Turkey, Via ISIS/Brotherhood Linkage, Gunning For America & Israel:Obama Lends Brotherhood Protective Shield…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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WHEREVER one turns, in relation to ISIS’s thrust, rest assured, Turkey and its Brotherhood are at the epicenter. 

BUT before we elaborate on Turkey’s direct danger to the west, it is imperative to consider the special status Erdogan enjoys within Obama Inc. This is the case because the leadership of the free world sets the tone for the west’s trajectory, like it or not.

BASICALLY, it has already been proven: 

TWO blood-soaked Brotherhood Mafia leaders…though one is now in prison due to Egypt’s crack down…the other, well, he goes from Islamist strength to strength…from PM to Prez…gunning to become the new Caliph!

WITHIN the law of averages, two of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s best buds – inside the Mid East’s Brotherhood Mafia – are scoring 50-50. One is still a “strong horse”, while the other has allies as stand ins. Sh-t happens. Regardless of who is up and who is down their end goal – Obama Inc. and assorted Islamic players – remains the same. Firmly implanted. No wishy-washy finger in the air fence-sitting.

RESULTANT, when Benghazigate blew up, this investigative reporter honed in on the Islamist-in-Chief’s cooperation with Egypt’s Brotherhood – in tandem with Turkey’s “behind the scenes” assists – in order to clear a path for the Blind (terror) Sheikh’s release, as well as pave the way for the Caliphate’s swathe via the most extensive weapons running in Mid East history. Never forget this…..

MOREOVER, the nexus between Erdogan to the Brotherhood, ISIS’s parent, is so clear that a blind man can identify it. Absolutely. Ahh, the Islamist Brotherhood twists and turns….

The line of argument ignores the well-known fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has always been the official sponsor of takfiri thought. The ideas of Hassan Al-Banna, Sayed Qotb and other Brotherhood ideologues are brimming with intolerance, discrimination, hatred of the other (among fellow Muslims if they are Shia) and vilification of all who disagree with their thinking. The Muslim Brotherhood version of Islam is a far cry in form and substance from moderate Islam as epitomised by the outlook and attitudes of Al-Azhar and by the ideas of famous Islamic scholars such as the illustrious reformist the Imam Mohamed Abdu.

This brings us to another pair to compare and contrast: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, self-proclaimed caliph over the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, newly elected president of Turkey seen by an Islamist current in Egypt and elsewhere in the region as the Muslim who most merits the caliphate. So argues that Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, the Egyptian/ Qatari Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi who points out that Turkey was the seat of the caliphate. The rise of the Muslim Brothers in most countries of the Arab region following the Arab Spring revolutions was to be the step that preceded Erdogan’s rise to that throne. Erdogan and his clique couched this in different terms to his friends in Washington and other Western capitals. By means of the Muslim Brotherhood regimes in the Arab region he would be able to keep this region under control, curb the reach of the Iranian ogre, promote democratic transformation in a way that would not harm Western interests and that would draw Islamist extremists back from European countries.

When confronted with the Baghdadi image next to the Erdogan one, the observer abroad and the citizen at home is certain to leap for the latter as the lesser of two evils if not as the model for spearheading development, the fight against corruption and the drive for economic growth. When faced with a choice like that, how easy it becomes to turn a blind eye to Erdogan’s dictatorial tendencies, to his repression of civic freedoms and suppression of all opposing voices, to the corruption of his family and political party, to his designs to craft the law and the constitution in ways to augment his personal powers and promote his neo-Ottoman imperial project….

THEREFORE, is it any wonder that ISIS feels right at home plotting their barbarism under the protective arms of Erdogan’s Turkey, in tandem with all the rest of the Brotherhood’s ensconced organs? And what about Turkey’s embrace of Hamas’s ousted leaders? Is there no there there?

ATOP all the rising dangers, many of which are supported under Turkey’s Brotherhood umbrella, is there any doubt what Erdogan and Barack HUSSEIN Obama have in store for Israel? 

NOW, hardly a nitpicker, but isn’t it noteworthy that Barack HUSSEIN Obama (and surrogates) refuses to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist org, even after the UAE (and other Mid East actors) are begging him to hop on board??

SO in light of this earth shattering development – whereby certain regional  (though hardly all) players in the Mid East finally understand the grave dangers presented by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – there must no longer be any doubt what’s what.

SIMPLY put, the most dangerous man in the world is at the helm of the free world. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Surely there are enumerable others who rate inclusion on this nefarious listing/ranking, however, none of them have the same assets at their disposal which Barack HUSSEIN Obama commands.

TO wit, now that 2014 is coming to a close, if this site was asked to render a designation “Most Dangerous Person of the Year” – as a counter mirror image to TIME Magazine’s ubiquitous “Person of the Year”  – hands down, the “winner”, Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

AND anyone who still needs to ponder the question: why would he be labeled with said status, when there are so many others in the running? Well, truth be told, nothing will convince some folks, so it is a waste of time to expend any more energy trying to explain otherwise. So the best advice to the doubting Thomases becomes: just go back to sleep, you will need your energy soon enough!


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