1. wow great article. glad that i could contribute a little…yes its time to strip of all the fancy lies and show the real truth. how dare anyone pretend to be pro israel while they are really with our enemies and then they put on a show of injured hurt pride when confronted. its time for the real jews to get over the pc guilt trips laid on us and start speaking out the truth. lies kill.

  2. even better reading this the second time ….love what ronit put up too and adina i love your words…truth roaring out of israel.

  3. its called “chrislam”. they both claim the jews don’t “deserve” Israel. (& who does? them of course). Christians forget basic pillar of their religion,that gentiles DONT deserve, cant earn, the grafting into the olive tree. the G-d of Israel. they will always be the “wild” branch. (humbling isn’t it).

  4. Silence Nobody, the foreign ministry is always a basket case, and its employees are notorious malcontents. They are akin to the gimme, gimme crowd found all over the west, whenever they don’t get their way.
    That being said, when a strike is “imminent”, the last place I would look is the state of affairs at Israel’s embassies. Why? Again, because they are perennially under performing!

  5. Thanks Adina, great writing!

    I don’t know much about these false flag websites, and haven’t been following the issue closely, so this article was an eye-opener, as well as being very interesting. Now I will follow this issue more closely in future, very interesting to see that there are falsely named websites as well as the standard falsely named conventional groups (practically every political advocacy group in USA has a misleading name these days, one can just assume that whatever the name is, their agenda is something else which is hidden 🙂

    A priori, not knowing anything about the present situation, I would have to assume the culprits in this case were either delusional, or had a covert leftist agenda, or both.

    Thanks again for the great writing, and finally opening my eyes to this issue (I know you wrote some recent articles on similar lines but I didn’t really “get it” until I read this one 🙂

    Also, it occurs to me, it might be interesting to try and track down the funding sources for these false flag websites. It seems a lot of leftists these days are making a career out of soaking up the money from whoever the donors are 🙂

  6. anonymous, different areas/arenas are being pursued to garner the facts at hand; the who, what, when and where. At the end of the process, much will be revealed.
    As mentioned, all is not as it seems.

  7. Well, apparently, Michelle Cohen, Israeli Frontline’s owner, appears giddy with delight (see below), at the prospect of her page garnering more publicity and more members. Interesting take.

    Yes, she is correct, as mentioned:”Paradoxically, but predictably, its membership numbers are increasing, and that too is not for nothing. In other words, whereas some very high profile Zionist activists have jumped ship – understanding full well that something is intrinsically amiss at the group page – new members, with less than Zionist inclinations, have found their Israeli “home”. Swell…..”

    That being said, she knows – and YES, she does – that putting on her game face won’t stop the storm which is heading in a certain direction.

    So, if she wants to console herself via a numbers game, well, good for her! At least she is an optimist!

    On the other hand, I tend to be a realist and a pragmatist. Besides, I am hardly a lone operator herein, and she KNOWS this too.

    Hint: Ronit Shoshone’s messages….and other matters….
    “For your perusal: Adina Kutniki has “written” another “article” about ISRAELI FRONTLINE, and now we can look forward to another one thousand new members or so….Yes “anonymous”, do visit the website and keep a close watch. As the founder of ISRAELI FRONTLINE, I will highly appreciate it.”

    Best regards,
    Michelle Cohen

    Michelle, I assume you are “monitoring” my blog, plus the comments. A little tidbit for you: though you are thrilled to have 15,000 members, I would not be so proud of said numbers. My blog has upwards of 500,000 readers, and reaches MILLIONS via its daily re-blogs. So, if it is a numbers game with you, even a math nitwit can recognize – you lost! And, tens of thousands have already read this IF commentary and its attendant links. IF that gives you a thrill, then glad to accommodate.

    But never mind. This IS a law enforcement issue. You got that?

  8. ANOTHER UPDATE: one would think that with bonafide investigators on her tail, Michelle Cohen would have more to angst over than shucking, jiving and bantering over her “numbers”.

    ” I hope all the MILLIONS you reach will visit ISRAELI FRONTLINE through YOUR efforts. By the way, IF membership has increased to 15,405 as of now. Anyone with common sense, who visits any IF site, will quickly realise that you are delusional. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the free advertising.”

    Memo to Michelle Cohen and her “carrier pigeons”: as mentioned in my commentary “Yes, Israeli Frontline does post links related to Arab terror against Israel and this is not in dispute. However, as duly noted, heaven forfend a posting goes up which highlights the Islamic doctrinal connection to Arab/Muslim terror, it then goes poof, floating into the recesses of cyberspace. To wit, their administrative censors beat a frenzied path to the computer’s delete buttons. Like Pavlov’s dogs. In tandem, they blah, blah their way out of their questionable behavior, when confronted, opining: the site does NOT talk about religion. Whom are they kidding? When articles SUPPORTIVE of Missionary activity go up the delete button appears to be “broken”. Strange.”

    However, she knows with whom she is aligned and why IF is set up the way it is, appearing as an Israeli “home” but not really being one. For those who are awaiting specifics, just bear this in mind and be patient: “The truth of who Oktar is, and just why some in Israel are forced (ergo blackmailed) into supporting him will be exposed creating a bit of tumult in certain circles that, even as I write, attack those that have begun to draw back the blinds on the dark seedy room of deviance and treason against the Jewish people.Perhaps you, I and others will converse further and in more detail as we progress.”

    BTW, Ronit Shoshone (and associates), the author of the above “love note”(directed at Michelle Cohen), is not one who makes idle “chit chat”. Understood? Does Michelle Cohen (and crew) need a road map to understand where this is heading?

    Coincidentally – or not – another “person of interest”, a “vouched” for associate of Michele Cohen (we have PM’s to prove the vouching), a pedophile (whose dossier we developed, now in the hands of police authorities…that’s all that can be said herein) who goes by many aliases (Daniel Kaminsky/Kaleb/Kalev Ben Noah/Garyth Richardson etc) tried to pull a fast one, at one of the groups my associates administer.

    Long story short, the moment the admin (read:law enforcement related)asked him to “open up” his profile (as is the right of any admin, they need to know with whom they are dealing)the “person of interest” went poof, straight into cyberspace.

    In other words, under the alias of “John Billy”, he attempted to do Michelle Cohen’s dirty work. Guess what? “John Billy” removed his “profile” from FB (now you see him, now you don’t) and she surely has others trolling/sniffing around.

    Well, we shall see how many more get uncovered. The hunt, as is said, is on!



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