Janet Yellen Linked To SVB Bank Collapse + PROOF: Governments Used COVID as Scare Tactic to Push Dictatorial Control, Violate Freedom

By Adina Kutnicki

Absolute Power Corrupts Quotes

HIDDEN beneath every single traitorous dictate via the Deep State Mafia (within America and beyond), yes, underlies one main objective: lust-driven power and control!!

NOW, but for the fact that ALL major institutions in America have been infiltrated, penetrated, and indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism, that is, over many decades — most perniciously, by capturing the hearts and minds of generations of students via the entire, snake-like, and tentacled educational apparatus; from kindergarten to the university level — rational folks would not be witnessing the Step-ford mirroring of so many generations; students, teachers and administrators, in toto. A major knock-on effect is the wholesale ignorance of historical facts. 

SO much so, they are incapable of recognizing that the Democrat Party is responsible for the most vicious apartheid in American history: slavery!

AMONG others and in support thereof, 

TO wit, as reported at Conservative Firing via WND News Center:

An investigative reporter has revealed a link between Janet Yellen, who is Joe Biden’s treasury secretary, and the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

The bank serving mostly tech startups was shut down on Friday after failing, while Biden and others promised no depositor would be forced to bear losses.

It is Paul Sperry, a New York Post columnist and longtime Hoover Institute media fellow, who posted his discovery on social media.

continue reading the treacherous, devastating, and traitorous truths here…..
EVEN more so, if history is any guide….that is, if the miseducated were being taught fact-based history….well, shades of the 1930’s (due to the current bank collapses, and so much more) would be sending shivers up most spines ala dot after dot!
ALL of which links back to the main thesis within: sans a scintilla of a doubt, the collapse of a Constitutional, freedom-based America is underpinned by the Deep State Mafia’s unquenchable lust for total power and control!
IN this regard, take it to the (historical and mental) bank:

Those who have claimed for three years that COVID was only called a “pandemic” so that governments around the world could field test dictatorial controls to take people’s freedom away appear now to have been 100 percent right.

For years the center right has been saying that the real purpose of the scamdemic was to give governments the excuse to implement autocratic, un-democratic powers to lay waste to the economy, pump up the power of the state, and to see just how much they could get away with to take away the freedom of the common rabble whom they so despise.

Well, now we see that this is 100 percent true by the release of a treasure trove of WhatsApp messages posted behind the scenes among officials of the freedom-hating British government.


One message is particularly pointed. It is from Matt Hancock, who at the time was the Health Minister in the United Kingdom.

In this message, Hancock was querying his fellow despots asking, “When do we deploy the new variant?”

Now, he wasn’t saying that the government was releasing a COVID variant itself. What he was talking about was when the government was going to deploy its next round of anti-democratic controls on the populace.

The story came from the Telegraph:

read on to internalize the horrific truths and proofs, that is, if you dare!!
AND one more proof-in-the-pudding, so to speak….

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

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