Biden Promises Zelenskyy a “Stake in the United States”….Meanwhile, Delta Force Arrests Suspicious “Tourists” Near Mar-a-Lago

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR the most incisive overview of what lies in wait and what is at stake, the following video is beyond evidentiary. Frightenly, so.

AS an adjunct, a partial rendition of the purposeful fires set by the Biden-Obama 3.0 regime — through their proxy forces in Ukraine — can be read below.

BEAR in mind: while the components to World War 3 are now in place, it makes evil sense that the Deep State Mafia would send ‘tourists’ to spy on Mar-a-Lago — all their denials notwithstanding.

ONTO the staged horror show…..

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | February 20, 2023

US President Joe Biden made a surprise trip to Kyiv on February 20, 2023, ahead of the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Illegitimate President Joseph R. Biden has promised Volodymyr Zelenskyy “a stake in the United States” as a reward for “staying the course,” according to audio Russia’s Federal Service Bureau (FSB) obtained shortly after Biden’s fake Air Force One landed in Kyiv Monday morning. The unannounced 5-hour stopover took place immediately after the criminal president and his entourage visited Poland.

While criminals Biden and Zelenskyy toured the gold-domed St. Michael’s Cathedral, President Trump in Florida received an urgent call from none other than Vladimir Putin, who said undercover intelligence agents in Kyiv had recorded a “dire” snippet of conversation that Trump had to hear at once, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News. On it, a man sounding like Biden said, “You know, pal, if we win, you’re getting a stake in the U.S. It’s all about staying the course, and we’ll do our part to make that happen,” to which Zelenskyy replied through a translator, “I’d expect nothing less.”

In a second conversational fragment, Biden said, “I’ve talked to [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz and [French President Emmanuel] Macron. Any aid sent your way is yours to keep. Just don’t forget to keep making that ‘candy,’ friend.”

Candy is Biden’s codeword for adrenochrome, a pharmaceutical amalgam of adrenal fluid siphoned from frightened children and synthetic opiates such as fentanyl and oxycodone and a staple product among Deep State elites who claim it extends life, invigorates the senses, and enhances sexual prowess. Putin has been waging war against adrenochrome manufacturers in Ukraine.

Trump asked Putin why his men didn’t arrest or “deal with” Zelenskyy and Biden on the spot, killing two birds with one stone. Putin said his 2-man surveillance team was no match for Biden and Zelenskyy’s joint security force, which, Putin added, included at least 50 heavily armed American mercenaries.

“President Trump, we share much in common; you love your country and I love mine. These demons want to globalize both of our nations. Their only allegiance is to the pedophiles and the highest bidders. The evil one, Barack Hussein Obama, sold much of your country to China, and his slave now wants to sell the rest. If they come to Russia, they will fail. We will crush them,” Putin told Trump.

Trump acknowledged the concern, replying, “I understand, and we’re working hard here, very, very hard to fix all the damage, and it was a lot of damage, the likes of which no country has ever seen. You know I must be careful what I say.”

Fixing the damage was a reference to Deep State arrests and executions, our source later said.

“I admire the many tall buildings in the United States and yours in New York City. It would be a shame if Biden fell out of one,” Putin said, alluding to a spate of anti-Putin pedophiles who mysteriously fell from rooftops or windows. “We deal with these things differently.”

In closing, our source said Putin sent Trump a copy of the audio, which has been forwarded to U.S. Army Cyber Command for authentication.

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