Boston’s Chechen Bombers AND Their Saudi Counterpart(s): The “Non-Person of Interest”…Time To Smoke Him Out…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Pre-schoolers have a penchant for fertile imaginations, and it accounts for many of the monsters hiding under their toddler beds. And who hasn’t hugged them tight and comforted them from their bogeymen. But it also doesn’t mean that some of their fabrications aren’t self serving, especially when a handy treat (or two…or three…) awaits their sob story. Oh well, what is acceptable (often delicious) among the pre-school/toddler set is certainly off limits for adults, especially those in leadership positions! Or so one would think.

So when multiple bombs exploded in Boston this past April 15, rational folks expected that the powers that be had their facts straight, or at least fielded in the same direction. NOT so fast.

The question herein has been asked and answered: when does a person of interest cease to become one, at least under the criminal regime of Obama Inc? –

And when Iranian and Saudi jihad fuse, a wholly owned Obama media jumps to the regime’s rescue, even to the point of blaming “right wing” America for Islamic-fueled barbarism, as body parts littered Boston’s streets – Where are their inquiring minds? Flushed down the rabbit hole.

Adding insult to grave injury, if this American-Israeli knew about the Brotherhood’s “mobbed up” tentacles in Boston, with special focus paid to Cambridge and surrounding ‘nabes, then surely the authorities should have…or so one would think…and this was written Aug. 2012, a full 8 months before Boston’s jihad – …which in turn led the trail herein – Feds should start putting “you know who” on their payroll, having done much of the heavy lifting!

Alas, this blog wants to connect the dots, unlike Obama & surrogates, may they be damned to purgatory. As such, the Chechen connection with Saudi & Hezbollah Iranian agents became clear as bell, yet the Feds were – and still are – too busy covering up for the Islamist-in-Chief’s connections. So much so, in fact, justice for the bombing victims AND America will surely be swept under the rug, if  patriots don’t hound them – No matter, let us  use Oklahoma City as a blueprint for their deception, as Clinton’s mouthpieces wiped out Allah’s soldiers from the carnage, whitewashing the Mid East connection…oh yeah, McVeigh and Nichols were “lone wolves” –

Now let’s turn our rapt attention to the “disappearing” Saudi; now you see him, now you don’t. You know, the one who is at first a “person of interest”, but currently someone who has disappeared down the rabbit hole…Alice-in-Wonderland-like!

‘Is There A Third Boston Marathon Bomber?’

MAY 7, 2013 BY  – video embedded

In George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel 1984, high officials direct robotic bureaucrats to alter the past—“pushed down the memory hole” is the famous phrase–all in order to prop up the state apparatus. Names are changed, facts disappear, and new facts are born.

Let’s look at the past for a moment:

April 15, 2013, at 2:29 p.m.: a bomb goes off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A second bomb goes off thirteen seconds later.

A Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, near ground zero of the first blast, receives significant injuries to his legs, consisting of burns and embedded shrapnel.

He immediately runs from the scene and is quickly tackled by a bystander, thinking he is the bomber.

The police take him into custody and transport him to the hospital. At this point, he is only a person of interest.

By 4:46 p.m., he is named as a suspect and placed under armed guard.

At exactly 7:29 p.m., over twenty ATF, FBI, and DHS agents swarm Alharbi’s apartment in nearby Revere, carrying out dozens of bags of evidence.

Alharbi is quickly identified as having some connection to the bombing.

Slam dunk. Suspect identified and held accountable. Game over.

Not exactly. Enter the Saudi government.

At 10:00 a.m. the next day, Secretary of State John Kerry meets with with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. Shortly thereafter, President Obama meets with the Saudi ambassador, Adel al-Jubeir. Both meetings are unscheduled and held in secret (and more than likely concern Alharbi.)

At 4 p.m. the following day,  a criminal file is created for Alharbi, charging him with terrorism and linking him to the Boston bombing. The NTC (National Terrorism Center), under ICE,  classifies the matter under section 212 3B,  “Security and related grounds/Terrorist activities.” The Obama administration deems Alharbi a national security threat, but instead of arresting him, recommends he be deported.

Later that evening, Investigative Project on Terrorism chief Steve Emerson says on the Sean Hannity Show that according to his sources, Alharbi is being quietly deported at the request of the Saudi government.

At 5:35 p.m., Alharbi’s deportation file is altered—“cauterized” was the word an insider used— authorized from the highest levels, revoking deportation and further made to look like no deportation proceedings had been initiated.

This alteration is authorized by either the head of the National Security Agency or State Department (and may have been directly authorized by Barack Hussein Obama himself.)

When this information begins to leak to the media, Secretary of Homeland Security JanetNapolitano is summoned before Congress and questioned about the matter. She calls the information a rumor,  stating that Alharbi was not being deported and that he was never a suspect (and, when pressed, refuses to answer any further questions.)

