Rep. Omar (D-MN) & Her Donor List: A “Who’s Who” In The Brotherhood Mafia; 2nd LARGEST Donor, Hamas-Aligned Felon! What Will It Take To Handcuff Her? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Scales of justice and gavel on sounding block, object and law book to working with judge

WHEN it comes to “lady justice”, there are none so blind as those who attach themselves – above all else – to a pre-conceived political outcome, regardless of the catastrophic costs to the nation. Even more so, demonstrably, today’s Dem-socialist party and the corporate media complex, its echo chamber – and, yes, there is an overwhelming abundance of material evidence to support said truth-telling charges – is inextricably wedded to fascist policies under the guise of “progressive justice.”

MORE specifically, Capitol Hill’s dog whistlers stir the cauldron via the following Pavlovian trigger points, of course, with the reflexive assistance of the media and assorted helpmates: identity politics ala – so-called – intersectionality, that is, a manufactured grievance/victim-hood industry and the litmus test for all of their calls to action. Inexorably, masked beneath it all is their collective anti-American hatred – the main common denominator that binds and defines them. Resultant, the morphing of the red-green axis must be viewed as its force multiplier; a sine qua non. Full stop.

ilhan omar traitor.jpg

SO it is along this dangerous trajectory that Ilhan Omar (and her gang of anti-American haters, elected and non-elected) operates at warp speed – in a quest to destroy the nation which gave her terror-ridden family refuge.

Ingrate. Bastard. Visual aids, too.


STILL yet, before Omar’s BIG donor – a U.S. based self-described “Palestinian” and a Hamas supporter, an actual felon, too – is zeroed in on, know this: most recently, she has become the signature front-person for the subsuming of America under the UN’s kleptocracy and anti-American umbrella! Go figure. Alas, there is no sugarcoating this betrayal, regardless of all of the protestations from assorted mouthpieces within Obama’s crooked circle, namely, Ben Rhodes, the regime’s chief spinmeister; a skilled storyteller who duped America into passing the Iran deal! 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has introduced a package of seven bills that she says aims to overhaul US foreign policy and help fight human rights abuses around the globe. 

Introduced on Wednesday, Omar’s package of legislation, dubbed the “Pathway to Peace“, includes provisions to ensure Congress has oversight powers on US sanctions and declarations of emergency, guarantees that US security aid is only granted to countries protecting human rights and redirects $5bn from defense spending to create a global peace-building fund. 

It also enters the US into the list of countries participating in the International Criminal Court (ICC), lifts US visa bans on ICC officials, ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and creates a global agreement on migration.

“Today, I am proud to introduce the Pathway to PEACE, a bold vision that prioritises multilateralism and diplomacy over militarism,” Omar said in a tweet on Wednesday after introducing the legislation.

Directors from the Cato Institute, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Victims of Torture and others have voiced their support for the package of bills.

The plan is set to become “a new progressive baseline” for US foreign policy, said former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes.

Middle East Eye took a closer look at each of the seven measures introduced by Omar, here’s what we found:……continue their mind-blowing  treachery here via a laundry list of anti-American demands from the red-green axis!

CALLING all patriots: you got that??

ENTER….BASIM OMAR SABRI….a convicted felon; a jacked-up Brotherhood Mafia donor who supports and funds another well-connected Brotherhood/Sisterhood Muslima, Ilhan Omar, in their joint effort to destroy America and endanger Israel. As to the exact sum that he “gifts” her campaign, well, that’s in the process of investigation. But the scuttlebutt is: it’s a BIG haul that’s hidden under multiple umbrellas! Mind you, we haven’t gotten to terror-tied Tlaib and AOC’s donor base…..

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s second largest donor, Basim Omar Sabri, is a convicted felon who owns millions in property that is dilapidated and unsafe, receiving over 180 regulatory violations.

One of Sabri’s properties was “the first Somali mall in the USA” and it collapsed:

Sabri and his friends also celebrate the martyrdom of Palestinian terrorists:

Sabri and his friends also are connected to major Democrat politicians:

(Below is the overall summary on Sabri)

BUT we’re not done – not by a long shot.

IT is within said jihadi fundraising drive that varying methods and tools are deployed to gauge the “Who’s Who” in this most dangerous arena. Once executed, many other “openings” veer into focus. Hint: “dark money” laundering trails become highly illuminating.

IN this regard, one such useful probing is a set of data points where names are named, but not necessarily where first and last ones are the intrinsic component. Understood? Rather, in this case, it is “this one and that one’s” “Affiliation” thereof; the “Who’s Who” in Brotherhood Mafia front-groups should take center stage. Trust this professional assessment.


Recipient Name: Ilhan Omar

Donations History

CONSEQUENTIALLY, the urgent question becomes: is there any doubt left that a Civil War is Rising in America, that is, with its very survival hanging in the balance??

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