“It’s a Clean Up Job…They Are Trying to Cover-Up Something Else” – Christina Bobb on Biden’s Classified Document Crimes

By Adina Kutnicki

UNDERLYING the mountain of lies permeating the entire Deep State Mafia apparatus, one would be hard-pressed not to find a legion of spin doctors. Yes, poised and ready to spring into action! Incontestably, Mafia-style.

TO said end, there is little need to explain to those who have been paying even a modicum of attention the following: whatever conservatives are accused of, trust, the radical left have been there and done that. In spades. Simple as that.

IPSO FACTO, the above video serves as a two-fer: a full-on inquiry of the latest con-job, and, with it, an explanatory memorandum. 

ALIGNED with the twisted tales and trails to the latest clean up job from the Dem Mafia, look no further.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Joe Hoft | January 16, 2023

Steve Bannon invited Christina Bobb on the War Room to discuss the Biden’s classified document crimes.

Bannon shared that Bobb is not simply a lawyer, but she is a Marine Corps Major.  He also said he didn’t want to take the bait between Trump and Biden’s classified document cases because there’s no comparison.

Bannon went on to mention that Dana Remus, Biden’s former White House Counsel, is not “doing storage movement”.

“You don’t have arguably the most powerful lawyer in Washington DC.  I say Bob Bauer and her are the most powerful lawyers because they represent Joe Biden as a person.  She represented the office of the President as White House Counsel and now she’s not over there rumaging… and they moved these things multiple times.

Even NBC notes these are the most classified documents we have.  They have compartmented top secret, we know they are about Ukraine.  They already leaked that…Why would a personal lawyer of Biden be rummaging around that closet ma’am?

Bobb replied:

Quite possibly.  I think you hit the nail on the head earlier in the show.  It’s a clean-up job.  There’s no reason for her to be out there, other than they are trying to cover up something else.

And if you have Adam Schiff, the New York Times, CNN, and all these Democrats saying, oh his inadvertent mishandling of classified documents.  They’re all singing that song.  It lets you know that that’s the cover-up it’s not the actual story.  So I don’t think the actual story has come out yet.

Bobb goes on to say:

The fact that it is about Ukraine is extremely, extremely interesting… I don’t believe for a second that the media is telling the story honestly.

Much was said before Bannon shared the following about the corrupt Democrats and their response to Biden’s classified document crimes:

They are in full panic mode.  You can’t get any folks heavier on the Democratic side.

Watch the entire interview below:

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