The same day, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) states that the information about Alharbi is “categorically false.”

But according to a Congressional Source, the information released was in fact completely accurate.

Alharbi was in fact linked to the Boston terrorist attack. The Congressman who questioned Janet Napolitano, Rep. Jeff Duncan, was actually in possession of Alharbi’s file and knew that Napolitano was lying.

What else did we know about Alharbi?

When he received his student visa, he had been on a terrorist watch list and should have never been allowed into the country.

He has at least a dozen connections to al-Qaeda members, some presently being held in Gitmo.

And, probably most shocking of all, he was a regular visitor at the White House.

This is most likely the main reason Barack Obama tried to whisk him out of the country so quickly.

But alas, all was shoved down the memory hole, never to be heard about again.

Names were changed, facts disappeared, and new facts were born.

Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s 1984.

There comes a time when some lies no longer hold up under their own enormity, as evidenced within Benghazigate. Its pile of dung is blowing apart, even as this is being written. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the following: once an inveterate liar always a liar. But just as in Benghazigate (and hopefully Fast & Furious), it will take alternative media to shine a spotlight on the recesses of Obama Inc’s evil. Bear in mind, Oklahoma City may have turned its screws on Clinton Inc, if alternative media had been in place. 

Thus, it behooves this blog to lead the readership in a main direction, in the expectation they will extrapolate therein. Concomitantly, on top of all the evidence amassed in previously related commentaries, the caveat becomes: why was Alharbi a visitor at the White House, and a REGULAR one at that? The blood staining the streets, due to Boston’s jihad, flows from there!

14 thoughts on “Boston’s Chechen Bombers AND Their Saudi Counterpart(s): The “Non-Person of Interest”…Time To Smoke Him Out…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. The testimony in the Benghazi hearings today would in and of itself be enough to impeach any other U.S. President and destroy the career of the Hildabeast. The difference is that Nixon had the state-controlled media against him. In the end, it really was all about just a stupid break-in engineered by G. Gordon Liddy, but the media exploded it into the equivalent of the Reichstag fire. Never will happen today.
    I firmly believe that the “lost” Saudi was involved in the Boston bombing – either has a conspirator or, more likely, the commander. And no one has yet to explain why Moochelle visited him in the hospital and ignored the actual victims of this dastardly and cowardly act of terrorism.
    As to pre-schoolers and children – I have four grown children. They were raised with parents, grandparents and lots of uncles, aunts and cousins. They had stability and tradition in their lives. They are all very conservative and all doing well.
    My children were not raised imbued with the idea that all Jews and all Christians and all who do not worship an epileptic pedophile should be murdered. My children might “Boo” some of the people in the Boston marathon, but it would never occur to them to kill or maim them and the bystanders for no purpose but to glorify the “courage” of 7th century barbarians and their moon god.
    The Benghazi hearings today were great, but the vast majority of the low information voters ignored them. After all, how Kim Kardashian is doing in her pregnancy and what “cool” matrnity clothes she is wearing is the REAL story of the day, isn’t it?

    • Great commentary. As a native Bostonian, I followed this story closely. Kerry was kissing Saudi azzes and did not attend to the obvious, in his own home state. Then this scumball appears at the White House party for veterans on July 4th. All of my Boston friends, many of whom are very highly placed hospital employees told me that they were “instructed” not to tell anyone about the number of amputated limbs or other victim injury horrors.

  2. “Is the young Saudi a “Monica”? Well, doubtful that was his main mission…could be a “side benefit”…sort of like “friends with benefits”…but my high value contacts are steering me in a solid direction towards his Wahhabi roots (, and this is why the linked commentary was written…and also where Huma Abedin fits in…Saudi Sisterhood diva that she is….

    An authentic Islamic-hydra is steering the US ship of state, as well as some “reds” in tow…no kidding!

    • yes the Huma angle is distressing. too bad none of the congresscritters have the courage to call her for testimony. I am aware she would lie but it would be nice to see the machinations of the homo-in-chief and the hildabeast as they stutter (and McLame) and cry foul.

    • agree that it would not be the main mission but I can not see why he would ever go to the WH otherwise.

  3. …. a serious issue is that no one will step up and call the entire obama administration for what it is. an illegitimate, illegal and treasonous cabal.

    I do not see a happy ending. it is nothing less than a dictatorial take-over of the country.

  4. Almost all of what you mention is supprisingly legitimate and that makes me wonder the reason why I hadn’t considered this in this light before. This piece really did switch the light on for me personally in terms of this specific issue goes. Nonetheless there is just one issue I am not necessarily too comfy with so whilst I try to reconcile by using the main idea of your point, allow me see exactly what all the most of the readers need to point out.Well done.

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