AMERICA’S ACADEMIC CESSPOOL: Constitutional Adherents Dare Not Speak…”Queers”, Other Grievance-Mongering Groups, Hoist Your Banners! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Only in today’s America, a nation predicated/birthed on freedom and liberty, is it acceptable to dictate what is “tolerable/acceptable” and what is not. Mind you, the issue is not whether or not one is free to violate civilized societal norms, but whether one can even advocate on behalf of America’s fundamental foundations. Its moorings. Oh dear…how far the national discourse has sunk – straight into the cesspool.

Whereas leftist imbued academia offers “safe” places/zones to advocate on behalf of every “ism” acceptable in their radical milieu, America’s founding documents are verboten. Internalize what this really entails: students who wish to OPENLY exhibit their sexual confusion are free to do so. Okey dokey. In fact, monies are thrown their way to “explore” this or that, and the freakier the sideshow the better. How’s that for (parental) bang for your (educational) buck? Personally, having spent several hundred thousand dollars to educate 2 sons (at MIT & Caltech…schools where there is little time to sleep, let alone agitate over this or that) , there is a sensitivity/understanding of the exorbitant costs paid for a private university education. As such, this issue does not quality as a minor annoyance. A blip on the radar. It’s an investment of huge proportions. 

NOT only that, if a student voices an iota of criticism in the direction of the faculty or the administration all hell breaks loose. One is relegated to campus purgatory, if one dares/deigns to voice any dissent to their PC mandates. Talk about (mental) boot camp. In effect, freedoms for thee (radicals), but not for conservative students on America’s non-free campuses. And little offends them more than those who espouse any allegiance to Constitutional ethos. The nerve of these soon to be grown up “bitter clingers”! What are they thinking, bringing Constitutional fealty onto America’s campuses? Have they fallen on their heads?

The question becomes: why the preference for one subset and the prejudice against the other, if in fact academia is supposed to be a place where a free exchange of ideas is the “common core” denominator?

Simply put, the most non-free places in America (and elsewhere, particularly in Israel) is within the confines of the college campuses. Seriously. Consider the damage accrued: if not for leftist academia, the havoc wrought by (im)moral relativism would be negligible. Coupled with an open season on Jewish students who dare to support Israel, or speak up against blatant antisemitic diatribes from their profs, well, what else is needed to prove the above outrageous facsimile of higher education? 

And even in Israel, the nation where supporting its raison d’etre should be a given, students are vilified (by their profs and their leftist back benchers…from inside and outside the country) for supporting the nation’s moorings. Post-Zionist academics further Israel’s delegitimization and this is a (tragic) fact.

Back to America’s academic cesspool…

The Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, but don’t try to pass out copies of it at Modesto Junior College in California.

A student at the school who tried to pass out pocket-size pamphlets of the very document that memorializes our rights got shut down on Sept. 17 – a date also known as Constitution Day.

Campus authorities told 25-year-old Robert Van Tuinen, who caught the whole thing on videotape, he could only pass out the free documents at a tiny designated spot on campus, and only then if he scheduled it several days in advance.

“Watching the video is a combination of depressing and nauseating, to see what rigamarole students have to go through just to express themselves on campus,” said Robert Shibley, senior vice president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which has taken on campus speech codes around the nation.

Van Tuinen, who said he’d read up on the school’s regulations and expected to get chased away from outside the student center, went to FIRE with the video. The foundation penned an email letter to the school’s administration on Van Tuinen’s behalf early Thursday, but Shibley said there had been no response later in the day.

A spokeswoman for the college tells that students and the general public are permitted to pass out materials in areas on campus that are generally available to the public, as long as they do not disrupt the orderly operations of the college.

“In the case of the YouTube video, it does not appear that the student was disrupting the orderly operations of the college and therefore we are looking into the incident,” Modesto Junior College Marketing and Public Relations officer Linda Hoile said.

In the video, Van Tuinen is confronted by an unidentified campus police officer within minutes of passing out the pamphlets. When he protests, he is told “there are rules.”

“But do you know what this is?” he asks. “What are the rules? Why are the rules tied to my free speech?”

Van Tuinen explains that he wants to start an organization called Young Americans for Liberty.

“That’s fine, but if you’re going to start an organization like that you have to go through the rigamarole,” the police officer tells him.

“It was a tense situation,” Van Tuinen, who is from Modesto, told “To be told I can’t do something as basic as handing out the Constitution was frustrating.”

Eventually, the police officer escorts Van Tuinen into an administrative office, where an unidentified woman shows him a binder with rules she says govern free speech on campus. She explains that there is a designated place “in front of the student center, in that little cement area,” where free expression is allowed, but then notes that two people are already using it.

“You’d have to wait,” she says. “You could go on (Sept.) 20th, the 27th or you can go into October.”

Eventually he is advised to make an appointment with Brenda Thames, vice president of student services, who can explain the policy.

Shibley said he was angered by the video, but not surprised.

“One of the revealing things about this particular case is what students have to go through just to express themselves on campus,” Shibley said.

He said the very idea of speech codes on campus ought to be troubling to Americans.

“They are imposed in an attempt to sanitize the public space of anything that might offend somebody,” he said. “The fact is, no school specifically needs a speech code. They have the ability keep order on campus . Of people are too loud, harassing people, or blocking traffic they have the means to address that.”

