Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) Exposed To “Kompromat” On Multiple Fronts – Alcoholic Blackouts, Mania, In The Mix! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE: Maybe it is coincidental – or not – but at the same time that this site’s stats blew off the charts, the news hit that Rep. Hill resigned! Bottom Line: more honest reporting – not less – regardless of discomfit, is the American/western way).

MORE often than not, sleaze and politics operate hand-in hand, regardless of locale. Not only that, it is an equal opportunity scourge; one which crosses party lines, as well as both genders – yes, there are only two! But while men tend to be the ones caught with their pants down, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that women (for the most part) are on the recipient end. It takes “two to tango”….or three….

NOW, none of the above is meant to be flippant, nor to be taken as salacious fodder for the gossip mill. The contents within are deadly serious.

TRUST, if Rep. Hill was not a member of Congress – atop being privy to national security secrets within several committee appointments – well, her sexually voracious hi-jinks should remain between her and her hyper-charged husband, and whichever assorted partners they bed. Sheesh….who gives a damn about what goes on in a consenting adult’s bedroom – other than those directly affected (namely, children) by this and that behavior. After all, who appointed this one and that one the morality police – for that matter, all the busybodies and voyeurs would do well to engage in more productive pursuits. 

THAT being settled, Capitol Hill – the nation at large – is abuzz with the obscene  news that California’s out of control Rep. “got it on” with two staffers – that we know of! Incontestably, it is a clear-cut (no wiggle room for mea culpas and breast-beating) violation of House ethic rules. Bizarrely and brazenly, she sits on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform (Vice Chair). Oh my! What a conflict of interest.

BUT as unethical as it is to learn that the “hot to trot” fox is guarding the (Oversight and Reform) hen-house, in a manner of speaking, it pales in comparison to the real danger, that is, “kompromat!” It is defined thusly:

In Russian culture, kompromat, short for “compromising material” is damaging information about a politician, a businessperson, or other public figure, used to create negative publicity, as well as for blackmail and extortion. Kompromat may be acquired from various security services, or outright forged, and then publicized by use of a public relations official. Widespread use of kompromat has been one of the characteristic features of the politics of Russia and other post-Soviet states.

IN other words, with the Democratic smear machine on full throttle since President Trump’s election (beforehand, too), and with lock-step media whores at their service, much of their efforts revolve around the collection of dirt – fabricated, at that. Indeed, they are desperate to get their hands on, you guessed it, Trump-related “kompromat!”

TO wit, as dangerous as Hill’s compromised state is, let’s be honest: it is manna from heaven (for conservative patriots) that another from the D column got caught in several over-exposed positions – literally! Now, think of what foreign enemies may have already done with said salacious material in their hands, in so far that she is more than well-positioned to, well, be blackmailed and then some.

Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on ‘wife sharing’ sites!!

(Hill brushing the hair of Morgan Desjardins, her 24-year-old campaign staffer….a partner in her so-called ‘throuple’ arrangement)

Desjardins began a relationship with Hill and Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017, before the three-way affair broke down this summer when Hill told both her husband and her lover that she wanted to focus on her work.

Hill’s wild lifestyle has been laid bare in a cache of texts and intimate photographs obtained by, as sources revealed Hill and Heslep also posted her naked photos online under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’.

AT its most base, consider the following list of her committee appointments, and how many national secrets she may have divulged to keep her sexual gymnastics from ever reaching the public domain.


House Armed Service Committee

Subcommittee on Tactical Air & Land Forces

Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces

House Committee on Oversight and Reform (Vice Chair)

Subcommittee on Environment 

Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

 Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics

OH dear. Right in the electorate’s face, no less.

The young female campaign worker who took part in a “throuple” relationship with embattled California Rep. Katie Hill and her now-estranged husband appeared in an episode of a 2018 docuseries spotlighting the Democrat’s campaign — alongside the lawmaker’s male legislative staffer and purported lover.

Both Morgan Desjardins, a 24-year-old campaign worker for the 32-year-old Hill, and Graham Kelly — with whom Hill has vehemently denied having an affair — made cameos in a May 2018 episode of the Vice News docuseries “She’s Running,” which followed the emerging pol as she got her first campaign off the ground.

Politics is really weird in that you never know if someone is truly telling you the truth,” Desjardins declares in the episode, during a trip with Hill to the state Democratic Convention in San Diego.

In several other scenes, Hill calls potential donors as Desjardins sits by her side holding up a script.

“It’s fun but it’s incredibly boring,” the young staffer said.

Desjardins was seen trailing behind Hill in another scene, carrying her bag for her.

