1. The second paragraph’s reference to Christians being anti-Semites who want to “steal” Jewish souls and seek to kill them is appalling to me as one who shares the same faith as you that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is very clear as to His identity in Is 53, Gen 3, and countless other verses in both Testaments. I’m ever so wearied of pointing out that Catholicism is NOT Christianity, for the pope assumes titles belonging to El Elyon alone. She and Islam have much in common when it comes to making false claims to Israel as being theirs and not belonging to the Jews despite clear archaeological and historical evidence.

    I also read the Nachlaot’s article and am insulted at the implication that people enter Israel, as if somehow of unique appeal to pedophiles, to commit atrocious acts. This is a global problem, pervasive particularly in Catholicism and Islamism. Pedophilia and rape has impacted my family personally and so there is none who loathes it more than I, nor fails to grasp the decades long (if not life long) destruction wrought to innocence by such lowlife scum. My hope is in God’s promise, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt 18:6)

    This born again believer loves my Jewish friends, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who is clear he is the only God. Jesus has been rejected as Messiah by many Jews as He foretold, and due to the rejection of Him trouble has pursued Israel: “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” (Lk 13:35)

    If denying Jesus, what of Gen 3:15? Isaiah 53? Ps 11:1, Ps 110; Jer 23:5-6, Ac 2:16? Of particular note should be Is 66, v. 8 already fulfilled with the remaining yet future. God never lies, He will avenge all nations who come against Israel for His promise is such (Zec 12:2). I know religious Jews believe none can stay the Hand of God or thwart His will. Consequently, some prior to His coming as Righteous Judge against the wicked, Jews will believe now or at His appearance; as it is written: And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, The spirit of grace and of supplications: And they shall look upon me whom they have pierced,
    And they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, And shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. (Zec 12:10)

    God commands me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem for in so doing I long for His return to rule and reign from Jerusalem bringing true, lasting peace (not false peace, i.e. “Oslo” and other pointless concessions to terrorists that are of no benefit to Israel) In point of fact, Israel would do well to no longer view America as an ally for with friends like Obama who needs enemies? Adina, please do not view all Christians through the lens of those who, like used car sales men, push themselves on others with utter disregard of their feelings, belief, or heritage. My own nation is presently being greatly judged by the fool we have in the Oval Office because of our deplorable treatment of Israel. Too bad God no longer opens up the earth to swallow individuals like John Kerry! However, the day is coming for he will give an account for having the audacity to attempt to divide the very land God has chosen as His very own.


    • Great post, you know your stuff and you speak the truth in love.

      Adina, please understand in order for a Christian to really understand our faith we must study Jewish culture, history and the Old Testament. These are all the foundations of our Christian faith. And is it NOT us trying to lure Jews out of their Judaism through conversions, we understand it is Christians that have been graphed into the tree of Jesse and the nation of Israel through our faith in Jesus the Jewish Messiah. This is what was promised when Abraham was told he would be blessed to be a blessing to ALL nations. That God would work His salvation of the world out through the Jewish nation through His JEWISH son. Open your mind read the next part of God’s glorious story, for ALL people, the New Testament. I am privileged to know many Messianic Jews who completely retain their Jewish identity but now understand the Good News (Gospel) and now write the Law in their hearts just as Jeremiah foretold. In fact a Jewish friend of mine just emailed me this week and wants to attend my church, how sad she has been afraid to tell her family what she knows to be truth, that Jesus is the Messiah. And for the record no one brainwashed her or evangelized to her, she was curious and asked questions, wanted to learn about the differences between Judaism and Christianity as her own family really hadn’t even taught her much about her Jew faith. Over a period of years she searched and studied for herself and came to her own conclusions. And she is bringing with her another Jewish “convert” so apparently some are searching to fill a spiritual vacuum whatever their faith backgrounds. We love her and we welcome her.

      And for the record no one can CONVERT another person, we can only tell the Gospel story and our personal testimonies of what God has done in our lives. GOD does the converting, He is the only one that can change our hearts. It’s all about free will, each person makes their own choice. God is a gentlemen in this regard, He looks at our hearts only.

      • AGAIN, freedom of religion entails that all are free to believe what they wish. But they are NOT allowed to do Missionary work in Israel, the Jewish homeland. We will not tolerate it and that is that. There is no room for argument on this point.

