TAKING BACK America & Europe: Anti-Islam Push Back Ratchets Up. Faster…Faster…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is hard to fathom (and one needn’t be a cynic to feel this way, just realistic and somewhat knowledgeable) how unbelievably naive so many non-Muslim western citizens are, in relation to a preponderance of Allah’s followers who are feverishly turning the west upside down. Not only that, but they are now faced with an onslaught of a new wave of invaders, with ramifications beyond anything heretofore imaginable. 

ESSENTIALLY, it is this long overdue recognition – if you will, a tipping point – which is mustering some to finally fight back. As is said in Jewish  circles…mazal tov!

BESIDES, since when is it considered “natural” to hand over (even if it not intended as such, alas, this should have been seen as an obvious outgrowth) ones national homeland, merely to satisfy some twisted sense of “tolerance” for “the other”, regardless of this and that pressure group? And this indictment includes the insane level of willingness to accommodate Muslims born within said western countries, yet, they refuse to recognize that Shariah Law violates the Constitution – leftist bastardizing beside the point – as well as many European laws. 

NOT only that, adding insult to grave injury, HUSSEIN Obama (and Eurabian counterparts) is waving in tens of thousands “refugees” from the most hostile region(s) in the world, Allah’s followers, with no end in sight. But let’s be very clear: without his Mid East wildfires, the so-called “refugee crisis” wouldn’t exist! Cause and effect. Understood?

BUT never mind said truth-telling, let’s proceed with some welcome news, albeit, so much more must be done. Post haste.

WELL, a small but growing portion of Americans are finally fed up with Islamist encroachment from the Muslim-American community. Moreover, they are rightfully fearful of the stampede brought in through Obama Inc.’s “refugee” directives, clearly a menace to the nation’s health and welfare.

TO wit, a small protest erupted in Indiana and it’s worth taking notice, even for its creativity aspect:






The protest is in remembrance of the five U.S. Military members slaughtered by a Muslim terrorist in Chattanooga, TN. Passersby are invited to draw their own image of ‘MOO-HAM-HEAD.’

NOW, while this investigative journalist surely applauds said memorial efforts, wouldn’t it be better to be proactive, effectively, to march on mosques because they are Islam’s spearheads – their barracks within – and not after one of their own executes a deadly attack? Think of it like preventative medicine.


AND to bring to bear the utter gravity of the crisis – the fed up aspect to full boil – isn’t it more than revealing that Obama’s goons understand that what they have in store for America surely necessitates (and would result in) push back? Hence, they devised a play-by-play counter response! Evil incarnate. Anti-American reprobates and devils.

WND has discovered what amounts to the government playbook for countering the rising “backlash” against the secret planting of Muslim refugees into cities and towns across America.

The 2013 report anticipated two years ago that resistance would increase to the seeding of communities with Muslim refugees if counter measures were not undertaken.

Last year, WND reported how the mayor of Athens, Georgia, requested the federal government not send any refugees to her town until she could get a handle on the costs. Earlier this year, another high-profile case of pushback emerged in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in Rep. Trey Gowdy’s district, a story WND first reported in April.

In Wyoming, the only state that does not have a refugee resettlement agreement with the U.S. State Department, Gov. Matt Mead was “exploring” whether he should start such a program. But after stories in the local media and on WND, Mead dropped the plan.

Now, WND has learned the government and its contractors have a stock plan on how to deal with what they call “backlash” to refugee resettlement in American cities.

Titled Resettlement at Risk: Meeting Emerging Challenges to Refugee Resettlement in Local Communities,” the report by one of the federal government’s top resettlement contractors admits that communities “across the country” are pushing back against the refugee program, especially when it involves the infusion of Muslims into their city or town.

In the wake of the report, the Obama administration has handed out millions of dollars in grants to organizations like Welcoming America, which works to “educate” elected officials and the public in “receiving communities” before refugees arrive. Welcoming America was started in 2010 with seed money from George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

The U.S. State Department, working with the United Nations, accepts about 70,000 foreign refugees for permanent resettlement in the United States each year, distributing them to more than 190 cities and towns across America. (See list of 190 office locations in every stateDealing with uncooperative elected leaders…read the whole thing!

TELLINGLY, it is a sign (and clarion call) of sheer urgency that this site is actually recommending fellow American patriots (even being an ex pat!) to mimic their Euro counterparts. Oh, my. The tide has indeed turned.

Posters showing Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag are appearing at every anti-Muslim invader protest

Yahoo News  Germany scrambled Tuesday to quell a wave of anti-migrant violence, as a suspected arson attack hit a planned refugee shelter just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced xenophobic protests as “vile”.

Vowing to take tough action against perpetrators of such attacks, top politicians sought to reassure the unprecedented number of migrants arriving in the country that far-right extremists did not represent Germany. “With regards to xenophobic violence, there can only be one answer: police, justice and, if possible for those we catch, prison as well,” said Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

Germans are burning down buildings identified as asylum seeker housing

Merkel, who has been criticised for failing to forcefully address the wave of anti-migrant sentiment until this week, will on Wednesday visit a refugee centre targeted by far-right extremists and neo-Nazis in the eastern town of Heidenau.

Germany is expecting to receive a record number of 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, four times higher than the number in 2014.


