UPDATE TO: BREAKING: Attorney Phil Kline and IT Expert J.R. Carlson Presser Wednesday Exposing Mark Zuckerberg’s Dark Money Cash for Chaos – ARREST HIM! [VIDEOS] By Adina Kutnicki

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[BREAKING: Attorney Phil Kline and IT Expert J.R. Carlson Presser Wednesday Exposing Mark Zuckerberg’s Dark Money Cash for Chaos – ARREST HIM!]

PER an update to the above report, let it be stated for the record: Aside from those living in this or that cave or in an alternative form of reality, it is hard to swallow/fathom that the remainder (of sound mind and age) are unaware of the absolute Orwellian reality enveloping the rest of us, that is, when it comes to the TOTAL control exerted by Big Tech and its overlords, aka “MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!”

AS such, it behooves freedom-loving Americans (regardless of party affiliation and political persuasion) to demand that said offenders not only be financially penalized through the removal of this and that protective shield surrounding them — yes, Section 230 and hammer-blows via anti-trust legislation stand at the forefront — but through actual arrests for actions in violation/contravention of the below EXECUTIVE ORDER!

President Trump has called for the immediate termination of Big Tech’s Section 230 liability protections for reasons of “national security.”

INCONTROVERTIBLY, in furtherance to the anticipated UPDATE,


Big Tech is facing more scrutiny and more laws. The Amistad Project had a hearing on Wednesday delving into hundreds of millions in election funding from Facebook. One of Facebook’s “independent” fact-checkers has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, raising concerns.

And questions on the 2018 executive order. How does JFK’s Memorandum 57 tie in to the present? We explore those topics, and more, in this episode of Deep Dive. #Bigtech #Zuckerberg #JFK

[Refer to the above at the 9:44 marker….]

STILL yet, if added context and heft is required for those who are akin to Doubting Thomases’, well, without said “MASTERS OF THE STEAL”, the following would not be mandatory viewing!

OMINOUSLY and conclusively, it matters not a whit whether a preponderance of anti-American machinations are couched under non-profit or for-profit donations; hidden ala one umbrella or another. Six of one….half a dozen of another.

BUT what does matter is a deep knowledge base and familiarity with the intricate, maze-like methods which entities utilize to house “dark money” as laundering fronts. Btw, as it happens, the red-green alliance/axis are equally adept at said “skill-set!”

Arabella Advisors & The Left’s Non-Profit, “Dark Money Launderers”: The Nexus – Violation Of (IRS) Laws & The Clinton/Soros Connection – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


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{ADDENDUM: Bear uppermost in mind — To stifle the truth-telling found at this site, FB’s censors have “zeroed-out” all of my articles via their “Boom and Ban” censors ala their ubiquitous “Community Standards” — as they hunt me up and down the internet like rabid dogs to their prey! No kidding. This is just some of FB’s modus operandi, what is now deemed their “love notes” to yours truly:This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:adinakutnicki.files.wordpress.com

ACTIVITYAbout your postToday at 4:34 PM

No one else can see your post.And so on and so forth. In fact, just recently, each article at my “parent site”, ADINA KUTNICKI: A ZIONIST & CONSERVATIVE BLOG, had its FB registered shares go from the hundreds, with some up to the many thousands, to a big, fat ZERO. In other words, all my shares have gone down the rabbit hole. Just like that. Poof. Gone. As such, take it to the bank that each and every conservative voice which reaches a wide readership will, sooner than later, be CENSORED. MUTED.MESSAGE FAILED:

This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems.

If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know. Yes, additional “proof-in-the pudding” as to why “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” had to be written!}

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