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ZAKA’s (Israel’s Emergency Response Teams) Founder, Meshi Zahav, Makes Suicide Attempt: What’s Going Down? By Adina Kutnicki

'I will visit my parents' graves to tell them I've been named for the Israel Prize'

AS is said, “every dog has its day.”  And while some (human) dogs are harder to pin down than others, it is usually the case that their crimes catch up with them. Karma-like. Cause and effect. Sooner or later.

IN this regard, it is a matter of due diligence, discomfiting as it is, to inform the public re some causal backgrounder to the sordid facts surrounding the (long overdue) case against Meshi Zahav. Follow the threads….

AS ZAKA’s Founder (a venerable rescue organization which saves the lives of Israel’s citizens, regardless of race, religion, or anything else), the charges at hand couldn’t be any more disturbing. Indeed, this man of so-called heroic repute (throughout Israel and beyond its shores) turns out to be little more than a CHOMO and a serial sex abuser. It is what it is.

NOW that that is out of the closet, let’s commence with this investigative journalist’s article at Israel National News (March 23, 2021) for some (Meshi-inferred) backgrounder. For this and that reason, at the time of publication, it was considered too hot to handle. Enough said.

The silent threat to haredi children’s safety in Israel

AND whereas its basis has to be read in full for a more comprehensive perspective as to what is really going down — even so, for the purposes of this report and its tie-ins to today’s article, it is intrinsic to zero in on the last two questions posed in the article’s conclusion: 

Where are relevant law enforcement, officers sworn to pursue and uphold justice? What have they been doing all these years, if anything? It is past time for full transparency.

– Most trenchantly, where are Israel’s top political leaders vis-à-vis the ‘crime of all crimes’ against children? Finally, where are all the politically-connected Haredi ‘machers/mucky-mucks’, while the cries of the children go unanswered?

ALAS, once it is understood why crimes against children in Israel (for the most part, in certain sectors) aren’t pursued with all due seriousness and rigor — and that ‘stand down’ orders, yes, are given to the police from politically-connected heavy-weights ala quid pro quos — today’s target will come into sharper relief. At the same time, the (desperate) mind-set behind Meshi Zahav’s suicide attempt, as well as his timing, will be revealed. Not for nothing.

IN a nutshell, much to the shame (and stain) of many in Israel (and beyond), ZAKA’s Founder has been revealed to be a pedophile and a serial sexual abuser! In fact, many in the Haredi community, political echelon, and law enforcement knew of his heinous crimes — still yet, they did nothing! Mind-boggling. Talk about circling the wagons….

 Disgraced ZAKA chief Yehuda Meshi-Zahav attempts suicide

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav stepped down as head of volunteer emergency response organization in March after allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him.

Co-founder and chairman of the ZAKA volunteer emergency response organization, Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, who resigned from the organization after allegations of sexual assault had surfaced against him, attempted suicide on Thursday.

Magen David Adom paramedics were called to the family home in the Jerusalem suburb of Givat Ze’ev in the early hours of Thursday morning and carried out resuscitation efforts on Meshi-Zahav, who was rushed to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. He is said to be in critical condition.

On noon Thursday, the hospital said Meshi-Zahav’s condition was critical but stable and that he was sedated and intubated. It is believed the suicide attempt has left him with a hypoxic brain injury.

The scandal involving Meshi-Zahav broke in early March, days after he was nominated for the Israel Prize over his activities as ZAKA’s chief, with the Israel Police’s Major Crimes Unit tasked with investigating sexual assault, rape, and abuse allegations brought against him by six people.

Meshi-Zahav denied any wrongdoing, but nonetheless, he relinquished the prize and resigned his position in ZAKA.

The suicide attempt came ahead of a Channel 12 News special slated to air on Thursday evening on the award-winning investigative journalism show Uvda (“Fact”) which explored what it called the silencing of Meshi-Zahav’s actions by Haredi society.

A police official said that investigators found a suicide note in Meshi-Zahav’s home.

Channel 12 News issued a statement saying that given recent developments, its editors “will debate whether to air the show at this time.”

A neighbor of the former ZAKA told the Walla news site that Meshi-Zahav was “very concerned” about the show and “said they it was going to be the end of him.”

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

AND whereas some of us in Israel who operate in investigative pursuits, be it in one capacity or another — more specifically, when it involves crimes against children — started to weave various pieces together, this and that thread kept circling back to Meshi’s crimes, as well as related matters. Little is as it seems, officialdom-wise.

TO wit, it dare not be overstated: regardless of all the publicity surrounding Meshi’s crimes — since the dreadful truth was first reported in March — it wasn’t until the rock star of UVDA’s team of crack investigative journalists, Ilana Dayan (,), took the reins, that anything resembling truth and justice had a chance of being meted out.

HENCE, it was not for nothing that today’s above linked article via ISRAEL HAYOM reported: “a neighbor of the former ZAKA told the Walla news site that Meshi-Zahav was “very concerned” about the show and “said they it was going to be the end of him.”

INEXORABLY, like many of his ilk, he preferred to take the coward’s way out, that is, rather than own up to his many crimes and face his victims in a court of law and others in the court of public opinion. Make little mistake: in no uncertain terms, the skeleton’s (hopefully) due to be released tonight (or soon thereafter) would have forced the hand of those who have been (for many years) his unconscionable protectors. To be silent is to agree. They are as guilty as he is — if not in an actual court of law, but in the moral sphere. No doubt, as yesterday’s blurb for tonight’s show (whether it airs as scheduled, or not) made clear:

למה התאמצו במשטרה לשמור דווקא על האיש הזה? תיק משי זהב נפתח. עובדה, מחר אחרי החדשות, קשת 12 

The above Hebrew translates to: Why did the police make an effort to watch over, to protect, this man especially? The file, at UVDA, will open tomorrow (Thurs.) after the news. Channel 12.

CONCLUSIVELY, no one should dare feel sorry for what has come to pass; as to why this disgrace of a human being felt compelled to attempt suicide. If anything, save all your tears for those he victimized, year after year, and may never have a chance to face their abuser in a court of law, if real justice is to prevail! Selfish and cowardly bastard.

AND, another thing: even if he dies before this piece has a chance to circulate the internet, know this: the full story must come out — if only to serve as a warning to all those who think that their crimes will go unanswered, regardless of their stature, or lack thereof, in the community and public forum.


[UPDATE: UVDA aired Thursday evening, 9:30 (Israel time) and is linked here – ]

  • הטיוח והמחדל: למרות ידיעות על יותר מ-20 נערות ונערים שנפגעו על ידי משי זהב, המשטרה סגרה את התיק אחרי חודש

  • Translated to: The Whitewashing and The Neglect: With Knowledge On More Than 20 Boys and Girls That Were Hurt By The Hands of Meshi Zahav, The Police Closed The Portfolio/Case After One Month

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