Military Arrests US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink

By Adina Kutnicki

THE fog of war, by nature, is foggy. But when it comes to the Biden regime’s gung-ho push towards “saving” Ukraine, at all costs, well, nothing is as it seems. Smoke and mirrors.

ON its face, 

ONCE internalized, it boils down to,

WITH that in mind, it is not at all shocking to find out,

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 10, 2022

US Special Forces on Saturday arrested US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Ann Brink on charges of treason, after White Hats at Cyber Command discovered she had been clandestinely hand-delivering enormous amounts of cash to Ukrainian officials in the war-torn country known for harboring pedophiles and bioweapon scientists.

Brink’s brief tenure ended abruptly when an unknown number of Special Forces surrounded her family’s 20-acre vacation home in Ferndale, California, a remote coastal community near the mouth of the Eel River. After disabling an intricate security system and using a circular glass cutter to make entry through a dining room window, Special Forces found Brink asleep in bed. Brink, startled awake, shouted, “I have powerful friends,” as Special Forces sealed her mouth with tape, cuffed her, and egressed to a civilian van waiting at the property’s edge.

Bridget Ann Brink was in April 2022 nominated by globalist Joseph R. Biden to be the US Ambassador to Ukraine, and had previously served as the US Ambassador to Slovakia from August 2019 until May 2022. On May 18, 2022, the committee reported her favorably to the Senate floor. Her nomination process was fast-tracked, and she was unanimously confirmed by the entire Senate via voice vote later that day. She presented her credentials on May 30, 2022, and took office during the 2022 Russian conflict with Ukraine.

The White Hat partition of the US military became interested in Brink in July, shortly after she said, “I’ll do anything and everything to protect Ukrainian sovereignty, for as long as it takes,” and the regime announced it had just sent Volodymyr Zelenskyy $250 million in military aid. Around that time, the military received what it considered to be credible intelligence alleging that Biden’s care package for Ukraine was a distraction, an obfuscation aimed at concealing the fact that the criminal regime had already illicitly, and without congressional approval, sent Ukraine a far greater sum of cash, nearly $2.2bn. Brink, JAG sources said, was the frontwoman of the operation.

The military now says it has evidence proving that, on July 12, 2022, a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy transport plane departed Andrews Air Force Base for Warsaw Chopin Airport. Moreover, White Hats say the C-5, which can hold 380,000 lbs. of cargo, carried $100 bills bundled in cellophane and discretely hidden inside MRE—meals ready to eat—cases, as well as medical supplies. Fifteen minutes after the C-5 took to the skies, a State Department Boeing 757 lifted off from runway O1R and followed the C-5’s flight path. Brink was on that flight, sources said. The C-5 landed in Warsaw at 1530 UTC, and the 757 at 1700 UTC.  The military believes the 757, which has a shorter range than a C-5, made a refueling pitstop in London before continuing to Warsaw, which would account for time discrepancies.

When the C-5 touched down, though, it was met by a trucking fleet—Ukrainian and Polish—that stood ready to unload the cargo; the crew, however, did not open the rear cargo ramp until Brink’s plane touched down 90 minutes afterward.

JAG says it has video of Brink using tinsnips to cut the bands on an MRE carton, then showing a Ukrainian officer, identified as Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the bundled cash. The entire cargo was then transferred to military trucks and 18-wheelers and driven to Kyiv, a 10-hour drive.

“We have irrefutable proof of this, and it was more than enough to indict and issue a warrant for Brink,” our source said. “But believe it or not, it gets worse.”

The “worse” is how the Biden regime appropriated the $2.2bn gift to Zelenskyy.

This year Biden’s strengthened Internal Revenue Service has bragged about collecting more federal tax revenue than in any point in history–$4.05 trillion. JAG asserts the $2.2bn was taken from federal coffers, laundered through offshore shell corporations run by the Central Intelligence Agency, and given to Brink to take to Ukraine.

“I can’t yet discuss how we know this, but many players are involved, and we’re pursuing them all. We don’t know why Ukraine wanted American cash instead of, say, shipments of guns, bombs, and Stinger missiles, but we know that plane wasn’t carrying MREs. A lot’s going on here. We doubt Brink will talk, but that won’t impede our investigations.”

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