The Biased Corruption of FEMA….Deep State Storm-Troopers!

By Adina Kutnicki

President Joe Biden participates in a briefing on hurricane season at FEMA headquarters in May.

FOR years, the Deep State Mafia has been up to its neck in every agency — even the so-called emergency management arm has not escaped its grasp. Evil on its face.

HIDDEN beneath its political weaponization, countless truly believe that they are the ‘good guys!’ In a pig’s eye.

FOR the record: in a nutshell….

SO, to those in the know, it is par for their crooked course that any help to Commiefornia (or like-minded blue Demster-driven states) is gonna be ACTUAL assistance, as opposed to the thuggish actions re red state ‘disaster relief!’

AS is said, the proof is in the pudding.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter| January 12, 2023

There is a significant disparity between how the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responded to the recent California floods versus how it treated displaced Floridians in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian last September, according to a White Hat study chronicling the agency’s perpetual misdeeds against American citizens.

After Ian, a powerful Cat 4 Atlantic hurricane, levelled parts of southwest Florida, upending lives and flattening homes, FEMA rolled into town and began preying on elderly retirees who had lost everything to the monstrous storm. FEMA’s presence, though, proved to be equally catastrophic: Marauding agents rampaged through Naples, stealing cash, gold, and guns from flooded homes, and threatened to shoot anyone standing in their way. Only White Hat intervention curtailed FEMA’s criminality—servicemembers under Gen. David H. Berger’s command repelled FEMA and recovered stolen property.

A comparable situation played out in October 2018, when Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle as a colossal Cat 5 storm, the strongest since 1992’s Andrew. It unleashed a trail of destruction across 200 miles that splintered houses, peeled off roofs and stirred up a terrifying surge of seawater that submerged entire neighborhoods and sent boats careening down city streets. As winds abated and floodwaters receded, FEMA pillaged impoverished Panhandle communities.

Contrast those examples—and they are only two of many—to how FEMA reacted to this month’s floods in California. Torrential rainfall has inundated communities, created sinkholes, swamped homes, and contributed to at least 18 fatalities.

After Biblical rainfall submerged homes in Santa Clara County’s city of Gilroy, scores of FEMA agents began arriving in motorized watercraft—not as adversaries but as benefactors. They distributed food and water, escorted evacuated persons to shelter, and even helped residents lay sandbags to keep encroaching floodwaters at bay. Unlike the aforementioned examples, these agents carried no weapons and had no interest in ransacking homes or tormenting victims. They came to help as per their job description, at least on paper.

And in Chatsworth, a city north of Los Angeles, FEMA aided in the rescue of 34 people, including 18 homeless on an island in the Ventura River. FEMA spokesperson Kim Fuller said in a press release that the agency would take part in all rescues, including saving the “unhoused.”  The word “unhoused” is the Left’s politically correct word for “homeless.”

We should compare her statement against the way FEMA regarded homeless during Hurricane Katrina. FEMA snipers perched atop the Louisiana Superdome gunned down homeless persons either entering or desperately looking to escape the stadium. Those managing to elude gunfire were picked up and put on FEMA barges, never to be seen again.

The White Hat study scrutinized 50 FEMA deployments between 1986-currently, and the conclusion is alarming. In situations where FEMA visited Democrat-ruled, Left-leaning states, the agency was quick to render genuine assistance. Conversely, when agents arrived in Republican states—primarily those with strong pro-2nd Amendment appeal—they routinely partook in a campaign of malicious terror against the populace.

The conclusion is further evidenced by FEMA’s bias in processing flood insurance claims. It has been rubberstamping approvals in California, even before adjusters had a chance to analyze claims. Not a single California claim has been denied or delayed for adjudication. On the other hand, claims filed for damage associated with Hurricane Michael were either summarily denied or are still sitting in limbo; hundreds of homeowners haven’t been reimbursed a dime.

“FEMA must be defunded and abolished, and if we can help make that happen, we will,” a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. “It’s time their lawlessness comes to an end.”

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