‘Black Lives Matter Terrorists Cut Down 9/11 Memorial for Fallen Firefighters in New York: This is a cultural genocide!’ – What Are Patriots Gonna Do About It? –

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In a healthy society, there are certain events in a nation’s historical memory which should remain seared in the collective consciousness — 9/11/01 is one such moment in time!

So much so, it was after said devastating blow that the nation stood upright, proud and tall, and rallied around one another with great determination and pride.

This was the case, even though a preponderance were forced to recognize that Islamic jihadi terrorism had permeated America, and to an existential degree — even though its presence pre-dated the catastrophe of that fateful day. Indeed, it was not the opening shot of jihad on US soil, as most (mis)understood it to be. Rather…..

The Opening of Jihad on US Soil Began in 1990.

Be that as it may, if harm is inflicted upon any memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11/01 and its heroes, well, said desecration — again, in a healthy society — would be marked with the biggest outcry, the likes of which should shake the nation to its very core.

But these are not normal times. Aside from some local community outrage, nary a peep has been heard from the powers that be throughout the body politic, nor from patriots at-large.

Yes, these are the signs of (purposeful) cultural genocide on the one hand, and, on the other, a citizenry resigned to their fate.

The die has been cast.

Moreover, the below video tells the tale, as directly as possible, via its intro re the recent gunning down of a 24-year old woman by BLM terrorists because of her white skin!

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 BIG/LEAGUE/POLITICS | By Shane Trejo | July 11, 2020

Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters have targeted a 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville, N.Y. honoring fallen firefighters who lost their lives as first responders during the World Trade Center attacks.

Community members are outraged at the defacing of the monument, which occurred as part of a coordinated marxist movement to rape what’s left of America.

“The destroy everything & hate everyone culture has struck again last night as the Washingtonville NY Orange County 9/11 Memorial park was vandalized & AMERICAN FLAG CUT DOWN,” one enraged Tweet reads. “These individuals obviously don’t know what sacrificing everything to save a fellow human being really is.”

Washingtonville Mayor Joseph Bucco is taking the incident very seriously and is intent upon punishing the thugs responsible.

“Our police department is in the process of collecting evidence, and I promise you they will not leave any stone unturned to find the person or people responsible for theses damages. Please be assured that whoever is responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law,” Bucco wrote in a Facebook post, adding that there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the assailants.

Big League Politics has reported on how BLM’s cultural desecration is spiraling out of control, going from toppling Confederate generals to destroying all symbols honoring American history and Christianity:

A group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters terrorized a peaceful Catholic prayer group in St. Louis on Saturday.

“Yesterday, while praying for peace and unity in our city and the protection of the Saint Louis statue, Black Lives Matter protesters started to harass, berate, and assault the Catholics that were peacefully praying. We did nothing in retaliation,” Conor Martin wrote in a Twitter post documenting the violence from the left-wing thugs.

“We allowed them to spit on us, call us names, put their fingers in our faces, push us, and antagonize, but we did not retaliate. We continued to peacefully pray,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

There were pictures captured of the violent display by the BLM terrorists who showed up to demonstrate their hatred of Christianity and white people with violence.

Martin announced that he will be pressing charges against the thugs and hopes they are punished for the violent assault they committed against the peaceful Catholics.

He is calling for the government to take action before the BLM terror group assaults more Christians and white people, and the violence becomes deadly.

Big League Politics has reported for weeks as BLM has waged war on America, instituting their regime of racial dominance with help from leftist oligarchs, the fake news media, the Democrat Party, and weak cowards in the Republican Party.

They are now setting their sights to Christianity, as the racist hate group disdains all portrayals of Jesus Christ that are too white. Faux-black race huckster Shaun King even issued a call to arms for black supremacy terrorists to target white Jesus for desecration.

As the BLM terror spree spreads across the nation, more ordinary Americans are learning the nature of the Leftist threat. They will stop at nothing short of full cultural genocide throughout the West.

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Still yet, within the above article, left unspoken and hanging in the air is this: What are patriots/conservatives prepared to do to stop the full-on cultural (and inevitable actual) genocide??

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