Unyielding Islamic Jihad + Muslim Immigration Threatens to Upend America/The West.The Bitter Fruits of Appeasement! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ONLY the deaf, dumb and blind – the malevolent alike – haven’t noticed what is transpiring via the worldwide onslaught of Islamic jihad; the upending of western civilization. Indeed, inch by inch, step by step, and creep by creep, Allah’s Muslim Terrorists are making steady inroads, all of which are exacerbated through continuous Muslim immigration, wholesale appeasement, and attendant methods of censorship. 

FOR the most part, it is known that leftist apologists, RINO accomplices, and Islamic propagandists – in concert with various collaborators – are the addresses which must be targeted to halt jihadi terror in its tracks. Even so, we dare not waste time splitting hairs by parsing out the lesser of said evils. Devils. Let’s agree they are all beyond the pale and deserving of being placed within every patriot’s cross hair, including this site’s. Book-worthy – or two. Full stop.

So much for the assurances Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave to MRC President Brent Bozell.  At the time, Zuckerberg assured Bozell there would be no political censorship.  You may recall that we expressed serious reservations about that claim.  It seems we may have been right all along.

As a final note, Adina Kutnicki, an investigative writer based in Israel, and I are working on a follow-up to our previous book about the social media site, with a focus on the whole “fake news” controversy.  Stay tuned here for more information on that….

THE point being, the upending of America (the west in toto) has a multiplicity of openings for infiltration and penetration, one of which is the implantation of “fake news” in order to sow confusion and to rile up anti-Americans – be they leftists or Islamic supremacists.  

MORE specifically, the very fact that Facebook and Twitter – in league with the rest of social media’s top dogs – willfully lend their global platforms to spread jihadi messaging, plot terror, and catapult their overall Caliphate-driven fervor all over the world, despite that, the PC shackles still remain in place. Alas, could it get any more dangerous? Rhetorical

Image result

ATOP it all, if not for the fact that a PC omertà has descended up and down the political food chain – infecting each and every major sphere of influence, in so far as unmasking the true nature of Islam’s nexus to jihadi terror – the above would hardly be reaching critical mass. Yes, the world’s super power should – emphasis placed – be able to deal with impending threats. It isn’t.

NEVER mind the fact that threats were issued by officialdom – not against Islam’s hordes, but against patriots! They emanated from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, having vowed to prosecute any criticism of Muslims/Islam! Did you ever?? How far down the (Islamic) rabbit role has America sunk?

TO wit, consider the following truth-telling as key and core, albeit the captured media is as far away from its basis as criminals are to moral rectitude. That far.

  • How is it possible that 15 plus years after Allah’s Muslim Terrorists wrecked the most devastating terror onslaught on America, Washington’s power centers continuously silence those who speak out against Islam, instead of dealing head-on with the gravest threat imaginable?

In a never-ending nightmare, Islamists just won’t quit grabbing westerners by their throats, that is, if not stopped in their tracks by ever encroaching Shariah Law..

Now, we all know that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, be it a military offensive or what not, there is no doubt that massive resistance is required. Therefore, one must be realistic and conclude: if they succeed in cowing and bowing Americans re cartoons and the like, does anyone believe that this is their last stop?

  • As to Shariah Law, have no doubt that it is being imposed upon America (the west), and its cancerous scourge is spreading like wildfire.
  • So is it any wonder that an escalating amount of threats by Muslims in America – it makes no diff if they are “refugees” or home-grown – are threatening “holy” terror?

Image result for pics of Amer Abdelkhaliq

Amer Abdelkhaliq, 31, said he was an Arab (Muslim) and he was going to kill all the police officers.” He screamed that the Orlando massacre was going to be nothing compared to what he was getting ready to do” and that he had access to AK-47s and all types of other weapons, the police report said.

Local10  Officers arrived and saw Abdelkhaliq swinging the pipe at passersby. Police said Abdelkhaliq refused to leave several times and said he wasn’t doing “s—” when he was asked to stop.

Police said Abdelkhaliq was arrested and “kept making threats” to kill the officers as he was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on multiple charges, including threatening a public servant, trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  He was being held Monday on a $6,500 bond. (ONLY $6,500?)

