Muslim Brotherhood Operative, Adnan Oktar, Woos Jewish Temple Mount Leader. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adnan Oktar's Women

Once again, re-introducing: Islamist Adnan Oktar, Beyza Bayraktar and Damla Pamir….two of his endless harem…oh, they prefer to be called ‘spokeswomen’…)

IN the ever fiery Mid East, whereby Islamic barbarism is not only ‘accepted’ as a fait accompli but a situation…aka matzav… מַצָּב… which has to be ‘managed’ – sort of like a terminal illness – such is Israel’s tragic state of affairs. ‘Normalcy.’ The heretofore unfathomable becomes ‘acceptable.’ (un)Holy crap.

EVEN more so, some who have been stalwart champions for truth and justice (to the point of placing their very lives on the line) succumb to this dreaded mind trap.

NOW, before we proceed, this site will not tolerate any nonsense associated with the oft bandied about mantra: making friends with mortal enemies is better than making war, or some such drivel. Chuck that ‘strategy’ in the garbage heap. Besides, that twisted fairy tale will get you (and others) killed!

ALAS, even as steeped as this investigative journalist is in the jihadi muck, imagine how depressing it was to find out that Yehuda Glick, a staunch Zionist Jewish activist (one who has been in the forefront of the struggle to maintain centuries-long Jewish title to the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount) kissy-faced with Adnan Oktar; a highly dangerous, slippery (like an eel) and major Turkish Brotherhood Mafia mouthpiece.

(Pictured above are three of Israel’s Sanhedrin Rabbis who returned to Turkey to meet once again with Adnan Oktar, second to the left…far left, Rabbi Hollander, its most visible spokesman… example, out of countless others –

HMM…but what is the latest lowdown, relative to keeping the public duly informed about a particular Brotherhood operative who has co-opted another ! Jewish activist, in so far as there are countless Islamists to focus on? 

WELL, not being one who has the time, nor inclination, to rework the wheel, let’s hark back to a global interview on this incendiary subject matter.

Wolff Bachner: Among his many other activities, Adnan Oktar also spends a great deal of time using the media to present his ideology to the world. What is ‘Building Bridges’ and how is Oktar exploiting inter-faith dialogue to accomplish his goals?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, you touched upon their direct nerve center, and it is indeed a media weapon. It is a tv/general media conglomerate called “Building Bridges” – A9 TV.

At first blush, you gotta hand it to them, naming their TV station with such a sweet, innocent sounding connotation, yes, it is a work of genius; the building of (ideological/religious) bridges. What could be more friendly than that? A serpent’s bite.

Not to be a spoil sport, but the Muslim Brotherhood (under whose wings the above TV channel soars) is a subject I know intimately and expend a great deal of energy, time and resources exposing. The fact that I became involved with this particular issue, regarding Adnan Oktar, through a back-handed channel (something which doesn’t happen often on this end), doesn’t obviate what has been unearthed. Of ultimate consequence were the findings, developed with the assistance of several highly capable ‘helping hands.’ A treasure trove.

Relevant documents and indictments against Adnan Oktar and crew are plentiful, but a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. Consider: the main impetus of their message is “reconciliation” through ‘peace’, ‘understanding’ and ‘harmony.’ Well and good. Who in their right mind isn’t interested in such good intentions? Those of us who know better, that’s who.

NO sooner than it takes Oktar’s ‘ladies’ to bat their false eyelashes, they turn around and aim to strike, that is, if you dare to question their ‘messaging.’ Talk about being two-faced, hot-tempered and schizophrenic. Read on.

Woff Bachner: In addition to building his own media empire, Oktar has spent a great deal of energy and influence to manipulate the media in Israel and other Western nations. What is Oktar up to and how much damage has he already done to Israel’s fragile international image?

Who is helping him among the Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews and why are they helping him?