    • Sigh. Catholicism is not Christianity? Do not Catholics believe that Jesus was the atoning sacrifice? Do they not accept him as such? As their own personal Lord and Savior? Of course they do! And that rather makes them Christians, now, doesn’t it? You might ask yourself, and seek to know the answer – where exactly was it that Christianity received the Nicene Creed? From the Baptists?

      Having studied this stuff for the better part of 8 long years now, it troubles me that multitudes still find Jesus in passages such as Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 53, Psalm 110, et al.

    • You do exactly what all those of your ilk do . You constantly babble verses from tanach out of context and with mistranslations to make a verse say what you want it to say ,not what it says or means ,and despite your phony pretence of love ,I have tangled with enough of you to know that underneath the serface you are all filled with hatred and the same anti semetic beliefs as that false evil anti semetic invented book of yours called the nt / It comes out in the way you attack the rabbis and the talmud and the lies you say about them ,and it comes out when someone who sees through your deceptions and scams confronts you with a mountain of evidence you people turn vicious and you betray your vile anti semetism

  2. ezekiel….you are free to be “appalled” at whatever you wish. But I (and countless Jews) will not tolerate Missionaries who are circling for our souls, to be “redeemed” by their “savior”. Either respect our attachment to Judaism, as is, or leave us the hell alone. I am not trying to convert those who believe in Jesus, therefore, how dare anyone try to convert me, or any fellow Jew!
    Now, if ones love for Israel is conditional on our accepting Jesus, then please feel free to not support Israel.
    HOWEVER, there are millions of Christians who support Israel unconditionally, and those Christians are our true friends.
    Know this: there are Jews – secular and religious – who will speak out against ANY Missionary activity in our midst, most especially in Israel.
    And, it is ILLEGAL to do so in my Jewish homeland, and this is a legal fact!
    Deal with it.

    • I’ll attribute the vitriol in your reply to a reason other than my comment. I’ve never been to Israel, although would love to visit as a tourist not a missionary. I have Jewish friends upon whom I have never forced Jesus upon. You are free to despise my love for Christ, but I will yet love you because apart from the Jewish people there would be no Bible. Indeed, I am quite aware of some Israeli Jews despising Christians, and recall tragic story in which a young boy was injured by shrapnel upon opening a Purim present left on the porch by a lunatic who apparently hated his Christian parents enough to maim their young son.

      As David wrote in Ps 122:6 I will continue pray for the peace of Jerusalem out of love for God, not Jews converting.

      Perhaps I perceive the hateful comments at a Christian who has in no way ever harmed Israel as over the top. But, alas, I believe they are.

  3. You just lost me as a reader. What’s the problem, civil debate and discussion between reasonable people of both faiths can’t be tolerated? No sword at his neck to CONVERT, as Islam does. Israel is WRONG to make it against the law to evangelize, people are free to listen or not, free to convert or not. Don’t alienate the Christians they are now Israel’s only friend and staunchest supporters. You need to focus as you usually do on the REAL threats facing Israel not something that makes you sound and look like a bigot. Look carefully at the Old Testament prophesies you may even change your mind, I know several Jews that have.

    • Mrs. Pharaoh, you are free to read my blog, or not. This is up to you. But it is not up to you – or others – to condone Missionary work in Israel. It is a NO GO zone. This must be understood.
      I am sure that my worldwide readership – steadily climbing – will continue as is, even if some choose to be “offended”. Too damn bad.

    • If I may be so bold – and of course I will be! As a FORMER Christian of more than 30 years, and one who very well indeed DID study, and REALLY STUDIED the “Old Testament”, not in the English translated from the Greek, nor the English translated from the Latin, but in the HEBREW, I FOUND THE TRUTH and thereafter abandoned Christianity, for all of its mistranslations, misconceptions and incorrect teachings, I take offense at such comments as “Look carefully at the Old Testament prophesies, you may change your mind,” which are no less than attempts at converting at least one Jewish soul here to Christianity!

      IF YOU STUDIED the prophesies, in their original language you would quickly come to realize the Messiah hasn’t yet arrived, as well as there is not but ONE G-d, even as it was that Jesus taught, and His name isn’t Yahshua, and Jesus’ name was not ever Immanuel!

      You put all of your eggs into your tidy little basket of “grace through faith” which was NOT the teaching of Jesus, but of Paul who spent his entire ministry attempting to abolish the LAW that JESUS told you to obey! In this respect you herald Jesus, you replace G-d with him, or you make him G-d, but you do NOT obey HIM, you obey PAUL who never knew Jesus but through mere visions which is little less than how it was that Mohammed came to know Allah! Wake up!