During his appearance, Kelly called Dejardins “the one who makes sure Katie gets places on time.”

Reports of the “throuple” arrangement first emerged last week, when the conservative blog RedState reported accusations that Hill had twice violated House rules against sex with subordinates.

CURRENTLY, she (and her team) is in damage control – stuck on over-drive mode, of course, being advised to sorta ‘fess up.

BUT there’s more. Much worse. Recall the above: “At its most base, consider her committee appointments, and how many national secrets she may have divulged to keep her sexual gymnastics from ever reaching the American domain.” It was not for nothing.

STILL yet, if Hill’s romps with staffers is not enough of an ethics violation; if her vulnerability to “kompromat” does not register on the highest decibel national security alarm meter, perhaps, her alcoholism will bring it home – or not.

REPORTEDLY, Hill is a full-blown alcoholic and suffers from episodes of manic-depression. Hmm. Effectively, the aforementioned are a highly explosive and toxic brew; an additional set of circumstances that are set off by a dual-based altered state of being – which, no doubt, renders her (bio-chemically) ripe for blackmail!!  

Leaked text messages reveal California Rep. Katie Hill’s estranged husband and congressional staff worried her drinking would affect her job.

The Daily Mail has learned that the 32-year-old wunderkind missed flights over partying. Hill reportedly even attended a political event last summer while visibly intoxicated.

The congresswoman left after being advised to do so by a staffer.

Concerns over Hill’s party-girl lifestyle emerge as the House Ethics Committee has begun an investigation into her alleged affairs.

Hill has admitted to being in a polyamorous relationship with her husband and a twentysomething female campaign staffer. However, she adamantly denies being in an extramarital affair with a senior staffer, Graham Kelly.

That alleged relationship is what compelled her husband to file for divorce earlier this year.

The Daily Mail further reports:


The 32-year-old California representative came home drunk at 3am, missed flights because she was staying out all night partying, as she even admitted her fear that she was heading towards mania, texts obtained by Red State reveal.

Hill’s husband Kenny Heslep and various staffers all voiced their concerns about her drinking and how it was impacting her mental health – and ability to do her job.

According to Red State, staffers were calling into question Hill’s drinking habit by June 2018.

Text messages between Hill and Heslep on May 31 through the early morning of June 1 of this year, show Hill stayed out until 3am drinking, coming home drunk and not knowing exactly where she had been that night.

DEAR reader, let that sink in. Yes, it is very much the case that alcoholism is linked with mental illness, most especially, with those who suffer from depression and/or manic behavior, A/K/A Bipolar Disorder. And when one is in the throes of mania fueled by alcohol, the sky is the limit. No filters. No boundaries.

Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder have a close and complex relationship. Few mental health disorders are as closely associated with alcohol abuse as bipolar disorder….continue the diagnosis here….

AND it is along Hill’s twisted entanglements that leaked emails come into play. The following lends a hint of who the “leaker” may be, that is, if a woman scorned is high on the “suspect” list. 

TO strip it down to its barest level, the following is the upshot: while leaked (mind you, by whom should be the first order of journalistic and Congressional inquiry) “girl-on-girl” and throuple photos are one order of (blackmail) magnitude, the very fact that she “operates” in blackout mode and with NO idea where or with whom she spends the night, well, spilling national secrets – via drunken pillow talk, an all-nighter at a watering hole, or what not – is hardly out of the realm for her booze-fueled behavior.

CONSIDER this, too: firstly, it doesn’t matter how this investigative journalist comes across this or that, rather, just let the above dangers sink in as rock-solid scenarios – based upon more than similar circumstances. 

SIMPLY, these ears (via first-hand, reliable info) heard that a certain someone with high-level security access, when deeply fueled by alcohol, has been known to “spill confidential security beans.” One such occasion took place while partying  at a top-shelf restaurant and comedy club – never mind the inappropriate sexual advances which he initiated while intoxicated!! And that’s not the half of it….  

MEANWHILE, looking back into Hill’s campaign jaunts, one gains a keen glimpse into her persona – whether sober or booze-addled. Her narcissistic audacity….her hypocrisy….is off the charts.

MOST significantly, she must be removed from Congress – never mind sidelining her (until the furor dies down, as is par for the course) from her committees. Time is of the essence.

{UPDATE: just received this “love note”….looks like my “tell-all” has come into conflict with the “rules & regs” at TWITTER, you know, the far-left arbiter and censor alongside Facebook…guessing this reporting hit some nerves….}

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Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) Exposed To “Kompromat” On Multiple Fronts – Alcoholic Blackouts, Mania, In The Mix! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki […] […]



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