The Continued Adventures of The “Down Low” POTUS & His (Previous) “Body Double”, Reggie Love…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

A guy’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, even if one is the leader of the free world. As many are aware, there are certain urges which can’t be squelched, at least if one is used to doing whatever, wherever, and whoever one desires. Such is the case with Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the master of his domain. The universe too.

Some may have missed this bit of news: the POTUS partook in a “mini golf vacation” last weekend (wifey was away with “the girls”, but don’t scoff, let’s not be mean spirited, they all needed a good rest from their Hawaiian vacation, a little over a month ago), but who can keep up with his/their jaunts. Besides, we are not talking about a hard worker. Alas, he needs his nappy time, nookie time and golf time, but not necessary in that order.

Regardless, his R & R didn’t sit well with the usual subservient, lap dog White House press corps, you know, the guys and gals hanging in thrall with his every word. They moaned and groaned about their TOTAL lack of access. Poor dears…they should live a day in this blogger’s shoes…what do they have to complain about?

‘Private club: Obama spends 3rd straight day hidden on links’

“Undeterred by complaints from the White House press corps about a lack of access, President Obama is spending President’s Day playing his third straight day of golf during a secluded guy’s weekend at an exclusive golf compound in Florida…….” . Again, a guy’s gotta do what he gotta do, but that doesn’t mean his scribblers like being ignored. They have their pride -

But, he couldn’t avoid them altogether, he is not yet crowned King. Give it some time.

‘Obama Talks Off Record With Press on Flight Home

Returns with Reggie Love’.

8:03 PM, FEB 18, 2013 • BY DANIEL HALPER
“President Obama has returned to Washington, from his solo vacation. He finally talked with the press on the ride back.

Via the pool report:

AF1 wheels down Andrews at 7:45pm. POTUS came back to have a 10-minute off the record talk with pool at the end of the flight.

Reggie Love departed AF1 soon after POTUS, apparently a guest for the weekend.

Marine One wheels up 7:55 pm”

Now if we were referring to wild Billy-boy Clinton, the POTUS who couldn’t stop his urges long enough from diddling the intern under the Oval desk, at least we knew which way he swung. However, the Radical-in-Chief has other interests, most especially, he is hooked on Reggie Love, a hunk of loving. You can’t make this stuff up…the POTUS is in love with Love.

As such, a recap is in order, and see what conclusions you come to. Don’t take the above as the last word on this delicate matter.

‘The Return Of Obama’s ‘Body Man’ - 

“The former personal aide to Barack Obama known as the president’s “body man,” Reggie Love, resurfaced on the eve of the Republican National Convention to support his old boss.”

“Hired as Obama’s “deputy political director,” the Duke University basketball and football star was the constant companion of the president for two years before resigning last November.”

“The White House explained Love had decided to pursue further studies at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, but the Internet, at the time, was abuzz with speculation that Love was dismissed because of the wide circulation of compromising photographs of him when he was a college student. The photos purported to show a heavily inebriated Love surrounded by fellow students assisting him in engaging in a homosexual act at a party on the rival University of North Carolina campus.” -

One shouldn’t think that Reggie Love inducted him into the “down low” lifestyle, not at all – . Recall, Rev Wright and his “guiding” hands.

And not to beat it to death, but the media jackals are belatedly feeling restless - …he may want to reconsider his bragging rights, citing his administration as the most “transparent” on record. Oh yeah.

For the real record, let’s just conclude that the work-weary POTUS required some “down time”. So he went golfing in Florida, and then mixed it up with some ” good lovin’ “.   

As “Porky Pig” always signed off, ” That’s All Folks” ! -


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18 thoughts on “The Continued Adventures of The “Down Low” POTUS & His (Previous) “Body Double”, Reggie Love…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Adina,You are very brave .I think you must live in a bunker,Way down deep at least I hope so.This is getting dangerous if you know what I mean. BobNZ

    • Living in the Middle East is a hair’s breath away from all things dangerous.Everything else pales.

      As to other matters, no worries. It’s the least of it. Besides, I am not making anything up. There are some (those I know, others I don’t) taking many more risks. They are my heroes.

  2. Bathhouse Barry has been “that way” for a long time and a lot of people know it. Enquiring minds want to know if he plans on coming out so he can be the First Gay Potus. Or maybe it would be the first “Bi” Potus so Michelle doesn’t have a conniption. I’ve long passed being shocked about this and can now joke about it.

  3. So, it seems he’s a knob gobbler. Well, that certainly explains the sour-assed look on his wife’s face and why she’s always taking separate ‘vacations’.

    • Well, let’s just agree that you have topped my verbiage, which is not easy to do. But the crux of the issue is that he is ripe for much blackmail, and this is not a laughing matter!

      On the other hand, if one doesn’t laugh one surely cries, over the debasing state of America’s ship of state. Really.

  4. Words could never express the revulsion most Americans feel about Obama, and the main stream media who love him so much. He is doing his dead-level best to destroy my country!

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  12. Dr. John Drew, Ornage County, CA, is also a contributor at The American Thinker,, PJMedia and David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine.

    Early in 2008, this reformed Occidental College Marxist told of his encounter with than College Marxist Barry, a gay looking arrogant narcissist and his Paki partner, the media chose to ignore him, he wrote several takes for American Thinker and was widely quoted and interviewed by many outlets:

    His home page has numerous links and features his main takes, that few cared to read:
    Dr. Drew is also a contributor at The American Thinker,, PJMedia and David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine.

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