INESTIMABLY, up until President Trump took over the helm, winning the war against Islamic jihadi terror was hardly the goal of major power players in America, never mind the rest of the west. And the fact that Washington has allowed the danger to metastasize for decades on end, well, uprooting it will be exponentially more costly.

OMINOUSLY, what is mostly unrecognized by Americans (and westerners at large) is the two-prong approach used by Mohammedans which will result in the west’s disintegration, if not thwarted. Collapse. 

ON the most basic level, Islam’s barbarians – wherever they are – understand the following truth: while attack after attack weakens American (western) resolve, the nation’s actual downfall will come about through Islamic hijrah – Allah mandated. This IS where it is at. 

1. Migration from the lands of disbelievers to the lands of Muslims was mandatory in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and it is still obligatory till the Day of Judgement. The obligation which the Prophet (peace be upon him) lifted after the conquest of Makkah was that of taking up residence near him. Whoever accepts Islam while living among those who are at war with Muslims must leave to make his home among the Muslims. [77]

This is supported by the Hadith of Mujaashi’ Ibn Mas’ud who said: “I took my brother to the Prophet after the Conquest of Makkah, and said, “0 Allah’s Apostle! I have come to you with my brother so that you may take a pledge of allegiance from him for migration.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The people of migration (i.e. those who migrated to Madinah before the Conquest) enjoyed the privileges of migration (i.e. there is no need for migration anymore).” I said to the Prophet (peace be upon him), “For what will you take his pledge of allegiance?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “I will take his pledge of allegiance for Islam, Belief, and for Jihad” [78]

2. It is obligatory to leave the lands of the Bidah(innovation). Imam Malik said: “None of you may remain in a country where the Companions are cursed’ [79].

3. It is obligatory to leave a place where forbidden practices are rife since it is mandatory for Muslims to demand observance of the Law [80]. In this regard, Ibn Taymiyyah said, “The state of a place reflects the state of a person. It is possible to be sometimes a Muslim and at other times a disbeliever; sometimes sincere and at other times hypocritical; sometimes good and pious and at other times rotten and corrupt. Thus, a person becomes like the place of his abode. The migration of a person from a land of disbelief and profanity to one of faith and probity is an expression of repentance and of his turning away from disobedience and perversion to belief and obedience. This is so until the Day of Resurrection.”[81]

4. One must flee persecution and oppression. This is to be counted as one of the many blessings of Allah swt that he has given His license, to whoever fears for himself and his own safety, to go and find some sanctuary for himself. The first to do this was Abraham,~ who, when he was threatened by his own people said: (1 will emigrate for the sake of my Lord), (29:26), and, (1 am going to my Lord, He shall guide me), (37:99). Then there was Moses: (So he escaped from there, vigilant and fearing for his life, and said “My Lord deliver me from these oppressors” ), (28:21 ).[82]

5. In times of epidemic, people were required to leave the city and remain in the hinterland until the threat of disease had passed. The exception to this is in times of plague. [83]

6. If one fears for the safety of his family or the security of his property then he must also flee since security of one’s possessions is like the safety of one’s person. [84]

Finally, migration, like anything else, is in the first instance a matter of intention, for the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Indeed actions are but by intention, and each will be rewarded according to his intent. So whose goal is to migrate for Allah and His Messenger, his migration is for Allah and His Messenger, and whose aim is to migrate to some worldly gain or to take the hand of a woman in marriage, his migration is to that which he has sought.”[85]
Oh Allah please accept my hijrah and expiate my sins ameen

AND for all the so-called bleeding hearts (read: useful idiots) who view the general ethos of welcoming refugees into America’s (the west’s) bosom as a given, know that Muslims view their migration as a KEY mandate from Allah!!

RESULTANT, due to all the worldwide carnage accrued via Islamic jihad, you decide whether or not committing national suicide is “worth” it. It’s your call. Your funeral(s).

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6 thoughts on “Unyielding Islamic Jihad + Muslim Immigration Threatens to Upend America/The West.The Bitter Fruits of Appeasement! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Adina, we hate these bastards so bad over here you will have sympathy for them by the time we are through with them.
    Commies & Muslims:you should leave.
    Stay safe Adina!

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