SEALS Vent Their Wrath…Their Pain Too…Indicting The Wayward ‘Commander-in-Chief’…Brief Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

While the verdict will soon be in, it is highly germane to inject the thoughts of those who give so much to their nation’s survival.

And when a leadership betrays those whose lives LITERALLY hang in the balance, while operating in the service of their country, can anyone imagine what wreckage they are capable of heaping, upon those who are most vulnerable – the children and elderly?

‘Navy SEALs Expose Obama’

In this shocking video, United States Navy SEALs reveal that the SEAL community is not voting for President Obama because of his conduct as Commander in Chief.

Shiver us all timbers….


6 thoughts on “SEALS Vent Their Wrath…Their Pain Too…Indicting The Wayward ‘Commander-in-Chief’…Brief Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. My lovely bride of 30yrs appreciates your work on val gal jerrette, lack of capitals noted. She is also in Nuclear Science, she drives the “lead Sled” on backshift for Dose Lab or dosiometric services. She can drive a “gamma spec” device, made by canberra out of Ct. Capable of detecting minute or discrete radioactive particles, like might be in soil around Parchin test site

    Thomas James Olsen .

  2. This is off topic Ms. Adina, are you familiar with the “food Prize” . Last Year a dual citizen, Israeli American secured said prize for micro irrigation. This turned my eye to examinine how a stand alone system could be developed. Well today, I believe I answered my question. Today the patent process started. My beloved friend is a P.E , trained at Worcester polytec is lending a hand. I have formulated a system that requires little energy to water plants at the base or tap root as opposed to the drip margin using easily formed materials all bioenert. forgive my spelling. the breackthrough came today infront of said friend. his mind is almost photograpic, His brother studied at MIT in CS. then worked for Dartmoth. Wrote Code using Python, taught to him at MIT, I believe. You see I self teach then go to the institution and test, pay the money and collect the Degree, as i learn at a gifted rate, not my words, to shy to use, I don’t name drop either, to crass and lowbrow, besides i give away more intellectual property as I believe knowledge is free to all except the Chinese Government. with that said I want to share more with you without a non disclosure agreement. you have contacts at institutions that i need to cooperate with,but the cat cannot be let out of the bag as some materials are copyrighted . they haven’t come close to joining these technologies as I stay current on such things

    Thomas J. Olsen/Mott Sapple

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