BLM & Antifa March in DC, Threaten to ‘Burn Down’ Washington + Videos: + Piles of Bricks Mysteriously Appear in Washington, D.C. Ahead of Protests + Leftist Insurrection In U.S. Capitol! Media Silent! By Adina Kutnicki

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IF ever one required a stark, outrageously arrogant, and in-your-face illustration/demonstration of the fascist left’s hypocrisy, well, look no further. Indeed, it is through their continuous, targeted deployment of double standards via the below that their masks are fully ripped off —  once again, domestic terrorism was in plain view this weekend in D.C., never mind the unabated terrorism for months on end without any sign of slowing down!

YES, you know that very same barbed-wire, fenced-in, fortress-like Capitol city which is akin to Baghdad’s green-zone, supposedly, due to “insurrectionists” ala right-wing so-called terrorists on Feb. 6! Alas, Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, and Forefathers of Antifa, Instigated and Participated in the Capitol Hill Riot Alongside Antifa! BLM, too.

SO much so, MAJOR ALERT From Tyrant Dictator Biden Has Instructed FBI, DHS, CIA And Most Of The Alphabet Boys To Come After “Patriots”

NO kidding!

AS such, presenting,

BUT on the other hand…..Government Sickeningly Declares Proud Boys A TERROR GROUP! – BLM/ANTIFA, NOT SO MUCH!!

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THE BLAZE | By Paul Sacca | February 7, 2021

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters marched in the streets of Washington, D.C., where demonstrators scuffled with police officers and the crowd shouted threats to “burn down” the nation’s capital.

On Saturday night, members of BLM and Antifa protested in D.C., where they regularly chanted, “If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

Independent photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager shared videos from the protest in D.C., where Antifa members waived an “Antifascist Action” flag as they marched.

The crowd yelled the popular Black Lives Matter phrase, “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!”

During the “FTP March” (an acronym for “F*** The Police”), the mob shouted the anti-police battle cry, “A.C.A.B. All cops are bastards!”

The demonstrators stopped near a row of restaurants, where protest leaders delivered lectures about “race, Black and Indigenous lives” to nearby diners.

At one point, things escalated after a black bloc protester shined a light into the face of a police officer, who then slapped away the flashlight. The black bloc member retaliated and smacked the police officer. The officer then pushed the crowd back by using his bicycle. The black bloc protester then slaps another cop. The officer thrusts his bike even more aggressively into the crowd dressed in all black. During the tense situation, a female in the crowd tells the officer to put his face mask on.

Washington, D.C., has been heavily guarded since the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. There were more than 26,000 National Guard troops in D.C. before President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“There are currently about 7,000 National Guard members in the city providing security,” ABC News reported. “That number is expected to slowly go down to 5,000, and they are set to stay until about mid-March. The total cost for the deployment is expected to be close to $500 million.”

The U.S. Capitol building has been fortified with barricades and fencing, which many are calling for the structures to be removed.

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2 thoughts on “BLM & Antifa March in DC, Threaten to ‘Burn Down’ Washington + Videos: + Piles of Bricks Mysteriously Appear in Washington, D.C. Ahead of Protests + Leftist Insurrection In U.S. Capitol! Media Silent! By Adina Kutnicki

  1. What streets are their streets? How about the streets of San Francisco? Or the streets of the Biden Administration? C”mon now. You all been playing people. God watching you. Knows what you been doing. Antifa is a real thing alright. PAID for by George Soros foundations and fueled by the satanic spirit with Soros, Gates, the Cuomos, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, lindsey fake ghram cracker, you all know….we ain’t playing now. They be playing us aginst each other, damn fools. CNN evil. Cuomos are evil. Gov. C intetinally killed many black people’s grandmothers, etc….another way to rid the race then get some dummy black guy all jacked up about a false concern over BLM…to go nuts cuz he was alreqdy schizo….they know…they watch for these people on line…on FB, insta…yeah they watch them and think, how can we use this fool?…..BLM Capitol Hill riot suspect, John E. Sullivan, was paid $35,000 from CNN & NBC each for footage he recorded of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death. As he recorded video inside, he allegedly said, “We gotta get this s—t burned.” ABC (Aus) also paid $2,500.

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