BENGHAZIGATE’S Truths Ensnaring (Some) Leftist Media…Admitting That Qadaffi’s Main Beneficiary Is Al Qaeda…Addendum To: Benghazigate’s Stink Bombs…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Even a broken clock is right once, as such, the New York Times is tentatively/gingerly jumping aboard one such truth meter. But hell will undoubtedly freeze over before most of the media’s whores – deeply embedded in Obama’s pockets – hold the Pyromaniac’s feet to the fire. Instead of ‘yes, we can’ they prefer ‘no, we can’t! And this blogger asks: why the heck not?

Their linkage is much more sinister than the morphing of a toady media – much more. Their lock-step roots go back to their (mis)schooling days in America’s journalism schools – affectionately dubbed ‘J-school’ – which are part and parcel of their associated university campuses. And Columbia U’s J-school is one of the worst malefactors…and it is not for nothing its umbrella nickname (by thinking folks) is Bir-Zeit-on-the-Hudson. Vomit.

Besides, leftist academia is beyond redemption, as demonstrated throughout too many examples to wish away.

Its effects can be felt through its deadly lessons of PC ‘moral’ relativism; blow back which impacts/infuses every sphere of America’s hierarchy –….leaving many innocents dead in its wake.

For the greatest paradox of liberal democracies is also its gravest pitfall – … as so many generations of immoral relativists have wrecked havoc all over the globe, once they leave the indoctrinating forces of U.S./western universities of disrepute! And conservatives aren’t off the hook either. They abandoned academia and left it in the hands of radical leftists for decades. What a nightmare.

And not to appear too hysterical but the death of the west runs through its halls –

For the subversion of America tolerates Muslims (and others) in America plotting in plain sight – … yet leftist dementia eschews doing a damn thing about it.

The indoctrination at university (mental) boot camps is massive in scope. Their ‘teachings’ lead straight back to a leadership who executed what they learned in academia via Benghazigate and elsewhere. A + B….cause and effect. But it is not as if even their fealty to ‘The One’ will be enough to keep the truth from (eventually) surfacing via alternative media and their concerted digging.

Some of the death and destruction can be found within the stink bombs emanating from Benghazigate, as its cadre of enablers hail from the confines of some of the most elite institutions held in the death grip of western academia – as told within Emerson’s commentary below. What a shock…

‘Obama Arms The Enemy Again’ – Western Center For Journalism

DECEMBER 8, 2012 BY 

“In a rare moment of journalism, the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration secretly encouraged Arab countries to ship arms to rebel forces in Libya during the rebellion to oust longtime dictator Muammar Qaddafi. The arms were provided to the rebels and Islamic extremists with links to al Qaeda in a Muslim Brotherhood-sponsored insurrection to turn the oil-rich African nation into an Islamic republic.

The flow of weapons and supplies from al Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (with the help of the Administration-lead NATO airstrikes) overwhelmed the Libyan military and brought about the fall of the Qaddafi regime. Militant groups were well-armed and provided a viable threat to the current government of Libya and everyone else in the embattled nation. The unstable situation on the ground in Libya may very well repeat itself  in Syria, given the way events are unfolding. The current situation on the ground in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria is an indication that the Arab Spring movement touted by Barack Obama is turning out to be a miserable failure.

The Obama White House encouraged al Qatar and United Arab Emirates to arm the Libyan rebels and the Islamic extremists. Later, the President complained that the movement of arms was not coordinated with the White House to monitor who received the shipments of arms.  In war and disaster zones, proper logistics of equipment distribution never work as planned. To date, no administration has learned that simple lesson despite clear evidence of the truth, media rosy pictures notwithstanding.

The extremists were provided small arms; and as long as the press never reported it, no one was the wiser. The fact is Barack Obama encouraged Arab countries to arm al Qaeda in Libya and had the nerve to insist that the Emir of Qatar be transparent about his country’s involvement in Libya.

