Kinda Creepy, Kinda Weird: Ron DeSantis Spends First 30 Seconds of Gloomy Launch Ad Ending with Him Walking Behind Dark Curtain, the Second Dark Curtain in the Ad, Because One Dark Curtain is Not Enough (VIDEO) +

By Adina Kutnicki

THE Guv. should stick in his lane, that is, maintaining Florida as a top destination for all the right (no pun intended) reasons. This is an unassailable fact.

BUT that success was hardly his alone. For proof in the pudding, so to speak, the 2 links at the end of “Kinda Creepy….” are more than instructive and evidentiary trails. Indeed, he is hardly ready to save the nation — and that is atop a pile-up of hinky behavior!

IN this regard, as always, you decide.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Jim Hoft | May 24, 2023

Kind of creepy.
Kind of weird.

Governor Ron DeSantis released his first campaign ad on Wednesday during his public announcement with Elon Musk on a Twitter Space.

In the Governor’s first ad he spent the first 20 seconds talking about the country’s current decline. he spent the first ten seconds with a dark background. He then walks out from behind the dark curtain. Then he clumsily climbs a set of stairs (A bad move using stairs. People rarely look their best walking stairs.) Then he walks behind another dark curtain. The second dark curtain in the ad. That was the first 30 seconds.

What was that? Was he trying to scare us?
It was a total miss.

Ron needs new handlers and quick. First they told him to wait three days before he attacked the New York City DA for his unprecedented bullsh*t lawfare case against President Trump. A huge miss for the governor.

Then he attacked Trump for being with a stripper to be cute. Another big miss that pissed off anyone paying attention.

And now his campaign announcement opens with two dark curtains – because one was not enough.

What say you?

Click to view one video explosion here….and other damning videos below, too.

Trump Responds To DeSantis Presidential Announcement With Two New Videos

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