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American Leftists and Israeli Leftists Terrified of Strong Patriots/Populists: Herein Lies the Nexus

By Adina Kutnicki

Often coined “twins separated at birth”, powerful leftists in America and Israelare one and the same.

Alas, like night follows day, the left’s knives are in hyper-drive with Bibi Netanyahu’s most recent electoral win. With a strong showing by right-wing nationalist Zionists, the left’s heads are exploding. Enter: Baruch Marzel, an MK from Otzma Yehudit – an unabashed, unapologetic, national religious party! His party has become a powerful force by joining hands with the 3rd largest party in Israel, Religious Zionism.

Back to “the twinning”.

Though they impart their totalitarian tactics in a different language, the end-game is always the same: through censoring and shaming in the court of public opinion, the truth-teller will become radioactive. Think: Rules for Radicals. Never mind that a populist majority believes otherwise!

As such, the following exposé has as much to do with America as it does with Israel. Read on.

Back in the day (more precisely, November 25, 2005), this investigative journalist was tasked with publicizing an unvarnished reporton a most public assassination – namely, that of Rabbi Kahane, (of blessed memory) at the Marriott Hotel in New York City in 1990. Alas, 15 years after this brazen jihadi attack, the aforementioned assignment came to fruition. Its basis was not an accident, nor happenstance. Its timing was hardly incidental, too.

Intrinsically, it is imperative to note: NYPD top brass were threatened (through various pressure points) not to go public with their findings – that which were developed via a connect-the-dots, Herculean investigation. Rest assured, some of the basis for the silencing can be gleaned by examining the aforementioned 2005 unvarnished report.

First things first.
Though recognized for delving into the underbelly of thorny subjects – where few other journalists dare to tread – even so, this particular request was impossible to say no to. This was so due to the direct involvement of anti-terror agent NYPD Homicide Detective Mordecai (Morty) Dzikansky (Israel National News, March 19, 2022), this writer’s brother, the lead detective- investigator on the assassination.
Not only that, the primary witness tag-teamed with Detective Dzikansky to ensure that all evidentiary material, in tandem with internal investigative findings, was made available at this end. Box after box….after box. It was akin to an avalanche.
Most significantly, Detective Dzikansky (with a hand-picked, well-oiled team, and a fluent Arabic speaker in tow) cracked the case, so to speak. Its major findings, once pieced together (in mid-1992), were nothing short of explosive. Catastrophic. Ready….set….blow…at the time of their (jihadi) choosing! Schematics included. Hint: The Twin Towers.
But, as always, backgrounders are in order. The following foretaste sets the stage(Israel National News, December 21, 2021):
Mordecai Dzikansky—author of Terrorist Cop: The NYPD Jewish Cop Who Traveled the World to Stop Terrorists and Terrorist Suicide Bombings: Attack Interdiction, Mitigation, and Response—is a retired NYPD homicide and counter-terrorism detective who specializes in terrorism awareness and training. Dubbed as the “terrorist cop,” the titles of his two books speak for themselves. In 1993, after a rash of synagogue burglaries in the Metropolitan area, Detective Dzikansky was selected as lead investigator of the then newly formed specialized Torah Task Force. The task force affected numerous arrests and successfully recovered many of the sacred Torah scrolls.
In addition, Detective Dzikansky was selected to work on terror related investigations, including the murders of MK Meir Kahane and Ari Halberstam (Brooklyn Bridge murder)….
Now that that is clarified (having been clued in from the onset), finally, the fully threaded dots were given the go-ahead for public consumption.
Resultant, The Opening of Jihad on US Soil was born (Israel National News, November 25, 2005).

The logical conclusion that Rabbi Kahane’s supporters drew from his murder was crystal clear. Strangely, it coincided with the assessment of the Islamic jihad: if they can eliminate a problematic “radical” rabbi on US soil and get away with it, then the hitherto invincible and impenetrable US would become open for their jihad.

Ever since the horrific public assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane at the Marriott Hotel in New York City in 1990, there has been a small, yet vocal group of individuals trying to get certain US authorities – both state and federal – to pay attention to his murder. Their many entreaties both for personal justice and for a wider investigation fell on deaf ears. Nonetheless, the ramifications from the inaction of these US authorities can no longer be ignored.

This small group’s personal pain at the rabbi’s cold-blooded assassination fueled their initial anguished pleas. However, there was much more underlying their silenced screams. Just as surely as night follows day, they were convinced about one glaring aspect of Rabbi Kahane’s murder: it was the opening salvo by Islamic terrorists in their ongoing war against the US, perpetrated on US soil. Previously, during the 1970s and the 1980s, the Islamists shot several devastating hits aimed at US interests overseas. Not this time.


continue reading here.
Fast forward to Baruch Marzel: 9/11 happened because Rabbi Kahane’s murder wasn’t investigated (Israel National News, November 11, 2022).
In this regard (as an amplifier to the above link), the facts contained within this analysis are meant to serve as additional context and backgrounder.
Most tellingly, it is entirely the case that the FEDS utterly refused to interface (to the point of playing “hide and seek”) with Detective Dzikansky and his stellar team.
No matter.
In a nutshell, his cracker-jack investigators devised “inventive” ways to leave (copies) all of their evidentiary trails at their doorsteps – with video/audio tapes of said hand-overs. No place to run. No place hide.
More specifically, undeterred, Dzikansky and his team made their way to intelligence-developed hidey-holes – with special laser-like focus on Brooklyn mosques scattered throughout Atlantic Avenue and nearby locales.
To wit, this one and that one was scooped-up (trust, saw the pics….heard the tapes, with attendant Arabic translation, when necessary) for interrogation. Some were longer-term “guests” at a particular NYPD safe-house. Afterwards, this intel was immediately shared with both the heads of the FBI in NY and their Washington counterparts. CIA, alike.
Atop the FED’s obfuscation, once personally confronted, each agency head – with the FBI and the CIA in the forefront – regurgitated one tall-tale after another re the “supposed” tie-ins to the jihadi facts presented. This “see no evil, hear no evil” mindset allowed them to ignore the whys and wherefores of the assassination, as well as the looming dangers ahead; a two-tier crime of omission. Inexorably, the 1993 and 2001 attacks were not out of the blue!
In no uncertain terms, Rabbi Kahane’s (of blessed memory) assassination was “the opening shot” of a “grand jihad” on US soil.
No doubt, the FEDS share equal blame with the jihadis – it wouldn’t have happened without their unfathomable efforts to play deaf, dumb, and blind. After all, they were handed a roadmap by the NYPD!!
This is the G-d’s honest truth. Believe it or not.
May G-d bless (and protect) America and Israel.

(Cross-referenced at ConservativeFiringLine)

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