Adina Kutnicki: Once the above is understood for what it is, it becomes easier to focus on the remedies needed to cease becoming a victim of ‘taqiyya’ treachery. Their dissimulation disarms and deflects from the dangers at hand, and Islamists are adept at said Islamic mandates. Absolutely, it is a Koranic-dictate.

But what does the above have to do with Adnan Oktar’s media penetration? Everything. Most disturbingly, MAJOR Jewish media – in the U.S. and Israel – have been hoodwinked, though some have seen the error of their ways. As to why they are now just “seeing the light”, well, it makes for interesting reading as well. First things first. However, while others are still in need of ‘lessons learned’, some are just plain slow learners, while a smattering are ‘bought and paid for’. They know who they are. They have no shame…..

Nonetheless, in the following (of enumerable) interview in 2009 in Dubai, Oktar chillingly, vilely, unabashedly and unreservedly states in response to an interviewer’s question:

“You say that we will embrace the Jews. But look what Jews, Israelis are doing to Muslims. What do you say to that?”

Oktar replies:

“It is atheist Zionists who are doing this, in other words, vile fanatical killers. These have ceased to be human. They are psychopaths who have sold themselves to Satan, worship Satan and make Satan their god.”

How lovely. But there is more. Halil Arda, having tracked Adnan Oktar and his cult for years, further elucidates:

“On to this stage walked Oktar, clutching the first of his books, Judaism and Freemasons, a derivative retread of anti-Semitic clichés in the manner of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which identified Jews and the masons as the devious obstacles to the emergence of a new, powerful Turkish-Muslim nation. “The principal mission of Jews and Freemasons in Turkey,” Oktar wrote, “was to erode the spiritual, religious, and moral values of the Turkish people and make them like animals…”

read the whole interview!!

LO and behold, let’s segue to Glick’s seemingly bizarre ‘outreach’ to a demonstrable Brotherhood front-man. Yes, it was just a few short months ago that an Islamist jihadist (six of one…half a dozen of another…it makes no diff who pulled the trigger) attempted to assassinate him, immediately after he gave a talk regarding the fiery Islamic takeover of the Temple Mount. Indeed, Glick, but for the grace of G-d, could have easily succumbed to his bullet wounds.

AS reported in Oct. 2014, an assassination attempt was made on Yehuda Glick, the founder and head of the LIBA Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount. 

A report Thursday said that the shooter who seriously injured Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick was an Islamic Jihad terrorist who worked at a restaurant inside Jerusalem’s Begin Center. Glick was shot outside the Center late Wednesday after a conference on increasing the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

The shooter, police said, acted spontaneously – and reports Wednesday night said that he may have guided to shoot Glick by Islamist-run web sites that urged Arabs to protest or otherwise interfere with Wednesday night’s conference.

Glick’s photos were prominently displayed on the sites, with his image circled in red, and a notation pointing out that he was a “settlement leader.” The site said that it was Glick who was planning a “mass invasion” of the Temple Mount which would bring tens of thousands of Jews to the site, and that he was behind a plan to eliminate Muslims from the Mount altogether.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Professor Shimon Glick, Yehuda’s father, said that his son had complained to police of threats against his life “many times,” but had been ignored. In response to his comments, police said that they had “no record” of any complaints by Yehuda Glick……

“Every Jew who ascends the Temple Mount is a target of violence. It starts with shouting, continues with spitting, throwing rocks and then with Yehuda being followed,” said Knesset MK Feiglin.

He stressed that “the writing was on the wall. The weakness of the government, the security forces and of the Minister of Public Security against the Arab conduct on the Temple Mount and the harassment of Jews, stimulates the continuation of violence and leads to attempted murder.”

NOW one must follow the DIRECT cause and effect to get to the “heart of the matter”, as stated in the opening paragraph; murderous Arab/Muslim Jew-hatred, coupled with cowardly, appeasement-driven Israeli leaders. No doubt.

