Congressional Rep Declares…Others On The Hill Agree Too: Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is Facilitating An Islamic Caliphate…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Welcome to Orwell’s Universe…Alice-in-Wonderland’s Looking Glass too! Westerners have entered an otherworldly dimension, the likes of which can aptly be described as a combination of a Red & Green morphing, as its colors swathe across the globe. And where/when its destructive patterning will end is anyone’s guess.

And this blogger is not referring to a weather related hell, as the oft repeated global disaster, disingenuously exhorted by global warming hoaxsters aka ‘climate change’ propagandists. Al Gore – and his filthy band of opportunists – can whistle Dixie but he is lying through his greedy, leftist, empty core.

But yours truly is referencing – once again – the tragic, dangerous state of affairs found within the halls of Congress, as well as inside all major power centers in the U.S. body politic. There is hardly a place where the tentacled, hydra-like Muslim Brotherhood Mafia has NOT infiltrated and penetrated to the max. 

So much evidence, but so little time and space…no matter…it is more than worth the heavy lifting.

The long and short of the Brotherhood’s plans are exposed within – – and few but the willfully deluded, as well as the malevolent, would dare disagree.

And who would believe that a vast segment of the Repubs are both dupes and dopes – – as they heralded the Arab ‘Spring’ nightmare at their last convention. Patriots, we are screwed with this sorry crew at the RINO helm.

The Dems…big surprise there…are fully behind the Islamists in America’s midst – heck, they are doing back flips.

Alas, the never gonna retire McCain rushed to the aid of the most dangerous Muslim Brotherhood operative in the U.S. body politic, bar none –

And the head Washington Islamist is, none other than, its wayward Commander-in-Chief, as he champions the Brotherhood’s grasp of power within the Mid East (and beyond) and Washington too! The long and short can be found within the hell unleashed on Israel’s southern border, due to the empowerment of Morsi’s Brotherhood Mafia. Yet who but a few even know that Morsi is its front man…even more ardent Islamists than Morsi are pulling the strings – No kidding.

Even more alarming, take a peek at the stats from within Egypt’s western armed war machinery…via billions of taxpayers dollars too –

So, isn’t the above more than enough proof to demonstrate Rep. Louie Gohmert’s case (one of a paltry few saner reps, alongside Bachmann), cogently expressed through the following link?

‘Infiltration: Rep. Louie Gohmert says a ‘bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members’ giving Obama administration ‘advice’ – embedded video

by  on NOVEMBER 29, 2012 in BLOGGENERAL

“In a radio interview with Frank Gaffney, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), one of the five congressmen who sent five letters to five separate Inspectors General last June over concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, expressed that the Obama administration’s decisions relative to the ‘Arab Spring’ were ‘horrendous’.

Gohmert went on to say that the only way such decisions could have been made was if ‘a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members (are) giving them (administration) advice’.

Via MediaIte:

MediaIte also reported that Gohmert alleged Obama’s actions / inactions indicate that the president wants the return of the Ottoman Empire.”

A timeless saying, sleeping/dealing/consorting with the devil is often used to describe what happens when one aligns and hooks up with devilish players. The blow back is often worse than the original set of circumstances, yet few think past the immediate unfolding events. Fatal error.
And it is not as if one can avoid dealing with unsavory characters for ‘this and that’. But if those who hold the reins of power – or serve as one of their surrogates – have anti-American (western) outlooks, then the only winners are the enemies of western civilization. 
In this regard, consider the charges laid out by Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Bachmann and allies, as nothing less than clarion calls to save the (burning) Republic.
And the above is hardly an overstatement. Quite the opposite.
America’s edifice is on fire!

5 thoughts on “Congressional Rep Declares…Others On The Hill Agree Too: Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is Facilitating An Islamic Caliphate…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. For those not paying attention, here’s the deal: Collapsing the American economy is simply a (pleasant) diversion for Obama as he attends to his primary goal, the spread radical islam and a new caliphate. No other plausible explanation exists for his behavior:

    Obama has both Stalin and Brezhnev beat in assassinating people all over the planet, toppling regimes in his way and destablizing an entire region of the globe:

    Obama IS the enemy. And since it is way past obvious the American military is as far in the tank for Obama as is the American media, it is going to be up to Mosaad to tix the problem. This problem is NOT going away on its own, and the damage to the West if it is not stopped will be catastrophic. I recently saw a cute little post on facebook about how with Mossaad it’s never an accident. Well, how ABOUT an accident. How about NOW?

    Well, Israel? We’ve protected you through think and think for decades. It is now time to return the favor if you want America to remain in the Free World and not be the foundation of despotic islamism globally.

    What is it going to be?

  2. “America’s edifice is on fire!” And the majority of Americans don’t know enough, don’t want to know enough, or care enough to put out the fire. They simply want to keep on keeping on – living in their tiny little bubbles of pure fantasy.

  3. Collapsing America’s economy is a strategic diversion for obamas enabling the rise of radical Islam. And Americans are paying attention to only the diversion no matter how many of us are yelling “Fire!” Why? Because obamas black and we MUST be racist to oppose even obamas diversion. He is laughing his ass off, btw, as even our “intelligence” services seem unable to save freedom & liberty. Someone needs to stop this man. Now. Mossaad? We’ve been helping Israel for decades – how about a little assist here? Now would be good. Sooner would be better.

  4. Well, there is a damn good reason why a Second Amendment was put in place…and another damn good reason why Obama and gangsters are desperate to eviscerate it. This ain’t rocket science.

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