NONE of the above is happenstance, nor simply a question of mean spirited nitpicking by profs and their (open and hidden) supporters. Not at all. Their Omerta – on anything outside the realm of radical causes/politics – is purposefully designed to destroy America and to bring it to its knees. What better way to do so, than to deconstruct future generations and their “normative” behaviorThe queerer the better.

Alas, budding Conservatives are treated worse than persona non-grata. Like the devil incarnate.

9 thoughts on “AMERICA’S ACADEMIC CESSPOOL: Constitutional Adherents Dare Not Speak…”Queers”, Other Grievance-Mongering Groups, Hoist Your Banners! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. It is not only frustrating but frightening; the lengths that the leftists go to — but when nihilism is the ultimate goal, there are no boundaries!
    As a child I had a recurring nightmare that our house was on fire and all of my family and extended family members refused to see the danger – they were content to let it go up in flames, along with them… A prophetic dream? The real terror was the people who refused to act on the truth, but would merrily die while ignoring reality. Isn’t that what were seeing today?
    Our own families are leftists, in many cases, and reject our clear understanding of the facts. They cling to the lies they have been indoctrinated with so fiercely, they are willing to completely alienate us and destroy our relationships with them for the purpose of destruction on a much larger scale.
    Head check…!
    We are surrounded by madmen hell bent on the annihilation of Western Civilisation, but if you asked them why, they wouldn’t know. All they know is that they must carry out ‘the mission.’. But I doubt that the majority of them know what they are truly doing, or why.



  2. Adina:

    You and I have spoken about this before. I’ve had personal experience with this issue, having sent two sons off to “institutes of higher learning”, then having two completely different young men come home.

    Not only are they completely ignorant of our true history, our form of government, our most basic rights, etc., etc., but their entire attitude is changed. I believe they’re taught that their parents are ignorant, racist, prejudiced ~ you name it. You have to hand it to these radicals (they go way beyond liberal) ~ they’re very clever. Not only do they challenge the students’ entire value systems (and I believe that this causes psychological problems for the kids, esp. in the beginning), but they seem to have the ability to innoculate the kids from hearing any logic, and the kids learn to never read or watch anything that will challenge what theyre being ‘taught’ (I think one mandatory freshman class must be “Never Watch Fox News Under Any Circumstances” – not that Fox News is by any means perfect, but it is the only station on TV of the ‘mainstream media’ that does present some alternate points of view and some facts that are never, never mentioned on the networks, CNN, MSNBC, etc.). They will not even sit still for a video on radical Islam, for example. They HATE Fox News EVEN THOUGH they’ve never watched a minute of any show on Fox News! Remarkable! Quite a feat… I sent two Christian, compassionate, intelligent, intellectually curious, patriotic kids off to college. After one semester, my son said, “Mom, I resent your trying to push your values onto me. I don’t believe in Christianity – I’m an atheist. I don’t care about the Constitution. I believe in tolerance. I believe in multiculturalism. I believe in the right to gay marriage.” (he’s not gay)

    WHAT?? What the heck is he talking about?

    Of course it’s deliberate; as you say, Adina, it is “purposefully designed to destroy America and bring her to her knees”. David Horowitz has been trying for decade just to make sure that our students have the right to be exposed to both liberal and conservative points of view so that they can decide what they really believe (Horowitz calls it ‘the student’s bill of rights’). When he tries to speak on college campuses, the students are ready with tomatoes, turn their backs on him, shout so loud he can’t be heard… he has to bring security with him when he goes on a campus. After several books and DVD’s on the topic, it has only gotten worse (I don’t know if he’s given up yet or not… these days I believe he’s focused on educating all the citizens… before it’s too late). Other conservative would-be speakers have no better luck. The antisemetism is worse than ever.

    Not only have they set up a communist society, but they’ve done great damage to families. It has taken a while, but my sons and I speak and are close again (to the extent that we can be). as long as I stay far away from any subject that’s important…. as long as I stay far away from politics when I talk to them (or religion).

    Believe it or not, I’ve also seen examples of kids bringing their socialistic ideas home. Some parents who had little knowledge of history, the importance of our Constitution, the danger of Islam, etc., actually think their brilliant, newly educated kids are bringing home the “right” ideas. I’ve lost more than a few friends… it’s unbelievable.

    Now I realize that this has been going on for decades, and now they’re going after the K-12 kids with a vengeance (can you say ‘Common Core’)? My 11 yr old neighbor, a delightful, polite, intelligent girl, came home from school telling me she knew the Five Pillars of Islam. I asked her where she had learned that – where else? – “at school”. Oh, and get this: she continued, “We also learned that it’s wrong and not nice for Americans to think that Muslims are bad or that they’re trying to hurt people in America.” Great.

    @Julietsm, I didn’t have nightmares when I was little like you did, but I was obsessed with seeking reassurance from my parents (who told me about the horrors of tyrannical governments in history, and how lucky I was to live in a free country, the balance of powers, the Constitution, etc.) from my parents that America would ALWAYS be a free country. I needed to know that things like what happened in Nazi Germany could never happen here.They smiled and assured me that our government was set up so that things like that could never, never happen here.

    Ha! I must have been a psychic. Even as I, as a little girl, worried about these things, behind the scenes the plan was already in motion…

    The secret to taking away the greatest nation on earth? An uninformed, morally confused electorate. By all means, go after the children!

    Didn’t what’s-his-name say in his second inaugural address that he wants universal EARLY preschool? How early?: Two, maybe??

    God help us all…

    Adina, I didn’t know that even Israeli universities had this problem. That’s very disheartening, and very frightening…


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