      Study church history! Really study it! Stop using the Christian Bible, in particular the New Testament, as your one and only source, or looking upon it as an accurate historical document, in its entirety, because it is NOT! If you really read it, carefully and thoroughly read it, you would know this!

      KNOW the Hebrew words and their word numbers for such things as “pierce/pierced” and “virgin”! Get yourselves a Greek/Hebrew/English Interlinear and find those words in the provided passages of Scripture along with their numbers and compare them to Strong’s! LEARN that the Hebrew word for virgin is NOT Almah, and that Isaiah never used the word “almah” when referring to a virgin! Learn that there is a Hebrew word for “pierce/pierced” and another for “lion”/”like a lion”, and they are nothing alike!

      Again I tell you! Step out of the box! Remove the scales from your eyes so that you might become right with Almighty G-d even so that you might stop attempting to convert the very people who, according to Scripture, have it right!

    • Really now ! Do you know that missionaries target children even behind their parents back .? Do you know how they use cunning and deception like the serpent in the garden to fool people . Do you know that they have destroyed families and turned some family members into mindless zombies causing untold heartache and sorrow to their heartbroken relatives Do you know how they will stick with a lie ,like the Kaduri hoax although it has been refuted again and again . How dare you attack our holy rabbis whose righteousness and virtue you know nothing about but you have the unmitigated gall to take one of our holiest rabbis and ascribe to him the greatest apostasy and anti Judaism that was ever invented . Israel has every right to take measures to preserve the Jewishness of the state,but unfortunately the laws are not strong enough and they are not enforced ,the way that they should be

  4. There is no waying of knowing the truth. Creating a God who has the power to giving you the truth makes truth still your creation and not God’s. When the tower of Babylon fell it was clear that God preferred diversity in thought and language to solitary views from people who thought they knew the pathway to heaven . It follows that although none know the truth, diversity is better than single-mindedness. As long as the morality of a faith is ok and it satisfies individual needs, how dare the missionary believe he knows better. It is the height of arrogance. It is detructive and morally reprehensible. No I do not approve of the Missionaries who are not interested in you, only in winning Brownie points fpr themselves in their system

  5. And Christians dismiss Christian Identity/Aryan Nation types as anti Semitic when they label Jews anti Christ. Looks like the “love” is mutual.
    What all these proselytizing “born agains” are missing is that in Hebrews 8 they are told God will write his law on his people’s hearts and minds and that neighbor will not longer be needed to teach neighbor about God. Yes Adina, these “born agains” are exasperating, but, take a deep breath, please. At least you will not lose your head if you don’t convert, yet.ROTFL! 🙂

  6. “Born Agains” can be as irritating as mormons or jehovah’s witnesses, but they are really no threats to Jews who have faith, just as they are no threat to Christian who know their faith or devout Hindus. Let them yip at your ankles like terriers – lots of noise/little results.

    Proselytizing to me means saying “I believe I have the Truth – do you want to hear it” And then YOU decide. It matters not if the person offering the “truth” is Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish.

    And, Adina, if you reject Christian missionaries, they will say “Oh well” and move on, much like the mormons who knock on my door and I say “No thanks.” As opposed to the mooslims who will keel you if you decline to follow the teachings of a pedophile goat-intercourser.

    If I told you my religion, Adina, you would probably be surprised, but I doubt, according to my posts and my praise of your endeavor, that you would view me as a threat. And, obviously, I am not. I am united in your cause, totally united, although our faith beliefs diverge at certain points.

    I don’t think the last word in the above paragraph (intercourser) is really a word, but it is all I could devise.

    My point is – Christians say Christ is the Messiah and will return. Jews say he is not the Messiah. All of this will be worked out in the future. For the meantime, both acknowledge Abraham. All should be united, even if it is a unity of convenience, in combating and destroying the evil of islamism.

    And with the killings in India, I reckon the Hindus will join in the fight. BTW – the Hindus do have great religious iconography. Just sayin….

    • It is very good advice, I agree, though it’s been my experience that when I attempt to reason with Christians, even as a former Christian, and always gently, for I know how painful it is to come into truth, under no uncertain terms do they condemn me to hell’s fire and brimstone!



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