WIDE ALARM: Iran Presumed Just Weeks Away From a Nuclear Weapon + 150 Democrat Congressman Sign Declaration To Get In Bed With One Of Our Biggest Enemies – OBAMA 3.0: WHERE IS THE NEXUS? By Adina Kutnicki

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BY now, rational folks realize that the administration of CHINA JOE, for all intents and purposes, is OBAMA 3.0. A mirror image. This is so not only in terms of his key appointments, but in the continuation of his puppet-master’s “AMERICA LAST” policies. On steroids.  

IN fact, the DEMOCRAT-MEDIA COMPLEX has taken note — herehereherehere, and so on and so forth — and concurs that there isn’t even a pretense to a new slate. As to how they actually “feel” about the redux, well, in practical terms, the differing attitudes are neither here nor there relative to domestic and foreign policy outcomes. Simply put, the administration’s aim is to continue on with the most important goal of all, that is, to bring down America. Period.

MORE specifically, urgent track-backs to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s two-term empowerment of Iran’s genocidal regime is in the forefront. Hotter than hot. Burning.

TO wit, anyone who claims to care about America, the “BIG SATAN” (never mind Israel, the “LITTLE SATAN“), must take the time to examine “House of Bribes: How the United States led the way to a Nuclear Iran.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This investigative journalist (alongside notable heavy-weights) was asked to offer her expertise to the above comprehensive, major policy paper to alert the public as to the whys and wherefores regarding the Obama administration’s uncompromising quest to empower Iran as a nuclear-armed (rogue) state.

IN light of the aforementioned alarm bells, the expression “coming full circle” takes on ever more urgent meaning — notwithstanding the rest of the domestic and foreign fires fused by OBAMA, INC. and re-lit by OBAMA 3.0.

INDEED, never mind this one and that one’s feigned concern, yes, ala the mouthpieces of OBAMA 3.0! Know this: One can be both the arsonist and the firefighter. Incontestably.

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Attention was drawn to Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism by the explosion outside the Israel embassy in Delhi on Friday, Jan. 29 – without, however, detracting from the Biden administration’s first priority – dealing with Tehran’s rapid advance to a nuke. Alarm over Iran’s possible breakout to a bomb within weeks was strongly registered in Washington, Paris and Jerusalem.

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan (see picture) said on Friday that Iran’s “other bad behavior, its ballistic missile capability, support for terrorists, and aggressions,” would have be to be set aside for now, in order to address “a critical early priority:” He named this as the “escalating nuclear crisis as they move closer to having enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon.”

The White House on Friday nominated Robert Malley, architect of the original Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration as envoy to the Islamic Republic. But meanwhile, US B-52 nuclear bombers kept on flying over the Gulf after the transition from Donald Trump to Biden. The new president is clearly testing a two-track Iran strategy – a push for diplomacy and military deterrence.

And in Paris, French President said that a “very short time” remained to prevent Tehran from having a nuclear weapon. He also stressed the need to add Saudi Arabia to prospective nuclear talks.

Tehran shot back on Saturday by ruling out any amendments of the 2015 nuclear accord as “non-negotiable” and declaring the parties which signed it [US, Russia, France, UK, China and Germany] to be “unchangeable.”

President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the nuclear deal in 2018 after Iran was caught in violations, including the production of advanced centrifuges for speeding uranium enrichment beyond prescribed limits, and dismantling the blocks on the plutonium reactor, to secure a second source of fissile material for its nuclear weapons program. The wholesale stripping of the accord’s terms started after the US exit, whereupon Trump ramped up sanctions to their “maximum pressure” point.

Tehran wants those sanctions removed as a first step before engaging in negotiations. This month, Iran switched up uranium enrichment to 20 percent at Iran’s underground Fordow nuclear plant – a level proscribed by the 2015 accord.

Israel’s chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi provoked lively discourse by his blunt assertion last week that returning to the original nuclear deal would be bad and wrong – even with improvements. He went on to declare that Iran was just months if not weeks away from a nuclear weapon. “In the light of this fundamental analysis,” he said, “I have instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare a number of operational plans, in addition to those already in place.” He added: “It will be up to the political leadership, of course, to decide on implementation, but these plans need to be on the table.”

The IDF spokesman later admitted that the general had, most unusually, spoken out on his own initiative, without prompting from the prime minister of defense minister. Military sources said that he had felt personally bound to issue a warning against what he judged to be a peril to national security, such as the Iranian threat. The warning was addressed to Tehran and the Israeli public, it was said – not to Americans.

But Kochavi did pass his views on to the Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, chief of the US Central Command, when they met during his visit to Israel late last week. And the American general chose to spend two hours before departing on Friday with Mossad Director Yossi Cohen for an exhaustive intelligence update on the situation in Iran, in line along the active US-Israel intelligence-sharing track relating to Iran.

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AS per what lies-in-wait, it should go without saying: Since a large contingent of the heretofore Democrat Party is now comprised of  socialists/Marxists/communists/Islamists, well, the knock-on effects to their allegiances couldn’t be any clearer.

150 Democrat Congressman Sign Declaration To Get In Bed With One Of Our Biggest Enemies

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  2. Who remembers these companies helping CHINA? And, the Dems did it!
    Doral industries, Hughes Aircraft, Motorola
    Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China

    The Clinton Administration notified Congress today that it had approved the export of technology to China to permit the launching of a communications satellite aboard a Chinese rocket next month.
    President Clinton said in a letter to Congress that the transfer would not harm national security or significantly improve China’s military capability in space. The President was required under a 1998 law to certify that all such technology exports are in the national interest.
    The certification was the first such notice to Congress under the law, which was passed in the aftermath of a Congressional uproar last year over the transfer of sensitive missile technology to China.
    Mr. Clinton’s notification also follows by less than a week the release of a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which concluded that lax monitoring of the launching of American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets had enhanced the accuracy of China’s ballistic missile arsenal.
    And the action comes three days after the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was inadvertently bombed in a NATO raid, touching off angry street protests in Beijing.
    The President’s action will affect the June 7 launching of a Motorola Iridium satellite, which is to fly into low orbit to provide paging and cellular telephone service. Mr. Clinton said that he had approved the export of satellite fuel and explosive bolts, which eject the satellite from its launch vehicle.
    Today’s action was the final approval needed for the launch, which was first authorized in July 1993. A license for the export of the satellite itself was granted in November.
    ”The timing of this certification is not connected in any way to the tragic accident of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy,” said David Leavy, a spokesman for the National Security Council. ”Approval was recommended by the Departments of Commerce, State and Defense and is consistent with our policy of supporting the launch of U.S. communications satellites by China subject to strong safeguards being in place.”
    A staff member of the intelligence panel said it was unlikely to contest the approval of the technology. But he said questions might be raised over whether the explosive bolts might someday be used to help eject nuclear warheads from a missile.
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