FROM time immemorial, Arabs/Muslims have been slaughtering Jews, as well as others standing in their way of hegemony. This is not news. However, what many are not privy to is a “dirty secret”; one which is responsible for compromising the safety of Israel’s majority Zionist public, its Jewish citizens.

SO fast forward to a mere 9 months later – barely enough time for a baby to be born – and Glick has decided to allow, in effect,  ‘bygones to be bygones.’

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick, who was savagely attacked last October by an Arab terrorist who shot him in the chest, found himself, figuratively, in “the belly of the beast” this week – attending a post-Ramadan meal in Istanbul attended by 1,000 Muslim clerics.

How did it go? “Not bad,” said Glick, who had been invited by Adnan Oktar, a Turkish cleric better know as Harun Yahya, to attend the event. Yahya currently represents a moderate view of Islam (although in the past he was accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial), and has published numerous books on Muslim philosophy, creationism, and other subjects in numerous languages. During the event, Yahya asked the audience to stand up and condemn violence, including the violence done to Glick.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Glick said that he accepted the invitation immediately. He said he did not fear traveling to a Muslim country, but to make him feel comfortable, Yahya provided him with a bulletproof car and two bodyguards, “things that I can only dream of getting here in Israel.”

Despite the fact that his reputation preceded him, everyone Glick met condemned the shooting, he said. “Everyone knew who I was, and they said they would pray for my health,” Glick said. “Many of the clerics said that the shooter ‘injured’ Islam even more than he injured me, and several recited passages from the Koran that one must respect Jews and refrain from harming them.”

The Muslims in Turkey, said Glick, did not see his activities to organize prayer for Jews on the Temple Mount as a problem. “They respect that fact that I am observant, and they realize that we do not have any designs on their prayers or worship. They see no reason why Muslims, Christians and Jews cannot pray on the Temple Mount.”

Glick said that he had not experienced any opposition to his visit, although sources told Arutz Sheva that several groups had sought to ban Glick from entering the country.

Glick – who founded and heads the LIBA Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount – has been recovering from an attack on October 29, in which he was shot in the chest outside the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. He had been speaking, minutes before being shot, at an event for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount that had hosted leading religious figures and MKs.

Despite the ordeal, friends say that Glick has made a ‘miraculous’ recovery from his wounds – and not only will be full-functioning soon, but is also in relatively good spirits, and in one of his first public interviews Wednesday, Glick discussed his condition, and his feelings about how police have handled the attack. Glick said that police act swiftly against Jews who incite against Arabs, such as in the vandalism against the Jerusalem Bilingual School, in which vandals spray painted anti-Arab graffiti. Police said they have opened a major investigation to apprehend the culprits.

OH me, oh my, where, oh where, to begin describing the other worldly delusions cited above, both from Glick and his Brotherhood Mafia hosts! Again, readers are redirected to more than enough proofs to choke many horses.
STIPULATED, it is hard to know exactly what took place (behind the scenes) to bring Yehuda Glick around to his new ‘outlook.’ Be that as it may, what can be stated with clarity is that this investigative journalist – upon hearing about the stranger than strange hug-a-thon – reached out to certain assets, yes, those who go in and out of Turkey on related ‘business.’

NOT only that, it is within a safe realm of probability (in fact, this site would bet on it) certain threats were made in said direction to ‘cooperate’ with the Brotherhood’s/Oktar’s ultimate goal; the Turkish-Islamic Union – or else.

MORE pointedly, it behooves querying: what else is at play? Rest assured, whatever is taking place will leak out, one way or another.

AND if anyone doubts that this investigative journalist doesn’t have feelers, re the ins and outs of Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya, they would do well to reconsider. In fact, there are few as well-informed in this entire Brotherhood arena, and experts among experts would back up this claim. So don’t even go there.

REGARDLESS, all is NOT as it seems. Will keep digging.

Arab rioters on the Temple Mount

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  3. wth??? this is so pathetic, Glick going to cosy up with the MB??? cant wrap my head around it… dont people ever learn anything ??

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