Anti-Israel demonstrators burn Israeli flag emblazoned with a swastika

Anti-Israel demonstrators burn Israeli flag emblazoned with a swastika

WHEREBY it is illegal to boycott an allied nation in America, Washington’s dictators not only turn deaf, dumb and blind, but they encourage said behavior. Top agencies – with the State Dept in the forefront – are irredeemably anti-semitic and reflexively hostile to Israel. Even State’s visa program reflects as much.

It is within this overtly hostile atmosphere that an incendiary situation has developed (over many years, but exacerbated under the (mis)reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama), one which allows anti-semites to threaten Jewish students with impunity! How dare they.

The questions become:how can this be? what’s going on? and where are the so-called Jewish umbrella groups (always canvassing for funds…tugging at the heartstrings…the wallets…) while an unrelenting terror campaign on America’s campuses continues unabated? AWOL, except for a paltry few.

In this regard, there are several intersecting elements which must be understood, in order to tackle this scourge. Shout it from the rooftops.

In the main, without the left’s vise-grip over academia (throughout the west, most inherently in Israel, but let’s stick to the disaster in the U.S.) it would be impossible for BDS Jew-haters to hold court and terrorize all those who support Israel. This nexus is a given.

Indeed. Let’s just recap the sheer murderous threats from Jew/Israel haters at San Francisco State University (SFSU), a place where a so-called “Palestinian student leader” feels safe enough to wield knives on social media, while threatening to slit the throat of Jews/Israeli soldiers:

Recap One:


Recap Two:

So, if one thought that the terrorist “student leader” – who ran loose at SFSU – would have been expelled right after his first threat and jailed forthwith, you would be wrong:ADDITIONAL TERRORIST THREATS/INCITEMENT FROM SFSU “PALESTINIAN” STUDENT UNION LEADER (Muhammad G. Hammad): EXHORTING TO DECAPITATE ISRAEL SUPPORTERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA; SCHOOL & AG AWOL.What Will It Take?

Recap Three:

As a matter of record, anti-semitism on college campuses is the last acceptable prejudice and bias. No one even bats an eye.

Yet, what will it take for America’s academic blowhards to protect ALL their students? Are gays, sexually confused transgenders, Blacks, Muslims, feministas and every other group, aside from Jews (who dare to support the thousands year old Jewish homeland), the only ones worthy of their protection?

Concomitantly, are these admins the kind of adults a parent should entrust the safety of their children to? Never and never.

University of Michigan: BDSers Shout ‘Kike’, Threaten Violence

Death threats and anti-Semitic epithets were reportedly issued by pro-Palestinian activists at the University of Michigan against students who oppose a resolution to divest from Israel.

The Washington Free Beaconreported that University of Michiganpolice were first contacted last week after two anti-Israel activists shouted “threats of violence” at a student who refused to support the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, during a “sit-in” at the student government’s headquarters.

The Beacon has further learned that the pro-Israel student received death threats and that others have allegedly been called “kikes” and “dirty Jews” by backers of BDS, which aims to delegitimize and weaken the Jewish state through economic means.

“The atmosphere of intimidation and violence could leave the University of Michigan vulnerable to legal action and political retribution on a national scale, according to multiple sources in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere who are monitoring the situation,” wrote the news site.

Kenneth Marcus, a former staff director at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, told the publication that he has contacted high-level university officials to discuss the situation but that these calls have yet to be returned.

“This is a very disturbing incident and if the students’ allegations are true, this is an environment that is hostile to Jewish students and the university has a legal responsibility to take prompt and effective action,” said Marcus, who serves as president and general counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law.

University officials have not yet issued a response, despite numerous requests.

“Our biggest concern is these Jewish students might be vulnerable to a violent criminal attack, and we’re very concerned about whether the university is taking that seriously enough,” he said. “If the worst happens there is substantial liability for the university.”

“Even short of that, if the university allows a hostile environment to form without taking effective action, it could be liable for a civil lawsuit or federal investigation” by the Department of Education, Marcus said.

In December, University of Michigan was accused of taking inadequate action after pro-Palestinian activists posted 1,500 anti-Israel “eviction” notices on the doors of pro-Israel students and Jews.

Senior pro-Israel leaders in Washington, D.C. have been closely monitoring the situation and say they are gearing up to take action.

“The University of Michigan has allowed known pro-Hamas activists to openly organize riots on their campus and create an environment in which pro-Israel students had their lives threatened,” said a source whom the Beacon called a “high-level official with a prominent pro-Israel organization.”

“Now, after months of watching outside groups coordinate hateful stunts, university administrators are allowing students to be bullied into taking an anti-Israel vote with a gun pointed to their heads,” added the source. “They’ll have to answer for this, certainly politically and probably legally.”

Now, U of Michigan is a particularly egregious campus – among a pantheon of others – due to the cancer in its midst: Dearbornistan, a place where Hezbollah operates in plain site. It is an area this American-Israeli knows the ins and outs of, as various counter-terror contacts keep the info flowing. OMG!!
The urgent question then becomes:what’s to be done, other than railing and beating ones chest? Firstly, parents are consumers of their children’s education (at least most are) and must jump into the fray, instead of leaving their kids to fight this battle alone. An impossible task, even for know-it-all college students.
That being the case, each parent can harass – yes, harass – the university administration for justice AND protection for their offspring. And, if there is no immediate response, there are always threats of civil rights lawsuits – but follow through is a must – and then other measures can be found within: An Authentic Jewish Response To An Anti-Semitic Skit At The Oscars:What Lessons Can Be Learned?
NO sense reworking the wheel! 


  1. Thanks Adina, what can I say? Right on target.

    I first started to notice such things in the 1980s at Berkeley. Up to that point we had a pretty good thing going on campus. The left ruined everything (they have the Midas touch in reverse: everything they touch turns to “mud” 🙂

  2. In fact, I only touched the tip of the iceberg, it is much worse. Not only that, but aside from all the info I glean “here and there” – much of which remains under the radar – the fact of the matter is that I invested a fortune to educate both my sons at U.S. campuses.
    However, as a consumer of their educations I did my homework. Now, if they hadn’t chosen to go to their respective schools – Caltech and MIT – where political agitation is kept at a minimum, mostly because these schools are where real scholarship is produced and the students barely have time to exhale, let alone agitate – and knowing what I do, I would NEVER have paid for a liberal arts education, whereby political indoctrination is the diploma of the day!

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