The sudden surge in people coming from war zones such as Syria as well as countries that are not at war like Albania and Kosovo has left the authorities struggling to cope.

It has also exposed anti-migrant sentiment, particularly in eastern Germany, which still lags behind the western part of the country in terms of jobs and opportunities 25 years after reunification.

The latest case of suspected arson hit a temporary shelter in a sports hall in Nauen, a town near Berlin, just a week before 130 refugees are due to move in. Police said the speed of the flames ripping through the site early Tuesday suggested arson was the cause.The state president of Brandenburg, where Nauen is located, Dietmar Woidke urged residents to “distance yourself from xenophobic mobs”.


“Be it agitations against foreigners or attacks against people in need in Heidenau or the hindering of the arrival of refugees in Nauen by arson, such action is shameful and unworthy of Germany,” he said in a statement.


Over the weekend violent protests broke out as patriots and demonstrated against a refugee shelter in Heidenau.

Merkel also had strong words on Monday for those marching alongside in support of the anti-migrant cause. “It is vile for far-right extremists and neo-Nazis to try to spread their hollow, hateful propaganda but it is just as shameful for citizens including families with children to join them” in their protests, she said in her strongest statement to date about a wave of anti-refugee protests in eastern Germany.

These are the people Angela Merkel is calling "Neo-Nazis"

Justice Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday said the extremists “have no place in the street but before the courts”. But he ruled out the establishment of security barricades around refugee shelters, telling ARD television: “I don’t want to live in a country (where such measures have to be taken) for people to feel secure”.

– A flood of threats – As Europe’s top economy braces to receive an unprecedented number of asylum seekers this year, the number of migrant hate crimes appear to have increased in tandem.

Wherever there are Muslim invaders, there are violent brawls

Arson has hit refugee homes and Red Cross volunteers pitching tents for asylum-seekers have been attacked. On Monday, police said two neo-Nazis had been arrested for urinating on two children onboard a Berlin train because they were foreigners.  “Asylum-seeker scum,” one of them was reported as saying by the Bild tabloid.


The Social Democrats evacuated its headquarters after receiving a bomb threat — apparently linked to party chief Gabriel’s comments against the far-right, although police said the threat was not serious.


Since Gabriel’s visit to the Heidenau refugee centre, the party has received “a flood of threats linked to xenophobic agitators”, general secretary Yasmin Fahimi said.


German filmstar Til Schweiger — who has been openly supportive of asylum-seekers — is under police protection after a fire was reported within the grounds of his house and intruders were apparently seen in his garden.

Right wing anti-Muslim immigration parties are rising all over Europe as a result. Germany needs to step it up.


MOST significantly, the very fact that Germany is being held up as a “model” for Americans to follow – re qualified push back – attests to the absolute dangers, if not emulated.

CONSIDER: It is a country where 6 million fellow Jews were slaughtered-G-d rest (and avenge) their souls – some of whom were family. Agreed, neo-Nazis are a part of the protests, but this site’s considerable sources (within Europe) have attested that they are NOT the driving force. And the fact that German leaders are tarring ordinary German patriots – not to be confused with Nazis – is both shameless and reprehensible.

BUT if one considers history as a guide, one must imagine what waves of Islamic savages will do, if they gain total control. Know this: they will win the upper hand, if not stopped in their tracks. Nationalists must ignore their leaders and let them be damned.

EFFECTIVELY, the tepid – but growing – push back from patriots in America is primarily an outgrowth of HUSSEIN Obama’s refusal to tighten the borders, thus, halting illegals from pouring in en mass. Even so, what’s Obama Inc.’s game plan? In a nutshell, he ordered DHS to step up illegal entry, in essence, to finish the transformation of America into a Marxist/Islamist nation!

AND being that this site never minces words, it is imperative to note: even though it is heartening to see that proud citizens are rising up, it will not make a dent in the outcome – whether in America or Europe – unless a groundswell sweeps across each country. In other words, NO let up should be countenanced, and the numbers have to increase on a MASSIVE scale.

AGAIN, the fact that Indiana had a small protest is “sweet”, but it won’t avert the looming dangers. On the other hand, imagine many thousands in attendance, week in and week out. 

TO illustrate: view in your mind’s eye roving gangs of thieving thugs (and worse) stampeding into your communities. Then, wonder what the result to your homes and neighborhoods would be, if only a few in the community step up, while the rest take a wait and see approach. Hmm. Do you really think that anything will remain intact? And, if law enforcement are ordered to “stand down”, are you expecting them to come to your aid?

EXTRAPOLATING further, use Baltimore’s (Ferguson’s alike) marauding Black thugs as a template, and consider how a conspiracy between the Mayor and her hench people “gave space” to the rioters!


WOULD you ever believe such a thing could happen, other than in a lawless nation?

SO it is this jungle-like mindset which must be seen for what it really is, and it extends across America’s leadership, as they prop up certain coddled segments of society. Intrinsically, when the fish stinks from the head up, one must ratchet up – to an exponential level – what will take place when Islamic jihad sweeps the nation. And it will. “The Plan” is in its last stages. Take it to the bank.

YES, it has been proven, six ways to Sunday, that the Muslim Brotherhood is running things at the White House. Ipso facto at DHS.

QUESTIONS, anyone??


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