The al Qaeda-linked militants were well armed during the 7 hour siege of Benghazi; yet no one “knows” where the weapons came from? During the effort to remove Colonel Qaddafi from power, the Obama Administration and the CIA weren’t too concerned who received arms, as long as the Islamists were loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way, if you didn’t know, the Mein Kampf-inspired Muslim Brotherhood just happens to be the parent organization of al Qaeda.”

Alas, hell may be thawing a teeny tiny bit, as even liberal leftist David Ignatius is warming to the idea – Barack HUSSEIN Obama is enabling the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Well, color this blogger stupefied but it is not as if she hasn’t revealed all the linkage many moons ago.

Yet, it is still worth noting the following ‘revelation’:

‘Liberal writer David Ignatius: Obama ‘enabl(ing)’ Muslim Brotherhood’

by  on DECEMBER 9, 2012 

“Liberal Washington Post writer David Ignatius is coming to an interesting realization – Barack Obama is enabling the Muslim Brotherhood.

Duh, David. We non-elites outside of Washington, DC have been sounding that alarm for quite some time. Don’t let us get in your way, though.

Hit us with some brilliance.

Via WaPo:

How did Washington become the best friend of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even as President Mohamed Morsi was asserting dictatorial powers and his followers were beating up secular liberals in the streets of Cairo? It’s a question many Arabs ask these days, and it deserves an answer.

That faint glimmer of hope one might have that Ignatius is at least seeing the light, begins to flicker in the next paragraph:

Morsi and his Brotherhood followers are on a power trip after decades of isolation and persecution. You could see that newfound status when Morsi visited the United Nations in September and even more so during the diplomacy that led to last month’s cease-fire in Gaza, brokered by Morsi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Brotherhood leaders had gone from outcasts to superstars, and they were basking in the attention.

Isolation and persecution? Gee, David, do you think it’s possible that the problems might have been with the Brotherhood to begin with? You know, considering their goal has been an Islamic caliphate since their inception.

Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians in Islamic countries and compare to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe, click her for details.

And let’s be honest: The Obama administration has been Morsi’s main enabler. U.S. officials have worked closely with him on economic development and regional diplomacy. Visiting Washington last week,Morsi’s top aides were touting their boss’s close contacts with President Obama and describing phone calls between the two leaders that led to the Gaza cease-fire.

Morsi’s unlikely role as a peacemaker is the upside of the “cosmic wager” Obama has made on the Muslim Brotherhood. It illustrates why the administration was wise to keep its channels open over the past year of post-revolutionary jockeying in Egypt.

But power corrupts, and this is as true with the Muslim Brotherhood as with any other group that suddenly finds itself in the driver’s seat after decades of ostracism. Probably thinking he had America’s backing, Morsi overreached on Nov. 22 by declaring that his presidential decrees were not subject to judicial review. His followers claim that he was trying to protect Egypt’s revolution from judges appointed by Hosni Mubarak. But that rationale has worn thin as members of Morsi’s government resigned in protest, thousands of demonstrators took the streets and, ominously, Muslim Brotherhood supporters began counterattacking with rocks, clubs and metal pipes.

While it’s good that Ignatius is admitting that Obama is enabling Morsi, the former’s attempt to make lemonade out of some really sour lemons fails miserably. You see, when one applies Ignatius’ logic to Obama’s decision to cozy up to Morsi, that decision was the result of wisdom on the part of the administration after the fall of Mubarak. Uh, David, the Obama administration helped to facilitate the fall of Mubarak!

That part about Morsi being a “peacemaker” having an “upside” proves that Ignatius is nowhere close to understanding the situation.

Just when you think a liberal is ready to confront reality before it completely smacks him down, he manages to find a little more pride.

They just can’t admit when they’re wrong.

Read it all if you can muster the gumption.”

Welcome aboard, Davey boy…what took you so freakin’ long? Rhetorical question.

But if past is prologue it will take an earthquake – greater in scope than 9/1//01 – to shake many from their stupors. But it remains to be seen if anything will be left of America’s roots, but mostly in the intangible realm.

For once several generations become infected with leftist poisons, it is more than likely that it will take as many – if not more – generations to reverse course. And this is precisely what the pyromaniacs are banking on.

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