, and no this is not a political statement, it’s a fact, healthcare in general is unimportant… many Republican lawmakers have stated that the ‘economy is more important than losing a few lives.’ Supporting corruption and incompetence even when that corruption is not illegal does not make for being a good person.

In a Nov 1, 2019 email, Dr. Caccavale slams Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler, for attending a “Conversion Therapy” discussion, in which people who used to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer say they are now heterosexual and were able to shed their previous orientation by embracing their Christian faith.

The GOP congresswoman believes “prayer alone can guide one to sound health. Science is not an option,” Caccavale admonished. “Our country is divided along many different lines but lack of intellect has to be in first place.”

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  1. In my view, the vast majority of the psychological (self described geniuses) are the ones that are absolutely insane. The very things that they advocate for is absolutely insane. Actually those very people are the most narcissistic humans on earth. Their very outrageous thoughts
    are insanity !

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