The Fall-Out Continues From the ‘Masters of the Universe’ – Air Travel Near-Misses + Depopulation…Connect the Dots! Video Back-ups.

By Adina Kutnicki

FROM deep inside the anti-American bowels of ‘permanent Washington’, there is less than spitting distance between the Deep State Mafia and a revolving door of unelected criminals congregating in Davos; one and the same, regardless of locale.

INDEED, they are the absolute power brokers. So much so, these anti-human villains ‘war-gamed’ the very same covid outbreak, yes, before it exploded across the globe! Hmm. ‘Prophetic.’

MORE specifically, their machinations operate via sundry hidden hands — incontestably, the wizards behind the national/global curtains! This has been ongoing for decades, and critical mass is around the corner.

IT is through this basic, critical understanding of geo-politics that all of the so-called random chaos, death, and destruction veers into sharp focus. Incontestably. they are designed to operate as force multipliers. By extrapolation, none of it is happenstance, be it national or global. In a nutshell, they are inextricably linked. 

ALAS, we can now add to the plandemic’s wicked fall-out back-to-back, sky-high (near) disasters — some of which have already been documented within these pages.

SO, inquiring minds demand to know: Why is it that a pilot’s health is no longer a top priority, that is, as the goal posts have been downgraded re heart-health??

AND, if the above isn’t enough to evidence their evil intent, just pay heed to their own words. Namely, haven’t they been open about their quest towards depopulation, and their planning towards the advent of transhumanism??


CONCLUSIVELY, is it any wonder that a Herculean effort was made by Big Pharma, that is, part and parcel of the players within, to create massive lies around the poisonous mRNA vax?? 


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